How o get createdby in recordpage lighting component salesforce

Creation of Record page: From Setup, Go to Quick Find / Search and enter App Builder then click Lightning App Builder. Click New> Record Page >Next.


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How to manage Lightning Record pages in Salesforce?

Go to the object manager, open the object and find the Lightning Record Pages tab, you can open the Lightning record page or view page assignment. You can view and lookup the lightning page assignment from the View Page Assignments button. Lightning Record Page can be assigned by:

Does my component work on record pages in lightning experience?

After your component is set up to work on Lightning pages and in the Lightning App Builder, use these guidelines to configure the component so it works on record pages in Lightning Experience. Record pages are different from app pages in a key way: they have the context of a record.

What are visibility rules in Salesforce lightning experience?

As we mentioned, custom record pages are supported in Lightning Experience both on desktop and in the Salesforce mobile app. Visibility rules can also control whether components appear on a page based on the form factor (or device) you’re viewing the page on. Let’s set up rules for a component to appear only when the page is viewed on a phone.

How does Salesforce lightning experience compare to Salesforce classic?

When you customize your page layouts in Salesforce Classic, those changes can affect the content of object record pages in Lightning Experience. However, in Lightning Experience, the page elements display differently, and some aren’t supported.

What is lightning record edit form?

How to create a form that enables a user to create a record?

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How do you get current page record ID in lightning component?

The component’s controller can access the ID of the current record from the recordId attribute, using component. get(“v. recordId”) . The recordId attribute is automatically added to the component by the force:hasRecordId interface.

How do you use the lightning component on a record page?

Navigate to Setup > Platform Tools > User Interface > Lightning App Builder. On the Lightning Pages section, click New. Select App Page, Home page, or Record page, where you want to add the component. In the Label field, enter the name of the lightning page and click Next.

How do I find the last modified by for lightning component?

You can follow the below steps. Setup > Custom Code > Lightning Components. Under Lightning Components, click on Lighting Components option. Then click on any lightning component to see the Created By and Modified By details.

How do I get record ID in lightning component LWC?

How to Fetch current Record Id from Lightning Web Components (LWC)First, create a lightning web component page on any record page (Account, Opportunity, contact) using Visual studio code.We are creating this LWC to get account details.Give any name to the LWC page as we are giving as recordIdexample.

How do I see the Lightning record page in Salesforce?

Let’s get started.From Setup, enter App Builder in the Quick Find box, then select Lightning App Builder.Click New.Select Record Page and start stepping through the wizard.Name your page New Opportunity Page , and select Opportunity. … Choose the Header, Subheader, Right Sidebar template, and click Finish.More items…

How do you edit a Lightning record page?

Customize the Lightning Record PageFrom the Admissions Connect app, go to a record page. Click. … From Setup, in Object Manager, click the object name for the page you want to edit. … From Setup, go to the Lightning App Builder page, then click Edit next to the page name.

How do you check who last modified the report in Salesforce?

How to find who last modified the report in Salesforce? – 1. Create a report with Reports report type. 2. Check Last Modified By and Last Modified tofind who last modified the report and when.

How do I find the last modified name in Salesforce?

To get Last Modified User and not current user.Get the LastModifiedId’s of all records and query on User object to get the user’s information.Query on the same record with LastModifiedBy.Username field as related field won’t be available in the context variables. Select Id, Name, Lastmodifiedby.Username from ObjectName.

How do I find the last modified date in Salesforce?

In Apex you can get the LastModifiedDate by the name ‘LastModifiedDate’. It returns a Date/Time object. Account a = [Select a. LastModifiedById From Account a where id =:inputId];

How can I get record ID from community page in LWC?

To access the record Id of the current record we need to edit the XML file and make it available on lightning community pages by adding lightningCommunity__Page to the targets. We also need to add targetConfigs to the XML, here we will add a property called recordId.

How do you get the record id in lightning component quick action?

To get the current record ID in Lightning Aura Component, we need to implement the force:hasRecordId interface. Add flexipage:availableForAllPageTypes interface as well, as we need to include this component on the Record Detail page. Then, we can get the record ID using component. get(‘v.

How do I find the current record ID in Salesforce?

Salesforce Flow : Get Current Record IdCreate A Variable In Your Flow To Store The Record Id. Let’s create a variable called recordId, we will then assign the Id of the current record to this variable so it can be used in our flow. … Edit The Lightning Page That The Flow Is On.

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