How to change master detail to lookup in salesforce


You can convert the master detail relationship to look up by editing that particular field go to that field ->change data type-> select look up relationship. Note that You can convert a master-detail relationship to a lookup relationship as long as no roll-up summary fields exist on the master object.


How to change from master detail to lookup?

Not sure about which edition this will or will not work, but to change Master-Detail to Lookup, you need to first remove all Roll-up summary fields (also removed them explicitly from the ‘Removed fields’ . Otherwise the ‘Change field type’ button will not appear. I am sure about this problem :

Should I use a lookup relationship or a master detail relationship?

Hence, if you’re in doubt which one to use, it’s best to start with a lookup relationship. If you later decide you need the features of a master-detail relationship, you can change it. And later on the same page I find:

Is it possible to change the field type in Salesforce?

Nope! Not in Enterprise edition, but possible on developer edition 🙂 Setup > App Setup > Go To your object > Click “Edit” on Master Detail Field > Click on “Change Field Type” > Select Lookup Relationship > Save it. Unfortunately.. i don’t see “Change Field Type” button when i click on the edit the Master Detail field…

How do I delete a custom object from a master-detail relationship?

You can’t delete a custom object if it is on the master side of a master-detail relationship. If you delete a custom object that is on the detail side of a master-detail relationship, the relationship is converted to a lookup relationship. The second master-detail relationship you create on your junction object becomes the secondary relationship.


Can you change master detail to lookup Salesforce?

You can convert a master-detail relationship to a lookup relationship as long as no roll-up summary fields exist on the master object.

How do I change my master detail field to look up?

To convert a master-detail relationship to a lookup relationship, we have to make sure there are no roll-up summary fields on the master object. If there are rollup summary fields we have to delete those fields to convert it. Deleted Roll-up fields should also be permanently deleted.

Can we convert master detail into lookup relationship?

Yes, We can Convert Master Detail Relationship into Lookup.

How do I change text data to lookup in Salesforce?

The general steps to take are:First, perform an export. Select your object A from the list of objects (Click Show all Salesforce Objects if your object is missing from the list) Select the destination and name for the csv file that will be generated, click next. … Then, perform an update. Select your object A again.

What is difference between master detail and lookup?

A typical use of a Master-Detail would be the classic Sales Order and Sales Order Items objects. Lookups are generally for use where you may or may need to have a relationship between two objects (but not always). Lookups are generally used to reference commonly shared data, such as reference data.

How do I create a lookup and master detail relationship in Salesforce?

Create a Lookup RelationshipFrom Setup, go to Object Manager | Favorite.On the sidebar, click Fields & Relationships.Click New.Choose Lookup Relationship and click Next.For Related To, choose Contact. … Click Next.For Field Name, enter Contact, then click Next.Click Next, Next, and Save.

Can we create both master detail relationship and lookup relationship at a time?

You cannot have 2 Master Detail relationships to the same object on another object, what you can create is either 1 M:D. relationship and a lookup to the same object or 2 lookup relationships to the same object.

In which scenario can the master detail relationship be converted into lookup relationship?

Hi Prashanth, Master-Detail to Lookup Relation: If We have Rollup summary in Master we cannot convert it to Lookup relation, But if we dont have rollup summary then we can convert it to lookup relation. We cannot create master-detail relationship if that object already have 2 Masters.

How do I change relationship type in Salesforce?

Edit an existing relationship by clicking View Rel (in Salesforce Classic) or View Relationship (in Lightning Experience). Then click Edit Relationship. Remove an existing relationship by clicking Remove Relationship. The relationship is deleted and can’t be restored from the Recycle Bin.

How do I change a field to lookup in Salesforce?

Note For fields on Salesforce Knowledge article types, from Setup, enter Knowledge Article Types in the Quick Find box, select Knowledge Article Types, and then select an article type. Click Edit next to the custom field you want to change. Click Change Field Type. Select a new data type and click Next.

What is the meaning of “back up”?

Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience.

How many child records are needed for master detail?

As a best practice, don’t exceed 10,000 child records for a master-detail relationship. Also read Considerations for Relationships

Do you have to have a parent assigned to a child to convert?

Make sure that every child records has a parent assigned .If you have records with no parents assigned the conversion will fail

Can a child’s record be deleted?

If you have already done conversion ,the child records will be auto deleted upon parent record deletion .Look for if you have any triggers on the deletion of parent record as that could impact deletion.

Can you lock a record when changing it?

For huge number of records, there could be possibility of halting or locking the sharing settings, when you change it. So, this needs to be performed outside of business hours.

Can you delete data skew?

You should be fine with standard deletes as long as your data doesn’t qualify to be a data skew.


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