How salesforce saves you time


30 Time-Saving Salesforce Hacks to Save The Day

  1. Chrome Extension for Salesforce
    In Chrome, set the Salesforce search box as your default search engine by…
  2. Set up Email Notifications.
    Create Flows for any repetitive actions you conduct regularly. Make it a…
  3. Customize integrations
    Through open APIs, Salesforce allows you to create bespoke interfaces…


How to keep track of time in Salesforce?

You need an accurate system that will help you keep track of projects’ progress and how productive your employees are while using Salesforce. Here are two ways to easily track time in Salesforce: The Salesforce AppExchange is a web store that allows you to download tons of extensions for your Salesforce app suite.

How Salesforce can help your organization become more efficient?

Salesforce can help your organization achieve its objective of becoming more efficient and productive if it is used correctly. Shoaib Chaudhary is an entrepreneur and influencer with over 13 years of experience in the technology industry. He’s influencing global leaders to exceed company goals while advancing social responsibility.

Is Salesforce the best CRM solution for your business?

For over 10 years, Salesforce has been the most popular CRM solution, and for good reasons. If there’s a platform that you can vouch your life to save your business, big or small,… it has to be Salesforce!

What is time doctor in Salesforce and how to use it?

Now, the Time Doctor button will automatically appear on any Salesforce Task, Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity or Case. You can start or stop the timer anytime you want. It’s that handy! In addition to generating reports like timecards, Time Doctor can also show you which sites and apps employees accessed during their work hours.


1. Chrome Extension for Salesforce

In Chrome, set the Salesforce search box as your default search engine by right-clicking the search box, choose to save as search engine, and changing the keyword to sf. Then open a new tab, type of, and push enter to search inside salesforce from any location.

2. Set up Email Notifications

Create Flows for any repetitive actions you conduct regularly. Make it a wizard, then add it to your sidebar as a Custom Link. To easily access object-specific admin pages, use the Admin widget.

3. Customize integrations

Through open APIs, Salesforce allows you to create bespoke interfaces with other systems. This makes it simple to integrate with the platforms you use most frequently. Make sure you deal with an integration service partner who can assist you in navigating this process and ensuring a smooth transition.

4. Utilize Your Calls to Generate Information

The method of linking your phone conversations with your Salesforce data is known as computer telephony integration (or CTI).

5. Run Scheduled Tasks faster

This is one of the best time saving Salesforce hacks that you have to know as a Salesforce admin. Desk-checking on scheduled jobs can be quite annoying. You must schedule it to run, wait a few minutes, examine the results, unschedule it, make your modifications, and repeat the process.

6. Record Lost Stages as well as Lost Reasons

When a sales agent fails to close a lead, it’s key to figure out why the lead fell through the cracks. It’s also important to figure out when it went missing. When the opportunity is set to ‘Closed Lost,’ use a workflow rule to automatically fill in a ‘lost stage’ field with the opportunity’s current state.

7. Customize the Competitor Analysis

Salesforce’s built-in competitor functionality is dull and uninteresting. Although you can link competitors to specific chances, you usually can’t add more dynamic qualities or fields to competitive relationships, plans, or tactics.

What Is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a company based in the United States that started as a SaaS CRM business.
It has grown into a company that caters to over 150,000 clients worldwide — including tech giants like Google.

Why Should You Set Up Salesforce Time Tracking?

Salesforce offers a ton of products that can streamline your workflows.

Time Tracking In Salesforce (Step-by-Step Guide)

We’ve already mentioned how you can benefit from tracking time in Salesforce.

1. Email to Salesforce

There are other ways to do this, but Email to Salesforce is probably the easiest and most straightforward. Salesforce works best when everything is collected, organized, and collated in one spot. And if you can do that automatically, so much the better.

2. Chatter Publisher Actions

Chatter harnesses the power of social media for the business world. It allows colleagues and co-workers to sync and collaborate in real-time. Connect and get instant notifications from the contacts in your network.

3. Email Templates

Sending an email from within Salesforce is a great time saver unto itself. Even better, the program allows you to create and edit email templates to be used over and over again. You likely send the same sort of communication on a regular basis, so a template is both fast and convenient.

4. Automatically Email Sales Reports

Salesforce is unparalleled at keeping track of sales stats and reports. It’s the foundation of the entire platform.

5. Third-Party Integration

Salesforce plays well with a very wide range of third-party apps and services. A few minutes of saved time per day quickly becomes a few hours or days per year. Find 3-4 products that can each save 5-10 minutes (or more), and those numbers can get very big.

Take Stock of the New Reality

Many things are changing right now, and that probably includes how you’re spending your time. You may have new responsibilities and tasks. If you have children, they might be at home with you instead of at school, and you might need to help them stay on track with their education.

Do a Time Audit

If you want to maximize your productivity, you have to get serious about your time management. The first step is to figure out how you’re spending your time. If you want to know how you’re using every moment of the day, do a time audit.

Setting Priorities

So how do you know if you’re focused on the right items to deliver that ROI? Figuring that out is as easy as ABC 123.

Getting Unstuck

No matter how much you hack your task list and manage your time, there are those moments where you get stuck on a task. So how do you get unstuck? Try these tips for success.

Apps for Time Management

So you’ve learned some strategies and tips. Now let’s look at the apps you can use to stay productive with managing your time.


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