How to add value to existing picklist in salesforce


How do I add additional picklist values to an existing custom picklist?

  • Click Edit next to a value to change the name, make it the default picklist value, assign a color to use on charts, or change additional information.
  • Click Del next to a value to remove it from the picklist. …
  • Click New to add values to the picklist. …
  • Click Reorder to change the sequence of picklist values.

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How to create global picklist in Salesforce?

  • From Setup, click Object Manager and select Opportunity.
  • Select Fields & Relationships, and click New.
  • Select Picklist (Multi-Select) as the Data Type, then click Next.
  • Enter Close Reason as the Field Label.
  • Click Enter values, with each value separated by a new line and paste these values. …
  • Enter 6 for # Visible Lines.

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What are the types of custom settings in Salesforce?


  1. Convert Custom Setting Objects to Custom Metadata Types First retrieve your app metadata, including the custom objects you’re using for configuration. …
  2. Replace __c with __mdt By now you’re comfortable with the idea that custom metadata types use the __mdt suffix instead of the classic __c suffix. …
  3. Replace Apex Code with SOQL Queries

What is a multi select picklist in Salesforce?

  • The maximum number of characters you can have in a picklist depends on the type of picklist.
  • The combined size of the selected picklist values must be less than 240 characters when selecting picklist values for a list view filter.
  • For standard picklists, each value can have up to 255 characters without line breaks and returns.

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How to set a picklist default value?

Set default value (preselected value) for drop down list with formula. To set default value for the drop down list, you need to create a general drop down list first, and then use a formula. 1. Create a drop down list. Select a cell or a range that you want to place the drop down list, here is K1, and click Data > Data Validation. See screenshot:


How do I add a value to an existing picklist in Salesforce?

Add or Edit Picklist ValuesNavigate to the fields area for your object.In the Custom Fields & Relationships related list, click the name of the picklist field to update.In the Values section, click Edit next to a value.Change the value’s name, and optionally make the value the default for the master picklist.More items…

How do you update a picklist value in Salesforce with data loader?

Update ‘multi-select’ picklist field values with Data LoaderPrepare your data in Excel.Replace the (;) from the multi select fields with a different symbol (make sure that this symbol is not used in the text e.g.#)convert the Excel sheet into CSV delimited.Open the sheet in Notepad, replace all Semicolons with commas.More items…

How do I add a picklist value in Salesforce changes?

Add the Record Type under the Change Set Components if necessary. Click on View/Add Dependencies. Select the required dependencies, including the picklist fields. Click Add to Change Set.

How do I control a picklist value in Salesforce?

Manage Picklist ValuesIn Setup, click the Object Manager tab, and then select the object associated with your picklist field.Click Fields & Relationships.Click the picklist’s Field Label to see the field’s detail page. You see your values in the Values related list.

How do you load a picklist value using data loader?

Go to Setup–>Object (what ever)–>Fields–>Picklist field . Check the Active and Inactive Values. Your data laoder inserted value will be listed under inactive ones. Make it Active and if you are using record types, make sure to add those values to correct Record Type as well.

Why is my picklist value not showing up?

It is almost always because you didn’t make it available to that Record Type. To check this; In Setup, navigate to the Record Type settings for the object/record. At the bottom of the screen you’ll see Picklists Available For Editing.

How do I deploy picklist value sets?

How to deploy picklist field whose value set was changed from local to global?Create a custom picklist field with some values in a sandbox environment.Deploy this field to your production environment in a change set.In your sandbox environment, promote the picklist field to a global value set.More items…•

How do you deploy a picklist value?

Set up picklist from 1 org to anotherRetrieve the picklist values from the source org via ANT using package. xml.Delete the picklist values from the target org via ANT, by using “destructiveChanges. xml.” This works as package. … Now, use the retrieved ANT from source org to deploy into target org.

How do I move a picklist value in Salesforce?

Required Editions and User PermissionsIf necessary, create the replacement value in the picklist edit page. … Navigate to the picklist. … Start the picklist value replace process. … Enter the value to change, and select a new replacement value.More items…

How do you add an existing picklist value to a record type?

Choose Picklist Values for a Record TypeClick. , then click Setup.Click the Object Manager tab.Click the name of the object whose record type you want to update, then click Record Types.Click the record type name.Click Edit next to the picklist field to change its values.Add or remove values as needed.Click Save.

How do I edit a drop down menu in Salesforce?

Go to Setup (at the top of the page). On the left hand tool menu, under App Setup, click Customize, then Contacts, then Fields. Then you will see a list of the standard fields and below it a list of custom fields. The drop down menus in Salesforce are called “picklists”.

How do I assign a picklist value in Apex?

Lightning Experience instructions:Select the Gear icon | Setup.Click Object Manager.Select the Object that contains the picklist.Select Fields and Relationships.Select the picklist field you wish to change.Click Edit for the picklist value that is set as the Default.Deselect the ‘Default’ checkbox. … Click Save.

What is an index field in Salesforce?

What makes a good index candidate is pretty advanced. Salesforce automatically analyzes performance and periodically assigns fields to be indexed.

Can you change the picklist field type?

With all the options for picklist fields, rest assured you can change the field type when necessary. For example, if you have a custom picklist field and decide you want to make it a multi-select picklist, you can do that.

Can you use multi select picklists as dependent?

Multi-select picklist fields can be dependent, but not controlling fields. You can set default values for controlling fields but not for dependent picklists. If your org uses record types, choose a record type to test how it affects your controlling and dependent picklist values.


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