How to add salesforce add in to outlook


Click Salesforce Lightning for Outlook from the Home tab on the ribbon and then click Manage Add-ins. In the Manage Add-ins page, click the + sign and then select the Salesforce for Outlook add-in from the Office Store. Click the Add button to begin installation.Jun 28, 2016

How do I integrate Salesforce with Outlook?

Steps to Integrate Outlook and Salesforce

  1. Open your Salesforce Org. Search Outlook in quick find box and Select Outlook Integration and Sync. …
  2. Now Again search Outlook in quick find box and Click on Outlook Configuration. Then Click on New Outlook Configuration button.
  3. Now Switch to Salesforce Classic. …

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Does Salesforce integrate with Outlook?

Salesforce for Outlook. The integration with Outlook is not only about emails. You can synchronize Salesforce CRM with your Microsoft Outlook to: Automatically sync Contacts, Events, and Tasks between Salesforce and Outlook. Manually add Outlook emails to Contact, Accounts (Organizations), Opportunities (Donations), and Lead object.

How to connect Salesforce CRM with Microsoft Outlook?

  • It puts all of your customer information in one place: Outlook.
  • It offers integrated tasks and reminders that you can associate with a contact, company or sales deal.
  • It lets you share customer information across the organization.
  • It’s relatively simple to use and available on mobile.

How do I sync Salesforce with Outlook?

how do I sync outlook calendar with salesforce?

  • Login to Salesforce
  • Click your name at the top right corner
  • Click Setup
  • In the search box on the left search for outlook
  • You should then see “Salesforce for Outlook”
  • Click that
  • Click download

How to use Salesforce in Outlook?

Click on the Salesforce Outlook Add-in on the Outlook ribbon (toolbar) to open it. If you’re using the web version of Outlook you can configure the add- in by clicking on the Salesforce Outlook icon. Make sure ‘Production’ is selected for the Environment. Click on “Log In To Salesforce”. Click on ‘Use Custom Domain’.

How to keep Salesforce add in open?

If you want the Salesforce add-in to stay open and not close each time you leave the screen, you’ll need to pin the add-in. To pin the add-in so it always stays open click the pin. Once you click the pin it will point downward to show the add-in is pinned.

How to log into Salesforce email?

When an email arrives in your inbox you’d like to log to a Salesforce record just click on ‘log email’.

How to get back to Outlook inbox?

Go back to Microsoft Outlook and click on the <- arrow in the top left-hand corner of your screen to get back to your Inbox

Is Salesforce available in Outlook?

Once you’ve activated and configured the Salesforce add-in it will be active and configured in all versions of Outlook, both desktop and web versions.

How to install Salesforce on Outlook?

Click on beside Setup your User Name and Select My Settings. Search Outlook in quick find box and Select Salesforce for Outlook. Now Scroll down bottom of the page and Download Salesforce for Outlook using Download (Version) button. If Microsoft Outlook is Open, Close It. Now Install setup file on your computer.

How to sync Salesforce email with Outlook?

STEP 1. Open your Salesforce Org. Click on Setup. Search Outlook in quick find box and Select Outlook Integration and Sync. Then enable Outlook Integration and Lightning Sync button. Enable Use Enhanced Email with Outlook and Click Active and Notify Reps. Click on Edit button.

What is Outlook email?

Microsoft outlook, or simply Outlook, is a personal information manager from Microsoft, that allows users to send and receive email on their computer . It provides many functionalities to manage various types of personal data like calendar appointments and similar entries, tasks, contacts, notes, and events.

Is Salesforce integration with Outlook?

In the competitive time of businesses, sales representatives of any company spend their 50% of effort and time on minimal task like maintaining data, transferring data, data entry, in two different places and coming back to Salesforce for managing emails and inbox to gather and access all the respective information about leads, prospects, and opportunities. To increase productivity of Sales representatives, Salesforce integration with Outlook is the best solution for managing the sales more effectively.


When trying to add the Salesforce Outlook add-in from a computer connected to a domain after going though the process the error it provides is “something went wrong the app couldn’t be download”.

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As the Salesforce add-in is developed by a third-party supplier, we know little about its requirement when adding to Outlook. Given this situation, it’s recommended to get support for the add-ins by visiting the developer’s website. You’ll find a link to the developer’s site by clicking “Support” in the add-in page.


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