How to change homepage in salesforce


Select a Default Home Page Dashboard within Salesforce Classic

  1. Click Customize Page in the “Dashboard” section of the Home tab.
  2. Select a dashboard to be the Home Page default.
  3. Click Save.

Required Editions and User Permissions

While editing a Lightning app, select the Pages tab, click Open Page, then click Activation and select Set this page as the default Home page. In Setup—Enter Home in the Quick Find box, then select Home. Click Set Default Page and select a page.


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How to customize the home page in Salesforce?

Our Salesforce Home page is assigned with default home page. To customize the layout click on Name as shown above. Now Home page Detail will be opened. We observe two columns in our Home page

How do I change the default landing page in Salesforce?

In Setup—Enter Home in the Quick Find box, then select Home. Click Set Default Page and select a page. To restore the standard Home page, select System Default. Click to see full answer. Also question is, how do I change the landing page in Salesforce?

How do I edit a custom page in Salesforce Lightning?

If a customized page exists and is active, selecting Edit Page opens that page to edit. We’re going to create a Home page from scratch. Beyond the Basics: When you select Edit Page for the first time, Salesforce makes a copy of the standard page. This copy is what you then edit in the Lightning App Builder.

How do I change the default profile type in Salesforce?

From Setup, enter Profiles in the Quick Find box, then select Profiles. Select a profile and scroll to the Custom App Settings section. One may also ask, how do I change the default record type in Salesforce?


How do I change my Home page in Salesforce?

Go to Setup | Customize | Home | Home Page Layouts Click the New button and select a layout you’d like to model the new one from. Give the new layout a name. Select the components you’d like to include. Click Next to select the order you would like the components to appear on the page.

How do I change my Home page in Salesforce lightning?

Customize the Home PageFrom Setup, enter Lightning App in the Quick Find box and select Lightning App Builder.Click New.Select Home Page, then Next.Assign the label Support Home Page , then click Next.Click the Standard Home Page template.Click Finish.

How do I change the Home page dashboard in Salesforce?

Select a Default Home Page Dashboard within Salesforce ClassicClick Customize Page in the “Dashboard” section of the Home tab.Select a dashboard to be the Home Page default.Click Save.

Can Salesforce user customize Home page?

0:083:05How to Customize the Salesforce Home Page for One User – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipIn this video i’m going to show you a trick that will let you customize a home page for anMoreIn this video i’m going to show you a trick that will let you customize a home page for an individual user in your org. So what we’re going to do is use a feature called conditional visibility to make

How do you customize your homepage?

Choose your homepageOn your computer, open Chrome.At the top right, click More. Settings.Under “Appearance,” turn on Show Home button.Below “Show Home button,” choose to use the New Tab page or a custom page.

How do I assign a home page to Salesforce profile?

Assign Home Tab Page Layouts to ProfilesFrom Setup, enter Home Page Layouts in the Quick Find box, then select Home Page Layouts.Click Page Layout Assignment.Click Edit Assignment.Choose the appropriate page layout for each profile. … Click Save.

What should I put on my Salesforce Home page?

You can customize the Salesforce Home tab to include components such as sidebar links, a company logo, a dashboard snapshot, or custom components that you create. A dashboard snapshot is a clipping of the top row of a dashboard’s components.

How do I customize my Salesforce dashboard?

Click Customize Page in the Dashboard section of the Home tab.Search for a dashboard and select a different dashboard from the drop-down list.Click Refresh to refresh the data in your dashboard.

What is Home page components in Salesforce?

Home Page Component. Home page components helps to customize the home tab in Salesforce classic . you can customize your home tab by including the components. You may edit the standard component such as message alerts,sidebar links by click on Edit or you may create new custom component by click on new.

How do I get to the home page in Salesforce?

0:2314:23Customize Salesforce Lightning Home page – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSo when you first log in to Salesforce. Before you’ve configured your homepage. You will probablyMoreSo when you first log in to Salesforce. Before you’ve configured your homepage. You will probably see a standard homepage that looks a little bit like this in order to customize this page click the

What is the difference between app page and home page in Salesforce?

The Home Page is kind of like the standard Salesforce Home page for all Apps, except it doesn’t actually have to be included in all Apps, (so the definition is blurry). An App Page is just a single, static page, (lacking a record detail) that you can customize and put anywhere.

How do I add a home tab in Salesforce lightning?

Add a tab in Salesforce Lightning ExperienceClick Setup.Enter App Manager in the ‘Quick Find’ search box.Click the down arrow next to the App and then click Edit.In the App Settings, click Navigation Items.Select the items you want from ‘Available Items’ and add them to ‘Selected Items. ‘Click Save.


The Lightning app builder is a point-and-click tool that’s easy to create a custom home page, record page and an app page for the Salesforce Lightning Experience and mobile app.

Lightning Components

A Lightning component is a smaller and reusable application which can be used in Lightning pages in the Lightning App Builder. There are three types of Lightning components available to make up your Lightning app:

Tutorial: Build a custom default Home page in Salesforce Lightning Experience

1. Click on the Setup gear icon at the top right of the main Home page


That’s it. You are done. Very quick and very easy. Your brand-new Lightning app home page is ready and activated. You can easily build out-of-the-box Lightning app according to your users’ requirements with standard and custom components.

How to customize your home page?

To begin to customize your Home Page, you‘ll first need to be using the ‘Lightning Experience’. You can switch by selecting the ‘Switch to Lightning Experience’ link: Navigate to the Home tab in your Org. Navigate to the Setup menu and select Edit Page; this opens the Lightning App Builder : Pages will display the most recently updated pages.

How to add a component to a page?

Hover over the component and drag and drop it to add it to the page. Depending on the component, additional elements may display in the right-side pane (for example, ‘List View’).

What happens if you add too many items to a page?

Note: If you add too many items to a page, you will receive a notification from Salesforce. For example: “Too many List View components on one page can cause page perfomance issues. Use them sparingly.”

Is it pointless to redirect a website?

Seems kind of pointless to redirect them when you just want to show them the same information that is available by default.

Can you create a custom HTML area?

I suppose you checked out ‘Home Page Components’ ? You can create a custom ‘HTML area’ component and place it in a ‘wide’ component that you then include in your Home Page Layout .

Build a Winning Salesforce Homepage

To make a homepage that exceeds expectations, go ahead and plan for equal parts discovery, design, and feedback. They’re all steps in a human-centered design process. Read more in the Foundations of Design Thinking for Salesforce Admins blog post.

Pro tip 1: Ask users open-ended questions about the existing homepage

Make sure you’re asking all your who, what, why, when, and how questions. For specific prompts, see the image below. Once you have your questions, go back through and add or edit them to ensure they’re open-ended. When users feel free to share their full experience, you might be surprised by the helpful details they offer.

Pro tip 2: Wait five seconds after each response during interviews

This gives the user time to fully collect their thoughts and process what they’re seeing. It might feel awkward at first, but you’ll be amazed at how many additional insights you’ll gain.

Pro tip 3: Group homepage learnings into themes and tie each to action items

After interviews are complete, review a summary of your notes with your users. Themes fall into many categories but here are some good places to start:

Pro tip 4: Sketch out a homepage

Think about the use case above prompting a win/loss graph on the Salesforce homepage. A low-fidelity prototype for that could be a hand drawing.

Pro tip 5: Ask users open-ended questions about the new homepage

A good place to start is by asking, “How might you use this?” You can build on that by asking for red flags or moments of hesitation. For example: “What difference do you notice from your current experience?” “Do you have any concerns with the redesigned experience?” “Is there anything missing that would increase value?”

Pro tip 6: Stay open to hanging in there if constructive criticism arises

The goal is to better the design and make it the best experience possible. Sure, some added features may not be feasible. Some audiences might have different or competing needs compared to others.

What does it mean when you edit a page in Salesforce?

Pages created like this—as copies—retain a reference to the standard page, which means that Salesforce can upgrade the page copies for you with new capabilities in the future. If you create a page from scratch, then you own it completely and new page capabilities Salesforce rolls out don’t appear automatically.

How to make a custom home page?

You can create a custom Home page in a few different ways: Create it from scratch using a template, clone it from another custom Home page, or edit a page from the Home tab in a Lightning app. To edit an existing page, you can click from the Home page, and then select Edit Page to create a copy of the current page to edit.

How to assign a profile to a sales app?

Click App and Profile, then click Assign to Apps and Profiles. Select the Sales app, then click Next. Scroll down the list of profiles and select System Administrator, then click Next . Review the assignment, and then click Save. That’s it. Now all users with the System Administrator profile see your New Home Page while working in the Sales app. …

Can you save a Lightning page?

Yes, there is. Saving the page isn’t enough to get it out to your users. Lightning pages must be activated before your users can see them. Normally, if you aren’t done with your page, or aren’t ready to make it public, you can click Not Yet here to save the page and return to the App Builder. But that’s not us.

Can you customize your Lightning Experience?

Yes, Virginia, You Can Customize Your Lightning Experience Home Page. Give your users everything they need to manage their day from the Home page in Lightning Experience. Your sales reps can see their quarterly performance summary and get important updates on critical tasks and opportunities. You can also customize the page for different types …

Can you make a home page the default?

When activating a Home page, you have three different options: You can make your page the default for everyone in the org, the default for an app, or assign it to one or more app and profile combinations , giving your users access to a page designed just for their role.

How to change the home page layout in Salesforce?

To customize Home page Layout in Salesforce click on Edit button. Now select the radio buttons to show on your Narrow left column and Right wide column. Click on Next button and Save the Settings. To check the changes that are made in Home page Layout go to Home Tab.

What are the two types of home page components in Salesforce?

There are two types of Home Page Components in Salesforce they are Standard Components and Custom Components. We can access Home Page Components in Salesforce by navigating to Setup | Build | Customize | Home | Hone Page Components.

Can you add message alerts to Salesforce?

We can insert Message alerts in it will be displayed to all employees in a Company. Similarly we can we can add Custom link on the home page as shown below.

Can you customize the home page in Salesforce?

Customizing Home Page Layout in Salesforce is nothing but changing the components they appear on sidebar, adding company logo, adding dashboard snapshots on the side bar. We can also add custom home components to the page layout.


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