How many licenses in salesforce


Salesforce mainly provides the below three types of Licenses:

  1. User License: The user license specifies which feature or functionality a user can access on salesforce. Each user must have one license. …
  2. Feature License The feature license authorizes the users to access additional features available in the salesforce that are not included in their user license, e.g., Marketing or WDC. …
  3. Permission Set License


What are the different types of Salesforce licenses?

  • User Licences.
  • Feature Licences.
  • Permission Set Licences.

How do I log into Salesforce?

How do I access Salesforce for the first time?

  • Check your email for your login information.
  • Click the link provided in the email. The link logs you in to the site automatically.
  • The site prompts you to set a password and choose a security question and answer to verify your identity in case you forget your password.

What is the average cost of Salesforce?

Salesforce‘s ability to maintain security levels and service performance meeting the expectations of its customers, and the resources and costs required to avoid unanticipated downtime and prevent, detect and remediate performance degradation and security …

How much is a Salesforce license?

Salesforce Service Cloud Pricing

  • Customer 360 Audiences Corporate: $12,500/org/month. Give mid-sized businesses tools to unify and grow data assets Enterprise: $50,000/org/month. …
  • Loyalty Management B2B: $30,000/org/month. Incentivize channel partners and distributors with a B2B loyalty program B2C: $35,000/org/month. …
  • Pardot (up to 10,000 contacts) Growth: $1,250/org/month. …

How many licenses are there in Salesforce?

2 Salesforce CRM licenses. 2 Salesforce Mobile licenses. 5 Salesforce Partner licenses. 10 Customer Portal Manager licenses.

How can I see how many Salesforce licenses I have?

Company Community To view a list of the active user licenses in your Salesforce, simply click Your Name > Setup > Company Profile > Company Information > User Licenses.

How many users can use Salesforce license?

While you can’t license Salesforce based on concurrent users (ie. We never have more than 3 people in the system at the same time, so we only need 3 user licenses) — you’re absolutely allowed to deactivate users and thus “free up” their license to be applied to another employee!

What are the types of licenses in Salesforce?

Salesforce offers these license types.Standard User Licenses.Chatter User Licenses.Experience Cloud User Licenses.Service Cloud Portal User Licenses.Sites and User Licenses.Authenticated Website User Licenses.

What are feature licenses in Salesforce?

A feature license entitles a user to access an additional feature that is not included with his or her user license, such as Marketing or WDC. Users can be assigned any number of feature licenses. A usage-based entitlement is a limited resource that your organization can use on a periodic basis.

What is the difference between Salesforce and Salesforce Platform license?

Salesforce licenses are designed for users who require full access to standard CRM and AppExchange apps. CRM apps are anything that requires access to Standard Objects like… Salesforce Platform licenses are designed for users who only need access to custom apps, and NOT the standard CRM functionality.

How many types of users are there in Salesforce?

There are two major types of user profiles in Salesforce – standard profiles and custom profiles. While a standard profile is a profile already provided by Salesforce, a custom profile can be created by the users based on their specific requirements.

What are the four license in service cloud?

Salesforce Service Cloud comes in four different pricing tiers: Essentials, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited: This level is marketed toward small customer service teams.

Salesforce Licenses – Recap

As a recap, here are the links to all the main Enterprise licenses types, including a rather handy PDF specification/comparison sheet – just click “download the full comparison sheet” on the relevant page:

What are Platform Licenses?

Platform Starter and Platform Plus licenses offer the standard Salesforce functionality you’ve come to know and love. However, the range of standard objects and the number of custom objects are severely curtailed – e.g., barely anything sales or service-related.

Important Tips!

Contract restrictions – recreating standard objects. Salesforce is extremely clear about this. If you copy certain standard features using custom techniques, then you must pay for those standard features. The main example is Opportunities and recreating the functionality contained therein to save on cost.

Changing Salesforce Licenses

Sometimes you’ll see references to “Salesforce licenses”, which are Sales Cloud, Service Cloud or a combination thereof and sometimes to “Salesforce Platform licenses” which are the Platform Starter and Platform Plus licenses. In practical terms there’s no difference – both types have the same standard interface.

Best Practice

Keep your profiles very “bare bones” if you can, with only a few (or zero) objects. Then add in the permissions you require via permission sets (or permission set groups of course) – this enables users with different licenses to share the same permission sets.


There’s a lot of information to take in about Salesforce licenses and a lot of options. The time spent to work out your use case could have a very high ROI and unlock Salesforce for more areas of your business.


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