How much do you make as salesforce admin reddit


How much do Salesforce admins earn?

The UK Admins on average earn $91k, in Spain $49k (!), and in Japan the figure is $68k. Not only does the country’s economic climate influence salaries (by determining the cost of living), but also the Salesforce economy in these countries has an impact. The balance between supply and demand will determine an individual’s market value.

How to find the right Salesforce admin for your organization?

An organization looking for an Admin skilled in more than one platform area will expect to offer more salary, especially for a less common combination of products! Take a look at the Salesforce skills that are the most in-demand and the hardest to retain skilled professionals for.

How much experience is required to get a high salary in Salesforce?

I personally recommend you need to gain at least 3+ years experience in order to gain high salaries in Salesforce. If you are working in other job and interested in SFDC then you are absolutely welcome.

Is the Salesforce certified Advanced administrator worth it?

17% believe that holding the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator is likely to increase your worth (ranked 7th), This is closely followed by Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder, where 14% of respondents agree (ranked 8th).


How much do you make as a Salesforce admin Reddit?

Currently a Salesforce admin with 8 years of experience making $105k.

Why are Salesforce salaries so high?

Supply & Demand The overarching reason why US salaries are so much higher than the rest of the world comes down to supply and demand. There’s no doubt that the US is a powerhouse when it comes to technology, with companies such as Apple, Microsoft & Amazon all hovering around the $1 Trillion market cap mark.

Is Salesforce admin a good career in 2021?

The pandemic has eventually amplified the desire for a stable, secure job with simultaneous growth within individuals. Individuals are eyeing the most in-demand skills in 2021: Salesforce Skills. The demand for Salesforce professionals is on the rise with companies moving towards digital transformation.

Is Salesforce Administrator good career?

Yes, a Salesforce admin is a good career. This means that many roles involving expertise in Salesforce are more in demand than ever. This includes Salesforce developers, administrators, analysts, and any role requiring talent and experience with the service.

Is it hard to get hired at Salesforce?

As one of the most respected companies in the world, the hiring process at Salesforce is a very competitive one. According to employee reviews online, it looks like the recurring theme is one of “internal referrals” when it comes to filling open positions.

Which Salesforce job pays the most?

1. Project Management Director at $245,490 per year. According to, Project Management Director (PMD) is the highest-paying Salesforce job in 202. This role reports to senior management such as CEOs or VPs and exists almost exclusively n big scale companies.

Is Salesforce still in demand 2022?

Today, there is a huge demand for Salesforce-specific skills. This is the reason for the creation of 3.3 million new jobs is predicted in the Salesforce economy by 2022. As mentioned earlier, several Salesforce-specific roles are in huge demand today.

Are Salesforce admin jobs disappearing?

There are fewer and fewer Salesforce administrator jobs in the market. While demand for Salesforce is at all-time high, Lightning has changed how companies use Salesforce. Instead of hiring admins, companies are hiring other Salesforce professionals instead.

Is Salesforce admin still in demand?

Yes, salesforce administrators are in demand. This is largely due to Salesforce becoming the number one Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, with a 19% share of the CRM market. This means that many roles involving expertise in Salesforce are more in demand than ever.

Is it worth learning Salesforce in 2021?

2021 is all about creating new opportunities and regaining the lost confidence of the year gone by. Learning Salesforce will make you well-versed with one of the most dynamic CRM platforms that have helped organizations save time and money while dealing with the complicated customer database.

Does Salesforce pay well?

The average estimated annual salary, including base and bonus, at Salesforce is $140,013, or $67 per hour, while the estimated median salary is $152,706, or $73 per hour. At Salesforce, the highest paid job is a Group Product Manager at $249,431 annually and the lowest is an Office Manager at $59,530 annually.

Is Salesforce Admin exam hard?

Considering the significant advantages of becoming a Salesforce Certified Admin, obtaining the certification is not that hard. The majority of the aspirants managed to pass the exam with more than 70% marks with just six months of dedicated preparation.

Who is Lucy from Salesforce?

Lucy is the Head Editor & Operations Director at, Founder of THE DRIP and Salesforce Marketing Champion 2020. Posted on February 27, 2021 in Career, Salary, Salary Guides.

Do certifications justify higher salary?

If both individuals have equal technical experience, then certifications will act as the tie-breaker and justify a higher salary, too. Otherwise, Christine has seen that when both individuals have equal technical experience, they would command the same salary.


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