How salesforce uses react


ReactJS is a language developed by Facebook that helps with creating and maintaining HTML views in JavaScript (The “V” in MVC as they describe it). This allows a more modular design while designing a web application to run in Salesforce.


Can I use react with Salesforce Lightning container component?

With the release of the Lightning Container Component Salesforce now has an excellent, secure, way of sharing data to from your org to your custom Javascript Code. Including React Apps. In this post we’ll explore how to set up React with Salesforce.

How do I integrate design system react with Salesforce Babel?

You can use the Babel preset, @salesforce/babel-preset-design-system-react, to get started. This preset will keep Babel compatible with Design System React and allow ES6 module benefits such as tree-shaking. This library is not browser-ready and should be polyfilled to your target environment.

What version of React is used in the mobile SDK?

All views are rendered natively, so your customers get the user experience of a native app. Mobile SDK 10.0.0 uses React Native 0.67.1. You can find React Native 0.67.1 source code and documentation at under the 0.67.1 tag.

What is forcereact and how to use it?

Mobile SDK provides forcereact, a command-line script for installing React Native and Mobile SDK libraries, and creating projects from template apps. To support this tool, install the following packages.


Is React used in Salesforce?

In this post we’ll explore how to set up React with Salesforce. If you don’t want to go through an article and go straight to documentation here’s a boiler plate repo: react-lightning-boilerplate repo — a boilerplate project for developing React Components for use within Salesforce.

How does Salesforce Integrate With React?

Salesforce React integrationusing JSforce as a Salesforce client. authenticating with OAuth 2.0 (login, logout, retrieving session info) using the REST API to run a SOQL query.using the Lightning Design System (LDS) in a React application (all the CSS and icons of this app are provided by LDS)

Is Salesforce lightning React?

The Lightning Design System for React is an implementation of the Lightning Design System with accessible patterns and established best practices. The source code is licensed under BSD 3-Clause.

What is React best used for?

React is an excellent tool with which to create interactive applications for mobile, web, and other platforms. React’s popularity and usage are increasing day by day for good reason. As a developer, coding in React makes you better at JavaScript, a language that holds nearly 90% of the web development share today.

Can I use angular in Salesforce?

Using Angular instead of VisualForce components directly is a great option for cross-functional teams that have front-end developers that don’t necessarily have knowledge of Salesforce development, allowing Salesforce experts to focus on data modeling and APEX code.

What is Salesforce visualforce?

Visualforce is a component-based user interface (UI) framework that enables the creation of dynamic, reusable interfaces. The Visualforce framework is part of Salesforce’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering, which is designed to simplify the development and deployment of cloud applications and websites.

Can you use React in LWC?

Developers can work on LWC using the modern JavaScript framework. This means that even any developer without any experience of working on Salesforce and is familiar with React or Node. JS can easily work with LWC.

Is Storybook a design system?

Storybook is used to build the most popular design systems on the web, including Shopify Polaris, IBM Carbon, Salesforce Lightning, Auth0 Cosmos, and Github Primer. Frontend teams everywhere can ship faster with less work using Storybook’s Docs addon. It auto-generates documentation from your existing stories.

What is Sfdc lightning?

Lightning (Salesforce Lightning) is a component-based framework for app development from that is designed to simplify processes for business users, who typically do not have programming experience.

Is React front end or backend?

frontendjs/React is an open-source frontend framework that is based on JavaScript, developed by Facebook, and best known for its virtual DOM feature. With React, we recommend Express. js/Express as a backend service.

Is React a framework or library?

Is React a framework? React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It deals with the views and lets you choose the rest of your front-end architecture. However, a strong library ecosystem has developed around it, allowing you to build a complete framework around React by adding a few libraries to it.

Why is React better than other frameworks?

React lets you build rich user-interfaces easily. Quality of user-interfaces is important because a poorly designed user-interface is generally less user-friendly and the users will not like a poorly designed UI. If your web app has cool, high-quality UIs, your users will love to use your app.

What is react native?

React Native is a third-party framework that lets you access native UI elements directly with JavaScript, style sheets, and markup. You can combine this technology with special Mobile SDK native modules for rapid development using native resources.

Do you need to recompile JavaScript?

You use flexible, widely known web technologies (JavaScript, style sheets, and markup) for layout and styling. No need to recompile to check your code updates. You simply refresh the browser to see your changes. To debug, you use your favorite browser’s developer tools.

Can you develop React Native on Windows?

On a macOS machine, you can develop both iOS and Android versions of your app. On Windows, you’re limited to developing for Android.

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Open Sourcing Design System React

Have you ever wanted to capture a little bit of lightning in a bottle and take it home with you? That is, do you need to code an application off the Salesforce platform but maintain the same look-and-feel? Design System React encapsulates the markup and user patterns of more than forty of the components from the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) for use in any application compatible with React..

User-centered engineering at scale

User-interface libraries scale well. Although they can take more time initially, they result in less time spent on development and an increase in longstanding efficiency due to their re-use.

Why React?

It’s functional. From a technical standpoint, it has deterministic renders and it abstracts the view layer away from direct DOM manipulation. At Salesforce, we have a mix of technologies that shift — especially when new acquisitions come onboard.

Markup, data, and events encapsulated

HTML and CSS alone have thousands of touch points that may need updating in the future. Implementing JavaScript components encapsulates markup, data and user events into clear patterns that empowers developers to focus on shipping features.

Accessibility from the get-go

At Salesforce, we value empowering everyone to succeed — especially when it comes to using software. Design System React helps create an experience that can be enjoyed by all users, including those with disabilities. Accessibility is a growth area for many front-end engineers — even ones that have been around a while.

Open sourcing

We wanted to provide an open source path of implementing SLDS markup and CSS, standardized UX patterns, and accessible implementations for our own software vendors and to the greater open source community.

Quick Setup (ES6 and CJS modules)

For a no hassle setup and compatibility with Create React App, transpiled ES6 and CommonJS module versions have been included within the NPM package. If using this setup, please re-write the import statement in the documentation site examples. Use the following named import syntax to access the transpiled components from /lib/index.js:

Advanced (Source code)

Advanced usage requires that your babel presets are set up correctly. create-react-app and environments that do not transpile code within node_modules are not compatible with the component import below. All the examples on the documentation site use this syntax.


This library does not contain any Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). You will need to add <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”/node_modules/@salesforce-ux/design-system/assets/styles/salesforce-lightning-design-system.min.css” /> to your page and serve that file from a publicly available folder.

Icon Usage

Prior to v0.7.0, SLDS icons were bundled with the JavaScript. The 400KB+ icons bundle from SLDS is no longer included. You will need to download the SLDS CSS and icons separately.


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