How to add chart to report in salesforce lightning


How to Add a Chart to a Salesforce Lightning Report

  1. Group rows to enable the add chart option
  2. Group columns to create summary reports
  3. Customize your chart using chart properties

In Salesforce Classic, add or edit a chart from the report builder.
  1. Click Add Chart in report builder. For existing charts, click Edit Chart.
  2. Select a chart type.
  3. Enter the appropriate settings on the Chart Data tab for the chart type you selected.
  4. Enter the appropriate settings on the Formatting tab.
  5. Click OK.


Why can’t I add a chart on my Salesforce report?

The reason why the Add Chart icon is greyed out is because a report must have at least one grouped field. Select a field that you would like to group your report by. Fields that are commonly grouped are the Owner fields.

How do I add a chart to a joined report in Salesforce?

0:501:56Adding a Chart to a Salesforce Joined Report – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSo now i can add a chart to my joined report. And you can click the gear icon here for chartMoreSo now i can add a chart to my joined report. And you can click the gear icon here for chart properties to select a different chart component.

How do you add a chart to a lightning page?

Navigate to Setup | Object Manager | Account | Lightning Record Pages and Edit the right page. Drag and drop the Report Charts standard component into place where you would like to add the chart. From the Report drop-down list, choose a Report to embed.

How do you add a graph to a report?

Open the Insert tab from the ribbon bar and select the desired chart type. The graph will be placed in the center of the selected container. Follow the steps in the Graph Wizard. When you finish the wizard a new Graph item will be created on the design surface.

Can we add chart in Joined report?

You can also add a chart to a joined report. A joined report can contain data from multiple standard or custom report types. You can add report types to a joined report if they have relationships with the same object or objects.

Can we create a dashboard on joined reports in Salesforce?

We can add Joined reports also to the dashboard as a source report. This feature is available with the winter’19 Salesforce release. To use the joined report as a dashboard source report, joined report must have a chart.

How do I add a chart to a record page in Salesforce?

The source report has a chart.Go to the page layout editor for the object that you’re adding a chart to.Click Edit next to the page layout.Click Report Charts.In the Quick Find box, type the name of the report and click. … Drag the chart to a new or existing section of the layout.To customize a chart, click.More items…

How do I add a chart to a dashboard in Salesforce?

Add a simple dashboard to show your data with charts….Let’s add one more component.Click. to add a dashboard component.Click the New Discoveries Report and click Select.Click. to select the vertical bar chart component.Click Add.Drag the component so it’s next to the gauge component.Click Save and Done.

What is a report chart in Salesforce?

Use the Report Chart component to add reports to your site pages. Display the reports that you set up in your Salesforce org’s public folder. When you click a report, you see the Report Detail page, which shows the Report Summary component.

Can you have multiple charts in a Salesforce report?

A combination chart plots multiple sets of data on a single chart. Each set of data is based on a different field, so values are easy to compare. You can also combine certain chart types to present data in different ways in a single chart.

How do I create a bar graph in Salesforce?

Create a Horizontal Bar ChartIn the explorer, click. … In the Bar Length field, add one or more measures.In the Bars field, add one or more dimensions to analyze the measures by.To rank the records and see the highest or lowest values, click the down arrow next to the measure and sort the results.More items…

How do I create a gauge chart in Salesforce?

Create a Gauge ChartIn the explorer, click. … In the Value field, add the measure that you want to analyze, like average opportunity amount.To compare the measure across every member of a category, like every account owner, add the dimension in the Trellis field.More items…

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