How set related list for multi select in salesforce


On the new object create new field of type lookup relation or master-detail to the first object. While creating this field you will be asked to add the related list to the first object layout choose yes. Now when you go to first object’s record you will find the related list.


Is it possible to use multi-select picklists in Salesforce?

Also, none of this sample code has been tested, this is just me stubbing it out in Notepad++. This is not currently possible with standard Salesforce configuration, as multi-select picklists cannot be selected as the Controlling Field in a Field Dependency.

How do I populate multi-select choice fields in a flow?

Similar to single-selection choice fields, such as radio buttons and drop-down lists, you can populate multi-select choice fields with flow-specific choices and dynamic choices only. You can’t populate multi-select picklists in flows with the picklist values of standard or multi-select picklist fields elsewhere in your organization.

How are multi-select fields stored at runtime?

At runtime, each multi-select field stores its field value as a concatenation of the user-selected choice values, separated by semicolons. At runtime, any semicolons in the selected choices’ stored values are removed when added to the multi-select field value.

How to add filters to a related list?

5) Open the related list and click on filters section and the filters section will show all the filters added as columns in the related list. Note: We cannot apply formula fields as filters on related list.


How do I use multiple picklist values in a formula field in Salesforce?

Create a formula that shows the value of a multi-select picklist from a parent to a child objectGo to the object where you want to create the field. … Click New.Select Formula for the Data Type.Name the field and select Text for the Formula Return Type.Click Next.Enter your formula syntax.

How do I report a multiple select picklist in Salesforce?

The only way to report on a specific Picklist option is to create a Formula Field for each option….Workaround: Use Microsoft ExcelSelect the cell, the range of cells, or the entire column that contains the text values that you want to divide across other cells. … On the Data menu, click Text to Columns.More items…

How do I create a multiple select lookup in Salesforce?

After the class is being saved go to the layout page of the Account object and this page Custom Lookup as an inline Salesforce VF page to the objects detail page layout. Save the layout after adding the Visualforce page and start using the multi-select lookup functionality. Thanks.

How do I query a multiselect picklist in Salesforce?

There are use-cases where you want to use a SOQL query and filter by multi-select picklist values. The picklist values can be specified with the AND/OR logic. Use the Semicolon and Comma characters to add filter values to multi-select picklist fields. A semicolon is used as a special character to specify AND.

Can you bucket multi-picklist in Salesforce?

No, multi select picklists are notorious for being hard to report off of. You may be able to create a formula field that does some of your bucketing and then use that in reporting, but you won’t be able to bucket directly on the field.

How do I create a dependent picklist in Salesforce?

Define Dependent PicklistsFrom the management settings for the object you want to add a field to, go to Fields. … Click Field Dependencies.Click New.Choose a controlling field and dependent field. … Click Continue.More items…

Can we create multi select lookup field in Salesforce?

No it does not seems possible on standard layout. You can develop a custom lightning component for multi select. For storing multiple record, you will have to create a junction object instead of lookup field to hold all selected records.

Can a lookup field have multiple values Salesforce?

You can only have one related record per Lookup field.

How do you get multiselect picklist values in LWC?

To use a multi-select picklist in LWC, we need to use the standard lightning web component lightning-dual-listbox. First, create Lightning Web Component and import the getPicklistValues and getObjectInfo from lightning/uiObjectInfoApi module. We are importing getObjectInfo to get the Record Type details.

How do I use a multi-select picklist in Salesforce flow?

Salesforce will automatically pass the Lead Id to the recordId variable.Click Setup.In the Object Manager, type Lead.Select Buttons, Links, and Action, then click New Action.Input the following information: Select Flow as Action Type. Select Parse Multi-Select Picklist as Flow. … Click Save.

How do I use multi-select picklist in Apex in Salesforce?

Custom Multi-Select: Allows users to choose multiple values. Picklist can be easily seen in Salesforce Lightning mode by using the UI: Setup -> Object Manager -> Select the Object where the field is -> Click on Fields and Relationships -> Select the field -> Scroll Down and you will see the values.

How do I use multi-select picklist in screen flow in Salesforce?

0:004:47Command multiselect picklist fields with Salesforce Flow – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipOkay so multi-select pick list fields. Look like this they’re stored as semi-colon delimited singleMoreOkay so multi-select pick list fields. Look like this they’re stored as semi-colon delimited single strings when you click on them to edit. You get a dual list box that you can select multiple values

Workaround: Create a Formula Field for each option

The only way to report on a specific Picklist option is to create a Formula Field for each option. The “Amount” field referred to in the Formulas is the Opportunity Amount field. If not summing the Amount field you’ll need to create another hidden field to contain a default of “1” (you will need to update existing records with 1).

Workaround: Use Microsoft Excel

Alternatively, you may work within Excel to create a pivot table with the following steps:


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