How to change read only field in salesforce


  1. Click on Setup | Manage Users | Permission Sets
  2. Open the Permission Set that has the ‘Edit Read-Only Fields’ added in it
  3. Go to System permission
  4. Deselect the option ‘Edit Read Only Fields’
  5. Save
Salesforce Classic:
  1. Click on Setup | Manage Users | User.
  2. Open the user record and navigate to ‘Permission Set Assignments’ section.
  3. Open the Permission Set assigned and go to System permission.
  4. Deselect the option ‘Edit Read Only Fields’
  5. Save.


How to make a field read-only in Salesforce?

Jyothsna. (Salesforce Developers) Hi Arpita, To make this field read-only, Click on. Setup —> Customize —> Objects —> Page Layouts —> Edit the page layout —> Select the field you want to make read-only —> Click on ‘ Properties ‘ of the field (an icon to the right end of field) —> Here you will get a checkbox to make …

How to make a field read only in Visualforce page?

How to make a field read only in visualforce page. You can use output field tag instead of using inputfield tag, which will display the field as readonly in visualforce page. let me know if you have any questions.

What is the read only profile in Salesforce?

The Read Only standard profile is defined as allowing assigned users to view the Salesforce org’s setup, run and export reports, and view, but not edit, other records. Over time, as Salesforce’s products and offerings have expanded, additional permissions have been added to the Read Only standard profile that go beyond this definition.

Can I edit a field if it is read only?

So even if a field is Read only, an Admin with this permission would still be able to edit them. 2. If you are testing this with your new custom profile, you may want to double check that these permissions have been taken off or not


How do I uncheck a read only field in Salesforce?

Click on the edit against the page layout and look for the fields. Once you locate the fields just hover on them and click on setting. A popup will come up just uncheck the readonly checkbox and save.

Can admin edit read only field in Salesforce?

Answer: Under Administrative Permissions on the System Administrator profile, there is a setting called Edit Read Only Fields. If this is marked as True, any user that belongs to the System Administrator profile is able to edit Read Only fields.

How do I change my Salesforce account from read only?

Original Profile InterfaceFrom Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Profiles.Select Profiles.For the “Read Only” profile, click Edit.Edit the permissions.Click Save.

How do you make a field editable in Salesforce?

To make the field editable, click “visible,” and to keep a field in read-only format, click “visible and read only.” If you just need to edit one field, you can use the Quick Access Menu.

How do I change a read only field?

Remove the ‘Edit Read-Only Fields’ permission via profile.Click on Setup | Manage Users | Profiles.Open the Profile for which the permission will be removed.Navigate to Profile | System permission.Deselect the option ‘Edit Read Only Fields’Save.

How do I make a name field read only in Salesforce?

The easiest way to do this, is make a formula field showing the first and last name (text), which will be read only, then remove the name field from the layout.

How do you make a field non editable for system admin in Salesforce?

If you really want to prevent sys admins from editing read-only fields, you can clone the System Administrator profile and uncheck that permission in the new profile.

What is read only profile in Salesforce?

The users with Read-Only profile can read the record if any of these conditions satisfy. The record is manually shared with the user. The record is shared with the user by using Sharing Rule. The record is shared with the user by using Apex Sharing.

What is the difference between visible and readonly in Salesforce?

If you check the “Visible” checkbox, that field will be visible to that profile or Users of that profile will not be able see this field. Read-Only: If you check the “Read-Only” checkbox, that field will be read only for the users of that profile or Users of that profile will be able edit this field.

Why field is not editable in Salesforce?

Summary: Permissions sets can override Field Level Security, however, they cannot override Page layout Security. To allow for the User to edit this Field, simply remove the Read Only Designation at the Page layout Level- leaving it Read only at the Field Level. When using Salesforce Classic: 1.

How do I change the accessibility of a field in Salesforce?

Go to setup and type field accessibility in quick search box.Now click the object, you want to change field accessibility for.Next page will show two options. … To change field accessibility click on the field access,a page will open.You can make field visible, required or read only from here.Save You changes.

How do you make a text field non editable in Salesforce?

You can make a feild Read Only by Making the feild Read Only at the Page Layout(but still the value can be populated during Data Load) or Edit the corresponding field and check the “Read Only” checkbox(This will not allow even during the data load).

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