How to add output feilds in getcontentaspdf salesforce


Click the name of the Report Type you’re using. From the ‘Fields Available for Reports’ section, click Edit Layout. Drag and drop the missing fields from the Not in Page Layout section, then click Save. You can also add additional fields via lookup on your primary or secondary object by clicking Add fields via lookup.


How do I generate output from Salesforce documents?

Contact Support Overview When generating output, you can automatically include in the output, during generation, PDF and HTML documents from Salesforce. See Generating Output through the Generate Document Button.

How to add additional documents to a Salesforce object?

To add documents to the object you need to add the Additional Documents custom lookup to the Object. The following Salesforce Objects: Account, Case, Contact, Lead, Opportunityinclude the Custom Lookup by default. For other objects, you need to add Lookup from Additional Documentsto the Object.

How to generate custom PDF on Salesforce from a Visualforce page?

First, if you are trying to generate a custom PDF on Salesforce from a Visualforce Page, then you will need to develop the needed Visualforce Page, and its related controller, if necessary. 1. It will need to call the page – using the PageReference.getContentAsPDF () method.

How to create an attachment record from a page in Salesforce?

It will need to call the page – using the PageReference.getContentAsPDF () method. This will return a Blob 2. You can then create the Attachment Record (using the Blob returned from the previous step) and relate it to the Parent Record. Save this. 3.


How to add documents to a form?

To add documents to a form: In the Forms tab select the form to which you want to add documents. Scroll down to Include Additional Document and click New. Click the search icon to display a list of available documents for this form. Select Documents to display documents from the Document object and Files to display files from libraries.

What is the additional document pane in Form Generation?

If the Form is configured to add Additional Documents From Files, the Additional Documents pane in the Form Generation page includes all the documents from the Files related list. The output generator can select the documents to add to the output.

How to access the object’s page layout?

Access the object’s page layout through a record of the object to which you want to the Additional Documents section (for example, select a Contact record and go to Edit Layout ).

Can you add additional documents to a form?

See Defining Form Generation Settings. You cannot include additional documents if the output format is Mail Body.

Can you add documents to an object’s record?

Adding Documents to an Object’s Record. You can add documents to a record if the Object that was configured to include additional documents. (see Configuring Objects to Include Additional Documents). Documents added to records cannot be designated as required.


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