How to add a dashboard filter in salesforce


Add a Filter

  • Open the dashboard you want to filter and click Edit.
  • Click Add Filter.
    Next you need to specify the fields you want to use to filter the dashboard.
  • Enter a field name or select it from the Field list.
    Components in the dashboard are often based on different Salesforce…
  • Specify the Filter Options for the selected field.
  • Click OK.
  • Close and save the dashboard.


What are lookup filters in Salesforce?

  • beta
  • deleted
  • deprecated
  • deprecatedEditable
  • installed
  • installedEditable
  • released
  • unmanaged

How to customize Salesforce dashboards?

  • ‘Display Units’ can be changed to display as a shortened number, full number, hundreds, thousands etc.
  • You can check the ‘Show Values’ and ‘Show Percentages’ to display these also.
  • You can amend the ‘Measure filter’ to display as a record count a different value.

More items…

How to create dashboard filters?

  • When you enter filter Criteria in the Condition Table
  • And Click on Refresh button which is linked to the Macro
  • The macro runs and the Data gets filtered by using Advanced Filter
  • The Charts update automatically to show only visible cells (and not the hidden cells)

How to add a dashboard filter?

Adding dashboard filters. To get started, make sure the dashboard is in edit mode and that you have at least one query tile or Look-linked tile. Click Filters in the top toolbar, and then click Add Filter. An Add Filter window appears pre-populated with fields from any Explores used in the dashboard. You can use the search bar to find the field …


Can we add filter in dashboard in Salesforce?

Edit a dashboard, and then click + Filter in Lightning Experience or Add Filter in Salesforce Classic. ) to see them. Give the filter a display name or label to identify it. If the filter has many equivalent fields, consider using a name that works for all components.

How do I add a filter to my dashboard sheet?

On a worksheet, select Worksheet > Actions. On a dashboard, select Dashboard > Actions. From the drop-down menu of a dashboard sheet, you can also select Use as Filter.

How do I add a drop-down filter in Salesforce dashboard?

To add a filter to the dashboard, press + Filter. From the Field drop-down, select a field to filter on. The drop-down shows fields that can be used to filter all the dashboard’s components. Next, give the filter a Display Name for easy identification.

How do I add a filter in Salesforce?

Filter a Report in Salesforce ClassicOn the Reports tab, click a report to open it.Click Customize.Click Add and select a Field Filter from the list. A new filter row appears below the other two filters.Click. … Select an operator for the filter and type the filter value in the next field. … Click Save.

How do I show my dashboard filter?

Click the sheet the filters correspond to, select the analysis menu > quick filters and select the quick filter. This also works the same way for legends. Alternatively, click the drop down arrow in the top right hand corner of the frame containing the report and select Quick Filters.

How do I add a global filter in dashboard Tableau?

In a dashboard, click the drop-down menu on a filter card and select Apply to Worksheets > Selected worksheets. In the Apply Filter to Worksheets dialog box, click All on dashboard, and then click OK.

How many filters can I add in Salesforce dashboard?

Each dashboard can have up to 3 filters, and each filter can have up to 50 Dashboard Filter Options.

How do I filter multiple values in Salesforce?

If you would like to add multiple values to a filter value, simply use a comma to separate the values. For each filter, you can enter special values based on the field type for that particular filter. Some items you need to know related to the report filter are as follows: The filter value is case-insensitive.

What is a salesforce dynamic dashboard?

Dynamic Dashboard : A Dynamic Dashboard enables multiple users to access a dashboard that was previously accessed only by a single static user. This means that the dynamic dashboard can be used by a specific user alongside a logged-in user, and display data specific to both users accordingly.

How do I create a logic filter in Salesforce?

To add filter logic,From the Lightning Experience report builder, click Filters | | Add Filter Logic. … Enter each filter line number, separated by a filter logic operator. For example, (1 AND 2) OR 3 finds records that match both Filter 1 and Filter 2, or Filter 3. … Click Save.

How many filters can you have in Salesforce report?

20 field filtersYou can edit existing filters from the filters pane, but you can’t add new ones. Each report supports up to 20 field filters. Note In Lightning Experience, these filters are available in the Report Builder, but aren’t shown in the filter panel when viewing a report.

What is lookup filters in Salesforce?

Lookup filters are administrator settings that restrict the valid values and lookup dialog results for lookup, master-detail, and hierarchical relationship fields.

How to Filter a Dashboard in Salesforce

You can add a filter to a dashboard to control the data it contains. For example, if you have three sales offices you could create a single dashboard with filters for each office, instead of having to create three separate dashboards.

Add a Filter

You can add a filter to a dashboard to control the data it contains. For example, if you have three sales offices you could create a single dashboard with filters for each office, instead of having to create three separate dashboards.

How to create a filter in a dashboard?

Creating Dashboard Filters. To create a filter Click Add Filter and select the field to filter on from the Field dropdown See Add a Dashboard Filter. Equivalent Fields. The field you select for the filter could have equivalent fields Equivalent fields share the same underlying object as the field you select.

Can you add filters to dashboards?

Note As you prepare to filter dashboards keep these dashboard filter limitations in mind. You cant add filters to dashboards that contain Visualforce or scontrol components. Its not possible to filter on bucket fields However it is possible to use a report filtered on a bucket field on the dashboard. page.

Can you use equivalent fields in a filter?

for the filter You can use equivalent fields to filter components that dont have the exact field you selected for the filter or to filter some. components differently For example if you filter on the Account Owner field equivalent fields include Opportunity Owner.


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