How to call action function from javascript in salesforce


Define you actionfunction as normal – replace MyActionFunction with the name of your action method in the controller: <apex:actionFunction name=”MyFunc” action=” {!MyActionMethod}” /> This will give you a JavaScript function named ‘MyFunc’. Then Use the onclick attribute of outputlink to execute this when the link is clicked:


What is action function in Salesforce?

Actionfunction is used Actionfunction component triggers an action if a user clicks on any custom link or button used in visualforce page. Actionfunction is used Salesforce Tutorial Config & Customization

What does the action parameter do in Salesforce?

the action parameter will call the method you want as soon as the page loads. It is a dangerous attribute, one that will be pointed out to you if you’ll go through Salesforce’s security review process.

What is remote action in Salesforce?

Remote Action can call the apex methods from any apex class. Remote Action allows you to call the method from javascript yourself and retrieve the result as a javascript object for manipulation. Remote Action methods are static and global, hence don’t have access to your current controller variables and methods.

What is a function in JavaScript?

In JavaScript functions are essentially special objects. As objects, they are first-class members of JavaScript. They can be assigned as the values of variables, passed into other functions as parameters, and returned from functions. There are two essential phases in the life of a function: definition and invocation.


How do you call a JavaScript function from a controller in Salesforce?

You can’t call JavaScript from the controller, the page is the output of the controller, rather than dynamically interacting with it. What you can do is set a property in the controller, so that when the page is rendered the javascript executes.

Can we call JavaScript function from Apex?

Though Apex Code can’t call JavaScript directly, it can set a variable to render a script block that can run arbitrary code. On each render, when the variable is true, an alert is produced.

Can you use JavaScript in Salesforce?

JavaScript has always been available to Salesforce developers, but with the appearance of Lightning, it is now a first-class language on the platform. That means it’s time for every Salesforce developer to learn JavaScript.

What is JavaScript action function?

form action javascript. In an HTML form, the action attribute is used to indicate where the form’s data is sent to when it is submitted. The value of this can be set when the form is created, but at times you might want to set it dynamically.

Can we use JavaScript in Apex class?

You can’t execute javascript from apex, Visualforce (and the javascript included in it) is used to render HTML as a result of a page request from your browser.

How do I incorporate JavaScript into an application?

Incorporating JavaScript in the HTML Header AttributeOn the Database Home Page, click the Application Builder icon.Select an application.Select a page.Click Edit Attributes.Scroll down to HTML Header.Enter code into HTML Header and click Apply Changes.

How do I add JavaScript to Salesforce?

Adding JavaScript to the Page BodyIn the Scripts section of the Properties pane, click Configure in the Edit Body Scripts section.Enter the code in the Edit JavaScript Code dialog box. Don’t add