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An open-source Selenium project is now widely used for all browser-based UI testing, which simulates the end user’s actions and is leveraged by Salesforce to automate their >40,000 test cases. Test Steps, Prerequisites, and Test Data

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Then we will talk about the essentials in selenium UI testing. In this part will cover locating UIMoreThen we will talk about the essentials in selenium UI testing. In this part will cover locating UI elements in salesforce using XPath. And handling UI elements and performing user actions.


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What is the role of a Salesforce tester?

What is the Role of a Salesforce Tester?

  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers/Scrum Masters
  • Quality Analysts/Salesforce Testers
  • Developers
  • Administrators

Which is more difficult, selenium or Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the leading cloud-based CRM used by major companies and brands like Coca-Cola, FCA, GE, Philips, and several others. It is a widely used CRM application. Quality is an essential part of any of its minor/major releases. Automation testing is the highest-demand and active way of testing, which can make your life your life …

What is automated testing in Salesforce?

What is Test Automation in Salesforce and Why Does it Matter?

  1. Manual testing takes time. This is a big one for agile, where time is of the essence. …
  2. Manual testing is expensive. If you’re setting two testers on regression testing for a week, that’s 40 hours of human effort. …
  3. Manual testing is not fun. Regression testing is repetitive and formulaic by definition. …
  4. Manual testing is open to mistakes. …

Is selenium testing the future of software testing?

Selenium Impact: The Future of Software Testing Over the years, Selenium technology has managed to capture the attention of the entire software and web testing industry. Thanks to its open-source platform and extensive support on automation testing that has created solid benchmarks for quality.


Can Selenium be used for Salesforce testing?

Selenium is an open source Salesforce test automation tool used for browser based ‘Regression Testing’. It is used to automate Cross-Browser testing across different platforms, and supported by multiple programming languages.

Can we do automation testing in Salesforce?

There are two main paths you can choose between for Salesforce test automation: code-based frameworks or no-code automation tools.

What is Salesforce automation testing?

Salesforce Test Automation is the process of automating testing of your Salesforce CRM to eliminate repetitive, error-prone manual testing activities. It involves writing and maintaining test scripts with the help of software.

How Selenium testing is done?

How to Get StartedCreate tests with JavaScript.Use a cloud-based solution.Strategize platform and scenario test coverage.Test all types of aspects.Run your Selenium tests.Use test reporting.Fix defects and repeat.

What is the best automation tool for Salesforce?

The Top Sales Force Automation Tools in 2019Salesforce Sales Cloud. … Oracle NetSuite. … Zendesk sell. … Bpm ‘Online Sales. … Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales. … Freshworks CRM. … Pipedrive. … PipelineDeals.More items…•

Does Salesforce testing require coding?

Testing in Salesforce is calculated in terms of % of code coverage i.e. your test class should cover your code and minimum 75% of test coverage is required.

Can we automate Salesforce application using selenium?

Selenium is a powerful tool to automate user interactions on a browser. A robust Selenium framework with the right design can increase test coverage and save time. This is why many organizations use Selenium for automating their application testing, including Salesforce application.

How many types of testing are there in Salesforce?

There are two main types of testing for Salesforce: Salesforce Functional Testing and Salesforce UAT Testing.

What are the automation tools in Salesforce?

Salesforce provides multiple tools to automate your organization’s repetitive business processes: Approvals, Process Builder, Workflow, and Flow Builder.

Is Selenium testing easy?

Learning Selenium is not really tough, however, it requires a good disciple and strategic road map to learn it fast. Therefore, in order to gain better understanding and familiarity, one should target four things: Java, Selenium Webdriver, TestNg and Frameworks to learn automation testing with Selenium.

What is difference between Selenium and automation testing?

Selenium − Selenium is an open source testing framework required for Automation or we can say that among various Automation tools/frameworks, Selenium is one such framework for automating applications. It runs the test cases multiple times cross-browsers.

What is Selenium testing with example?

Selenium WebDriver is a web framework that permits you to execute cross-browser tests. This tool is used for automating web-based application testing to verify that it performs expectedly. Selenium WebDriver allows you to choose a programming language to create test scripts.

Why use Selenium for Salesforce?

Test automation is an important way to quickly detect regressions after changing business logic or web components in the enterprise app. Salesforce itself also releases changes a few times every year. A suite of Selenium tests is a great way to quickly check compatibility with the latest Salesforce update in a sandbox before rolling out to production.

What is element identifier in Selenium?

Element identifiers are a common way to locate and automate web page interactions with Selenium. The @FindBy annotation in Selenium has a simple id=”something” attribute to locate a web element by unique id on the page.

What is the dominant CRM platform?

Salesforce has become the dominant CRM platform in recent years with global 19.5% market share in 2018. That’s more than double the nearest alternative SAP and over three times that of Oracle. The success comes from targeting enterprise application development with its own Apex object-oriented programming language and Lightning Web Component framework.

Does Salesforce have a unique attribute?

The <input> element has no other uniquely defining attributes. Fortunately, Salesforce complies with the latest web accessibility guidelines. WCAG section 1.3.1 on info and relationship mandates that a human readable <label> element be associated in code to its corresponding <input> by matching the label’s “for” attribute to the input’s “id” attribute. The element identifier may change each time the page is loaded, but the label text should always be the same.

Is Salesforce Enterprise app difficult to test?

Salesforce enterprise apps are notoriously difficult to test with open source automation frameworks like Selenium. Let’s explore some reasons for the difficulty of testing Salesforce Enterprise apps and how to work around them.

Is Salesforce cloud hosted?

Despite the name “Lightning,” Salesforce’s cloud-hosted enterprise apps can sometimes be quite slow. Test automation engineers are familiar with the challenges that come with applications that can be slow to respond. A test script will fail if it tries to perform the next step before the application is ready.

Does Selenium have a wait condition?

It checks for element presence or clickability several times per second — up to a maximum time before erroring out. The problem is that none of Selenium’s built-in wait conditions handle the loading overlay in Salesforce.

What is Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce is a leading cloud-based CRM that is used by FCA, GE, Coca-Cola, Philips, and other major brands and companies. Being a widely accepted CRM application, quality plays an extremely important part in any of its major/minor releases.

How many digits are required for Salesforce request?

The following is the request, which calls a Salesforce object and allows you to perform CRUD operations over it. First, you must provide a unique 15-18 digit Salesforce ID and object type (Account, Contact, Opportunity, etc.)

What are the three components of a test case?

Most testers would agree that test steps, prerequisites, and test data are the three main components of a test case. These rules are also followed in automation testing, and all the testers know the pain of setting up the prerequisites or getting the valid test data, because corrupt/invalid test data will fail your test case …

Why is Selenium used in Salesforce?

Firstly, because it’s free and open-source, and therefore an obvious starting point for someone wanting to see how automation can contribute to productivity. Second, Selenium allows you to drive tests and automate any processes that go on in a browser. Since Salesforce runs in the browser , Selenium is an obvious choice.

What is scenario 2 in Selenium?

Scenario 2: The endless search for broken code. Tina, Teresa, Tom and Tiffany are all testing with Tina’s scripted Selenium tests. It works well, until one day, a test breaks. Tina tries to troubleshoot the test by searching through all the code.

Why does Tom want to update another test?

Meanwhile, Tom wants to update another test, as there has been an update in Salesforce causing one of the elements in the test to be invalid. He also must spend a significant amount of time searching through the script – longer than Tina, because he isn’t as experienced with the code.

Is Selenium enough for a business?

It doesn’t offer a whole lot more than that. For larger businesses and enterprises, where there are a big number of tests, teams with excellent business understanding but low coding skills, and functions like security and collaboration are highly critical, Selenium won’t suffice.

Does Selenium automate Salesforce?

Although Selenium checks quite a few boxes up front for teams wanting to automate their Salesforce tests, many find that it requires more of a time investment than initially expected – both in terms of setup and in terms of maintenance.

What are the roles and responsibilities of Salesforce testers?

Important roles and responsibilities of Salesforce testers are: Should be able to conduct Smoke Testing to make sure all the major functionalities are functioning as per requirement. Create both positive and negative Test Scenarios. Able to perform equivalence Partitioning and Boundary Value Analysis.

Why are Salesforce clients nervous?

Clients are always nervous about Salesforce testing because they many not know how to conduct it properly. As a result, they have a myth which is very much distinct from reality.

What is Salesforce CRM?

What is Salesforce? Salesforce is the world’s first cloud-based CRM system. It was founded by Marc Benioff and Parker Harris in March 1999. The purpose of developing this CRM platform is to help users affordably and easily – sell, service, market, analyze and connect with their clients.

What is unit testing in Apex?

Unit testing process is conducted by Apex developers. It involves writing clauses in their code which automatically tests its coverage. It helps you to evaluates how many records of data are effected, so that the code would successfully run on in that environment.

What is manual testing?

Manual software testing process includes the testing of App by using traditional methods. QA team can use manual testing can be used to execute functional testing, happy path testing, integration testing, regression testing, and system testing.

Is automated testing in Salesforce a challenge?

Performing automated functional testing in SalesForce is a challenging task as most of the test web pages are dynamic. Therefore, the tester needs to build robust automation framework to which should be useful not only today but also in the future.

Is Salesforce testing easy?

Salesforce testing is not an easy process. There are many challenges that were faced during the process by the tester. Some of them are: It’s not an easy task to test advanced features like Visualforce, Salesforce or Service Cloud Console. You need to recreate all your classic tests for the Lightning UI.

Challenges in Automating Salesforce testing

Dynamic Content: Salesforce is a complex application that features dynamic content. These dynamic content doesn’t have fixed ID, name, class or CSS attributes. Even slight change in the UI can make tests flaky. Since there is no direct access to content, it is difficult to perform actions within it.

The Propose Solution: Zero Code Test Automation Platform

We recommend “ Opkey ”, a zero code Salesforce test automation platform that enables functional testers and admins to create test cases without requiring any coding knowledge.

Why use iframes in Selenium?

You use IFrames to insert content into a web page from an external source, like this podcast player: IFrames are tricky because Selenium needs to identify the elements under the frame , which is not always an easy feat. Not everyone has the skill set to code for this situation.

What happens if you record something in Shadow DOM?

With a Shadow DOM you’ll typically see one element, and when you move the mouse, you’ll see a different element. So, if you record something it will fail when you run it since it’s not there anymore. In most cases, the TestProject recorder handles these situations for you automatically as well.

Can Selenium identify custom DOM?

Selenium can’t directly identify custom Shadow DOM HTML tags. Of course, you might be able to get around certain Shadow DOM/Selenium issues using the JavascriptExecutor method, but it is tedious, hard to maintain, and adds over-complexity to your script. There are also some plugins you can use, like shadow-automation-selenium.


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