How to access communities in salesforce


How do you access communities in Salesforce?

  • From Setup, enter Communities Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Communities Settings.
  • Select Enable communities.
  • Select a domain name for your communities, and click Check Availability to make sure that it’s not already in use.
  • Click Save.

How to enable community in Salesforce? To enable community in Salesforce go to setup -> Build -> Customize -> Communities and click on settings. and check enable communities check box and enter your domain name and save it.

How to setup Salesforce community?

  • Click Preferences.
  • Check the following boxes: General Show nicknames Give access to public API requests on Chatter Show all settings in Workspaces Experience Management Allow members to flag content Enable setup and …
  • Uncheck the following boxes: General Enable direct messages Experience Management Show number of people discussing suggested topics

More items…

What can a Salesforce community do?

Salesforce organizations contain valuable information about partners, solutions, products, users, ideas, and other business data. Some of this information would be useful to people outside your organization, but only users with the right access and permissions can view and use it.

What’s possible with Salesforce communities?

Salesforce Community Cloud allows employees to connect with resellers, distributors, and partners in a single place. They can find the information they need, register new leads, edit and update records as needed in real time, and manage finances and funds.

What is community in Salesforce?

  • To filter profiles, select a profile type from the drop-down menu. To search for a specific profile, enter a search term and click Find.
  • Select the user profiles you want to allow access to your community. Press CTRL to select multiple profiles.
  • Click Add.

How do I access community builder in Salesforce?

To access Experience Builder:From the global header menu in Experience Workspaces or Experience Management, click Experience Workspaces | Builder or Experience Management | Go to Experience Builder.From the All Sites page in Setup, click Builder next to the site name.More items…

How do I enable communities in Salesforce 2021?

8 easy steps for Salesforce Community ImplementationEnable Community Cloud Salesforce. Table of Contents. … Create a community. … Add new members. … Add the engaging content. … Brand your community. … Customize your login page. … Configure the email. … Put in the finishing touches.

How do I view a community dashboard in Salesforce?

Enable and Map DashboardsOpen Experience Workspaces.Click Dashboards | Settings.For each of the pages, select the dashboard you want to show to community managers. To change the name of the dashboard page, click inside the dashboard label. … Click Save.

How do communities work in Salesforce?

Salesforce Communities are brand spaces designed specifically for Salesforce customers to connect with the community outside their org (i.e., employees, partners, and customers) and collaborate with them using relevant data and content.

Why I cant see communities in Salesforce?

To enable community in Salesforce go to setup -> Build -> Customize -> Communities and click on settings. and check enable communities check box and enter your domain name and save it. Note: You cannot change your domain name once you save it. This domain name will be used in all of your communities.

How do I open community builder?

After creating the lightning community, click on the ‘Manage’ link present against the community name to open the community builder. You can customize lightning communities in Community Builder in the following ways: Styling and branding communities.

How do I view a community report in Salesforce?

Steps: 1> From Setup, enter Communities Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Communities Settings. 2> Select Enable report options for external users. 3> Click Save.

Can community users see dashboards?

To make it clear: Users with Partner Community or partner portal licenses can view dashboards and reports for objects and records that have a private sharing model AND to which the user has access, regardless of the current community. Partner Community users can’t refresh dashboards.

How do I add a report to a community in Salesforce?

Enable Report Options for External UsersFrom Setup, enter Digital Experiences in the Quick Find box, then select Settings.Select Enable report options for external users .Click Save.

How do I log into community cloud?

First, just navigate to the Contact record of the user you want to log in as. Then on the top right of the record page click the action menu dropdown and select Log in to Community as user. You can also navigate to the Community user’s contact record by clicking the Contact link on their user detail page.

What is Salesforce community portal?

Salesforce Community Portal helps the organization to build brand community spaces. In other words, information sharing portals for users in which they connect, collaborate, and get work done.

How do I enable a community user in Salesforce?

Ensure that communities are enabled for your org.From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Profiles , then select Profiles.On the Profiles page, click Clone next to the Customer Community Login User, the Customer Community Plus Login User, the Customer Community Plus User, or the Customer Community User profile.More items…

How do I deploy a customer community in Salesforce?

Deploy Your Community with Change SetsCreate and test your community in your preferred test org, such as sandbox.From Setup in your test org, enter Outbound Change Sets in the Quick Find box, and then select Outbound Change Sets.Create a change set, and click Add in the Change Set Components section.More items…

How do I add a community URL in Salesforce?

Add a Custom URLFrom Setup, enter Custom URLs in the Quick Find box, then select Custom URLs.Click New Custom URL.Enter a domain name. Important Avoid entering personal information in your domain name. Instead, enter only public information.Enter a site name.Enter a unique path.Click Save.

How do I create a community in Salesforce lightning?

Enable and Create Community in Salesforce Lightning | Getting start with CommunitiesClick Settings icon and select Setup.Type Communities in the Quick Find box, then select Communities Settings.Select Enable communities.Enter a unique name to be used as your domain name and click Check Availability.More items…•

How do I turn on digital experiences in Salesforce?

Enable Digital Experiences for Salesforce Customer IdentityFrom Setup, enter Digital Experiences in the Quick Find box, then select All Sites.Select Enable Digital Experiences.Enter a memorable domain name. … Select Check Availability.Click Save, and then click OK.

What is Salesforce community?

Salesforce Communities is a great platform to connect and collaborate with your customers, partners, and employees. It is quick & easy to create mobile-responsive Communities with pre-built templates. And here is how you can build your own Community from scratch in less than 60 minutes.

What is chatter in community?

Employees can access and share files. Knowledge articles, FAQs provide information to users to find answers to common questions. Chatter in Community enables users to help others with their questions and issues.


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