How many salesforce editions are there


There are four primary Salesforce Editions available: Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited. Let’s dive deep into learning more about each one of them.Mar 5, 2021


Which Salesforce edition is best for You?

Salesforce also provides another edition, Developer Edition. This is a free instance of Salesforce with which developers can test and build third-party solutions. It has full functionality but a very limited license count and storage space. Whichever edition you choose, the good news is that every edition of Salesforce is rich with features …

What is the difference between Salesforce license and edition?

The Enterprise and the Unlimited Salesforce Editions have the following limit differences:

  • 100 vs. 500 validation rules
  • 500 vs. 800 custom fields per object
  • 200 vs. 2000 custom objects
  • 25 vs. an unlimited number of lightening apps, etc.

What are the different types of Salesforce?

Types of Salesforce Training Courses

  • Instructor-Led Training Courses. Instructor-led courses are most suitable for people who find self-learning difficult. …
  • In-app Guided Training. Reading lengthy guidebooks and complicated theories can be difficult. …
  • Supplemental Resources. Providing your team members with supplemental learning materials will be of great help. …
  • Self-Paced Courses. …

Which is better, Microsoft CRM or Salesforce?

  • Salesforce is the most used CRM application, and no doubt about it. It had its own time. …
  • Dynamics CRM is part of Dynamics 365, which is includes ERP applications as well. …
  • Dynamics CRM is growing faster than before, and of course faster than Salesforce. …
  • Dynamics 365 CRM is cost effective, and I have seen businesses migrating from salesforce to Dynamic

What are the editions in Salesforce com?

Some Salesforce editions are no longer sold. You can continue to use your Contact Manager, Group, Personal, Performance, or Edition org or purchase one of the editions that are currently sold: Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Editions.

What are the three editions of Salesforce?

ExperienceSalesforce Classic.Mobile.Lightning Experience.

What is the difference between Salesforce editions?

While Professional Edition (PE) allows up to 3 Record Types per object, Enterprise Edition (EE) offers unlimited options. Process Builder: It allows the administrator to automate business processes within the Salesforce platform. While PE allows up to 5 processes per org, EE offers unlimited options.

Which Salesforce edition is best?

Primary Salesforce Editions To Consider For Your Business in 2020Preferred by: Small Businesses. … Preferred by: Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises. … Preferred by: Large & Complex Businesses. … Preferred by: Large Business (More than 1000 users) … Preferred by: Professional Developers.

What are the different Salesforce licenses?

Salesforce offers these license types.Standard User Licenses.Chatter User Licenses.Experience Cloud User Licenses.Service Cloud Portal User Licenses.Sites and User Licenses.Authenticated Website User Licenses.

What is Salesforce Lightning vs Classic?

What is the difference between Salesforce Classic and Lightning? Salesforce Lightning has a new and improved interface whereas Classic sticks to the tried-and-trusted Salesforce formula. Lightning also comes with improved features such as an activity timeline and workplace page layouts.

What is the difference between Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition in Salesforce?

Enterprise restricts you to 260. Custom fields – Unlimited allows 800 custom fields per object. Enterprise offers 500 per object. Validation rules – With Unlimited, you can make 500 validation rules per object, compared to 100 per object in Enterprise.

What is Group Edition in Salesforce?

Group Edition users can manage their customers from the start of the sales cycle through the end and provide customer support and service. Group Edition offers access to accounts, contacts, opportunities, leads, cases, dashboards (read only), and reports.

How many products does Salesforce have?

7 Salesforce Products that can transform your businessSalesforce Sales Cloud.Salesforce Service Cloud.Salesforce Marketing Cloud.Salesforce Community Cloud.Salesforce Analytics Cloud.Salesforce Apps Cloud.Salesforce IoT Cloud.

What are the different modules of Salesforce?

Salesforce’s modules are known as clouds, like Service Cloud and Sales Cloud….Commerce CloudB2C Commerce.B2B Commerce.Lighting Order Management.Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle.

Why do companies need to know each edition?

As every edition provides different functionality and license; hence the companies must know each edition with their functionalities to better use the platform. The companies need to opt for the edition that best suits their businesses to get maximum profit.

What is professional edition?

The professional edition is the advanced edition that is mainly designed for businesses that require more CRM functionalities, security, and customization. It provides easy to use customization tools. It also includes the integrations and administration tools to allow small or midsize application deployment. It means this is the first edition that allows the companies to perform any development work on it. It allows us to create the two user profiles per Org, two user roles per org, and permission sets. But these are limited options for the mid-sized organization.

What is an unlimited edition?

The unlimited edition maximizes business success and extends it across the entire enterprise through the Lightning Platform . It is the flagship solution for the, and also includes all the features of Enterprise edition with full premium support. It provides access to unlimited online training, over 1000 admin services. It allows us to develop unlimited custom Applications and creating custom tabs and objects.

What is developer edition?

The developer edition allows the businesses to access to the Lightning Platform and APIs. It helps the developers to extend Salesforce, integrate with other applications, and develop new tools and applications.

What is the Essential Edition?

Essential Edition is the basic edition designed for small businesses who want to run their business on the CRM system quickly. It provides the proper setup assistant to get started with the system to the users. It helps the user with the assistant of using the UI and various administration tools to customize the business applications. The pricing for the essential edition is $25 user/month.

Support and success plans

Every license includes two-day response time, our customer support community, interactive webinars, events, guided journeys, and more.

Extend your capabilities with add-ons

Have the necessary tools to quickly configure, price, and quote complex solutions.

Sales Cloud Pricing FAQ

Salesforce has all kinds of add-ons, apps, and additional products to help your company stay ahead in your industry. Call us at 1-800-667-6389 to discuss exactly what kind of products you’re looking to add and how we can help.

What is Salesforce Performance Edition?

Salesforce Performance edition is amongst those SF editions that are no longer sold. It used to include all the features of SF Unlimited Edition and many more but is now off the market as a sales cloud solution.

How many campaigns does Enterprise Edition have?

Enterprise Edition offers 5 campaigns per opportunity while professional edition allows only 3. Apart from the features included in the professional edition, EE presents its users with access to Salesforce APIs. Additionally, you can learn more about the difference here.

What is developer edition?

Apart from providing access to many of the features available in Enterprise Edition, the Developer edition offers its users (mostly developers) with access to the Lightning Platform and Salesforce APIs. It offers the developers with the flexibility to extend Salesforce, integrate with other applications, and develop new tools and applications.

How many users can you have on Group Edition?

Group edition still has a five user limit, and includes all of the contact manager edition features, but adds leads, opportunity management through to using case management for support. It is designed for the very small business that is looking to enable a sales process from capturing leads from the web, lead routing and assignment to managing accounts and opportunities. It also offers dashboards and email templates and tracking. Group edition has higher limits that contact manager for adding custom fields (100) and adding custom objects (50) to store custom data.

What is performance edition?

The performance edition is the highest edition that Salesforce offers. It includes all functionality, extra services and the highest limits. Services include 24 hours phone support, ability to log cases for Salesforce to perform certain administration tasks for your organization and access to the complete online training catalog. Performance edition also comes with one full sandbox and one partial sandbox which is a significant extra cost with the other editions.

What is Enterprise Edition?

Enterprise edition is the edition used by most large customers. It includes all Salesforce functionality, key differences from the professional edition include ability to use workflows, approval processes and integration possibilities using the web services api.

What is the Professional Edition?

Professional Edition removes the 5 users limit and includes all of the Group edition features. It extends the CRM functionality of the group edition with campaigns, forecasting, products, quotes and mass email. Dashboards and reports are customizable . Mass email functionality is available for leads and customers.

What is contact manager in Salesforce?

Contact Manager is the entry level Salesforce edition for a small business. It offers basic account, contact and activity tracking for up to 5 users. In addition it includes Chatter features and features to manage documents using attachments or the content library. It also allows synchronization to Outlook. Information is also available on the road using the Salesforce 1 app. This edition is most suitable if the main objective is to use it as a contact manager as the edition name suggests, it does not include any other CRM functionality such as Opportunity tracking. It does however include the ability to customize the application with adding custom fields to the Account and Contact objects to track company specific data.


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