How to add image in html email template in salesforce


Add Image to Salesforce Template:

  • From Setup, search for Templates and click on the Template type you are using. For this example we are using a Classic Email Template.
  • Select the template you want to add the image to and click the Edit HTML Version
  • Paste the Image URL address into the template. Here is an example of the code:

How to use images in email template in Salesforce?

I want to know how to use images in email template in salesforce? You can include images or logos on your HTML and Visualforce email templates. When creating custom HTML or Visualforce templates, simply include img tags that reference the image.

How do I create custom HTML or Visualforce templates with images?

When creating custom HTML or Visualforce templates, simply include img tags that reference the image. We recommend uploading the images to the Documents tab and referencing the copy of the image on the Salesforce server. For example, for HTML:

How to add images to email templates?

After uploading, click on the image link to open the image and then do a right click and go to properties to get the path for the image and include this path in your email template. Thanks.

Can I send mass emails with a visual force template?

Both text and HTML emails can be used when sending mass emails, but they cannot be sent out with a Visual Force template. Only HTML and Visual Force templates allow you to place images within the text. There is likely a company standard for sending emails with or without letterhead.


How do I add an image to an HTML email template in Salesforce?

Using Image TagsAdd an image to the Documents tab.On the Documents home page, open the image by clicking its name.Right-click the image and get its reusable URL address. When you use the URL, you reference the copy of the image on the Salesforce server.Open your custom HTML or Visualforce template.

How do I add an image to a HTML template?

To insert an image in HTML, use the image tag and include a source and alt attribute. Like any other HTML element, you’ll add images to the body section of your HTML file.

How do I add an image to a Salesforce Lightning email template?

You can add images to an email, email template, or enhanced letterhead by clicking the Source icon and including an image reference in the HTML. When you save an email template, any content document links (Salesforce file links) are converted to content asset links.

How do I add a logo to my Salesforce email template?

Navigate to Gear icon | Setup | Email | Classic Letterheads.Select your letterhead by clicking on the label.Select Edit Letterhead | Select Logo.Click to select the appropriate image. Then click Save.

How do I insert an image into the body of an HTML email?

To attach an image, you need to have the encoding scheme of the image you want to attach. This is the base64 string of the picture. You can get this by right-clicking on the image you want to attach, copy the image address, and paste it into the HTML text. The recipient will have a preview of when they open the email.

Why is my image not showing up in HTML?

Why Is My Image Not Showing up in HTML? One of the reasons why your HTML image not showing in browser is that its file is not located in the same folder that is indicated within your tag. Also, the image may not load because the file name specified in the tag does not match that of your image file.

How do I add an image to Salesforce HTML?

Add the Image File to Documents:Go to the Documents Home page. … Under Recent Documents, click New.Give the image a descriptive name and store in Shared Documents. … Click the Choose File button and navigate to the image file to import.Click the Save.

How do I email a picture template?

Insert Picture into the Email Template Select the existing picture or put the cursor at the new location. Click on the “Insert”tab and then click “Picture”. Click “Browse” to select a picture in the folder, or type the link to the picture on the website. Click OK.

How do I upload an image to Salesforce?

Upload an ImageNavigate to Marketing | Content | Files.Click + Add File.Enter a descriptive file name for internal use, and fill in the other fields.Click Choose File, and select the image you want to upload.Click Upload file.

How do I add a letterhead to an email in Salesforce?

Now create a letterhead:Click the App Launcher .Enter Letterheads in the Search apps and items… … Click New.Complete the details about the new letterhead: … Click in the header section and click the insert image icon. … Select Browse or Upload.More items…

How do I upload a logo to Salesforce?

Salesforce Classic:Click the “+” icon on the Navigation bar.Click “Documents”Click the “New” button.Fill up the Document Name.Tick the checkbox for “Externally Available Image”Select the folder you want it to be saved.Upload the logo by clicking on “Choose File”Find the file on your Computer and click “Open”More items…

How do I create an email letterhead in Salesforce?

Use the letterhead wizard to create both the properties and details of your letterhead.From Setup, enter Classic Letterheads in the Quick Find box, then select Classic Letterheads.Click Next if an introductory page appears.Click New Letterhead. To view a letterhead, select the name from the list.

How do I put an image from my computer in HTML?

6 AnswersGo to and open any image that you wish to embed in your website.Tap the Share Icon and then choose “Get Link” to generate a shareable link for that image.Go to, paste that link and it will instantly generate the embed code for that picture.More items…•

What is the correct HTML for inserting an image?

The tag is used to embed an image in an HTML page. Images are not technically inserted into a web page; images are linked to web pages. The tag creates a holding space for the referenced image.

How do I insert an image into HTML using Notepad?

How to insert image in HTML using notepad step by stepStep 1: Open Notepad text Editor. Press Start button on Windows and Search for Notepad. … Step 2: Write HTML Image Syntax. … Step 3: Write your Image file’s Name. … Step 4: Save your HTML file. … Step 5: Run your HTML file in Browser.

How do you put a logo in HTML?

How to Use HTML to Insert a LogoLocate the file of your logo. … Open your word editor. … Write the code to insert an image file. … Insert ‘alt tag’ information. … Indicate height and width of your image. … Indicate border information then close the tag. … Save your file as an .

How to add images to Salesforce?

You can add images to Salesforce templates for special occasions or general use. To add images you first need to upload the image file to Documents. From there you can access the URL address to include in the HTML of the template. Here is how it’s done:

What window updates image properties?

The Document window will update and display the image properties.

How to type a name for an email template?

Type your email template’s name. Use the text box labeled “Email template name” to type a name for the template.

How to merge fields in Salesforce?

Select the “Merge Fields” values below the formatting toolbar. Salesforce merge fields allow you to define something that you would like to be personalized for each person and it creates a code that you will place in your template. When the email is sent out, it will populate those fields with values in the contact’s information page.

How to mass email contacts?

You can also mass email contacts with your template. Go to the “Contacts” tab, scroll to the bottom and click “Mass Email Contacts” under the “Tools” section. You will be led through the process of choosing a template and choosing a contact list before sending.

What is Salesforce Lightning?

If you are using Salesforce Lightning, click the icon that resembles a gear. Salesforce Lightning is the new user interface for Salesforce that launched in 2015. Most new Salesforce users will use the Lightning interface, but many users still use the classic Salesforce interface.

How to use custom domain?

If your company has a custom domain, click Use custom domain below the login screen and enter the custom domain in the space provided. If you don’t know your custom domain, contact your administrator. Click on the small arrow next to your username. It’s in the upper right hand corner.

How to make a letterhead?

The first time you create a new letterhead, you will be given some information about letterheads. Click Next to continue. To create a new letterhead, click New Letterhead.

How to put first name in email?

To do this, select Contact Field under “Select Field Type” and then select First Name under “Select Field”. When those fields are filled in, a code will appear to the right. Copy that code and paste it wherever you want to use the recipient’s name in the email message.


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