How to access salesforce partner community


  • Go to
  • Click Join Now, then Join the Partner Community.
  • Click Log In with Salesforce and use your org credentials.
  • Complete the Signup Wizard as a new or existing consulting partner. If you’re a new partner, read and accept the Partner Master Agreement.

Go to Click Join Now, then Join the Partner Community. Click Log In with Salesforce and use your org credentials. Complete the Signup Wizard as a new or existing consulting partner.


How do I become a Salesforce partner?

Registration costs $6000 (yes, thousand) and you only get 2 attempts to pass

  • Administrator – there are 2 exams, Administrator and Advanced Administrator. …
  • Implementation Experts – there are 2 exams, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, and both are highly coveted among the SI Partners and within the Partner channel though, among the …
  • Developers – there are 2 exams, Developer and Advanced Developer. …

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How to find top Salesforce partners?

You can find Salesforce certified consultants that specialize in serving the higher education community. Check out tools to help you find and work with a partner in your implementation of Salesforce. If you need some help choosing a consultant, review our “ How to Choose a Salesforce Consulting Partner ” blog.

How to become a Salesforce partner?

PMC Includes:

  • Marketing How-to’s: Best practices to plan and execute a variety of marketing campaigns and events
  • Ready-made email campaigns: Generate new leads with emails and matching landing pages.
  • Industry & product content: Incorporate into your existing marketing and go-to-market activities

How to setup Salesforce community?

  • Click Preferences.
  • Check the following boxes: General Show nicknames Give access to public API requests on Chatter Show all settings in Workspaces Experience Management Allow members to flag content Enable setup and …
  • Uncheck the following boxes: General Enable direct messages Experience Management Show number of people discussing suggested topics

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What is Salesforce platform?

The Salesforce platform gives you a great head start in your business. The more you know about it, the more you can use it effectively. Training your staff is vital to the success of your business.

How to add a user to a team?

To add a user to your team: On the Manage Users tab, click Invite User on the top right. Enter the email address of the user you want to add, and then set this user’s permissions appropriately. To change the permissions for an existing user on your team, go to that user’s entry on the Manage Users page.

What is partner community?

The Purpose of the Partner Community 1 Learn how to plan, design, build, sell, and distribute your apps and Lightning components. A lot goes into taking an idea to marketplace. And the Partner Community has a wealth of resources, such as instructional videos and in-depth documentation, to guide you on that journey. If you’re looking to expand your Salesforce expertise, we also have an extensive online training catalog. The catalog includes certification prep courses, role-specific training for your team, and information about the latest in Salesforce technology. 2 Collaborate with other consulting partners who are building on the Salesforce platform. When we say community, we mean it. The Partner Community lets you meet and learn from consulting partners who’ve built successful businesses on the Salesforce platform. As you gain experience, you’ll have the opportunity to share your knowledge with others. 3 Engage with Salesforce experts. In the consulting partner program, you’re never on your own. Each week we host office hours in the Partner Community, which give you a chance to engage directly with our experts in sales, marketing, and security. It’s also where you can open cases and communicate directly with our dedicated Partner Support team. 4 Discover new features, products, and programs. We’re always looking for ways to make partners more successful. The Partner Community is how we share these developments and show you how to integrate them into your business.

What does Ohana mean in Salesforce?

At Salesforce, our Ohana is a deep-seated support system we nurture inside our company.

What is the consulting partner life cycle?

The consulting partner life cycle refers to the five phases that consulting partners move through when building a Salesforce practice. The five distinct phases of the life cycle are: plan, build, sell, market, and manage.


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