How to become salesforce partner


How it works

  • Submit an Application Sign up for the Salesforce Partner Community to begin the application process.
  • Prospect Completes DDQ (Due Diligence Questionnaire) Fill out the questionnaire, and the Entity at a Glance packet (if applicable), via the Partner Community.
  • Partnership Activation Once the application has passed legal review, the partnership will be activated.
How it works
  1. Submit an Application. Sign up for the Salesforce Partner Community to begin the application process.
  2. Prospect Completes DDQ (Due Diligence Questionnaire) …
  3. Partner Operations Review. …
  4. Legal Review. …
  5. Partnership Activation.

How to find top Salesforce partners?

You can find Salesforce certified consultants that specialize in serving the higher education community. Check out tools to help you find and work with a partner in your implementation of Salesforce. If you need some help choosing a consultant, review our “ How to Choose a Salesforce Consulting Partner ” blog.

What is it like to intern at Salesforce?

With an intern job at Salesforce, you’ll have extensive networking opportunities to meet other interns and team members as well as learn from managers and executives. You can meet with stakeholders, ask questions, and collaborate with colleagues from different departments.

How do I become a certified Salesforce consultant?

To become a Salesforce consultant, you should get implementation training and become certified. Training is offered from Salesforce and other companies. Courses can be taken with an instructor either in a physical classroom or online. Once training is complete, you can take a examination offered by Salesforce to become a certified Salesforce

How to use “workbench” with Salesforce?

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