How to assign permission set to profile in salesforce


Learning Objectives

  • In the Quick Find search bar, search for and select Users.
  • Select the User you wish to assign the Permission Set License.
  • Locate the Permission Set License Assignment section and edit the assignment.
  • Select one or more rows and save. …
  • Next scroll to Permission Set Assignments and select Edit Assignment.

More items…

  1. From Setup, enter Users in the Quick Find box, then select Users.
  2. Select a user.
  3. In the Permission Set Assignments related list, click Edit Assignments.
  4. To assign a permission set, select it under Available Permission Sets and click Add. …
  5. Click Save.


What are permission sets in Salesforce?

We can assign custom Record type in Permission sets by following simple steps as given below:

  • Login to your Salesforce account
  • Go to the Setup menu and click on it.
  • Enter the Permission sets in the Quick Find Box and select Permission sets under the users section.
  • Select any Permission sets or create new Permission sets.

How to enable enhanced profile views in Salesforce?

how do I enable enhanced list views in Salesforce? Enhanced Profile List Views may be enabled for all Enterprise and Unlimited Edition orgs. To enable it, go to Setup | App Setup | Customize | User Interface and select Enable Enhanced Profile List Views.Once you’ve turned it on, just go to your profile list under Setup | Administration Setup | Manage Users | Profiles.

What are profiles in Salesforce?

What is Profile in Salesforce: A profile is a collection of user settings and user permissions that will define how a user access records.-Profiles control a user’s permission to perform different functions in sales force.-A profile can have many users but a user can have only one profile.

How do I implement Salesforce?

  • It allows editing templates and controlling any changes made within a document.
  • You can send signature requests to multiple individuals, adding their roles and request expiration dates.
  • There are numerous features for adding initials. You can draw, type or capture them with a camera.

Can permission set be assigned to a profile?

We can not able to assign Permission set to Profile. We need to assign it to a User only. A permission set is a collection of settings and permissions that give users access to various tools and functions.

How do I give permission to User profiles in Salesforce?

Navigate to Setup >> Administration Setup >> Manage Users >> Profiles, click on Clone next to the standard user profile.Enter a profile name and click on Save. … Select Object Settings and the required object from the list.Then click on Edit, and assign view or modify all data permissions to this custom object.

How do I change the permissions for a profile in Salesforce?

Click Edit, then scroll to the Object Permissions section. Original profile user interface—Click Edit, then scroll to the Standard Object Permissions, Custom Object Permissions, or External Object Permissions section.

How do I create a permission set in Salesforce?

From Setup, enter Permission Sets in the Quick Find box, then select Permission Sets.Select a permission set, or create one.On the permission set overview page, click Custom Permissions.Click Edit.To enable custom permissions, select them from the Available Custom Permissions list and then click Add. … Click Save.

How do permission sets work in Salesforce?

A permission set is a collection of settings and permissions that give users access to various tools and functions. Permission sets extend users’ functional access without changing their profiles. Users can have only one profile but, depending on the Salesforce edition, they can have multiple permission sets.

How do I provide an object access to all profiles in Salesforce?

4 Answerscreate a list view on Profiles, filtering on the profiles you want to modify.add only the columns Read,Create,Edit,Delete,ViewAll and Modify All for the objects you want to assign (by searching on ‘object permissions’save the list view.tick the ‘select all’ checkbox at the top-left of the list view.More items…•

How would you allow access to a specific object in Salesforce for a specific user?

Click the name of the Salesforce object. Click Edit. To enable permission on the object, select Read in the Object Permissions section.

How do I see what profiles have access to an object?

You can find the list of all the standard and custom profiles in ‘Setup->Manage Users->Profiles’. Once you have selected the necessary profile from the list, you can go to the View Profile page, on which you will get all the information about the profile settings, and its objects’ permissions.


In Salesforce, a user performs various types of management tasks ex create and edit users, password reset, data access configuration, etc. Every user has a user account in the Salesforce that can be created by the below process:


Profiles basically work on data security that includes a group of settings and permissions that explain the accessibility of a user in Salesforce. On the bases of the role of the user, Salesforce Administration assigns a profile to the user with a user license which includes record page, fields, and tabs.

Visibility of Tabs

By using a profile setting, we can control the access of the tabs for particular users by a Salesforce Administrator that different users can view the different tabs according to permission.

Object Level Security

Object-level security controls the visibility of objects for the users that which object is accessed by a user and which are not. For example, Suppose we have two users: {USER1, USER2} and two objects BOOK1 and BOOK2.

Field Level Security

Field-level Security basically works on the fields in Salesforce which control the accessibility of the fields with users. Salesforce Administration allows users for a CRED operation over fields. It decides which field is READ, CREATE, DELETE and UPDATE by which user and by which not.

Permission Set

Permissions Set provides additional permission to some users who perform some extra tasks than other users of the same profile. Suppose, we have three users with the same profile (Sales profile).

Setup Tableau CRM

The Developer Edition (DE) org provided for this trail takes care of this step for you. Tableau CRM is already enabled, so you don’t need to do anything. Your company’s production org displays a Tableau CRM button the first time you open Tableau CRM from the app menu.

Give Users Permission to Use Tableau CRM

This is where we cover the nitty-gritty of setting up user access to Tableau CRM. As the Salesforce admin for DTC, you ensure that all users have appropriate levels of access. For example, some users need view-only permissions, while others need permission to update dataflows or create apps.

If You Remember Nothing Else, Remember This

Here’s an analogy that can make things clear. A PSL is like a passport. It grants you the right to travel, but you can’t visit the great land of Tableau CRM without the right visa. A permission set is like a visa. You can get a 3-day tourist visa, a work visa, or a student visa. Each visa type lets you do certain things.

User Permissions Enabled by a Tableau CRM Permission Set License

The PSL determines which permissions you can assign to a user. You can only assign permissions that are included in that user’s PSL.

Custom vs. Quick Permission Set Assignment

How do you know whether to follow the custom or quick setup processes? It’s a matter of control: If you need fine-grained control over what users can and can’t do with Tableau CRM, use custom. If you instead want to provide full permissions for users to access Tableau CRM features, use quick.


1 What do you have to assign to users before they can access Tableau CRM?


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