How many fields can a salesforce object have


The number of custom fields allowed per object varies according to your Salesforce Edition. There is a 900 maximum hard limit on the total custom fields per object allowed. In addition to the limits listed above, you can install fields from the AppExchange for a total of 900 custom fields.


How many fields can an object create?

Hello, You can create 100 custom fields per object in Professional edition.

What is the maximum fields an object can contain?

An org can’t have more than 800 custom fields, regardless of the edition or source of those fields. For example, an Enterprise Edition org can have 500 custom fields per object, and 300 more fields installed from a managed package for a total limit of 800 fields per object.

What is object limit in Salesforce?

There is a hard limit of 3,000 total custom objects per Organization, regardless of whether they’re created within the Org or installed from the AppExchange. For example, with Unlimited Edition, you could create 2,000 custom objects and install an additional 1,000 objects.

How do I see how many fields an object has in Salesforce?

If you go to setup>profiles>object setting you will find a very handy list of all objects as well as the total amount of fields on the object. Hope that helps.

How many fields are allowed in unlimited edition in Salesforce?

800 custom fieldsFor example, you can create 800 custom fields on an object in the Unlimited Edition, plus install 100 custom fields from a managed package that are limited to specific objects.

How many records can a Salesforce object hold?

Required Editions Object rules default to 500 records per object. Salesforce doesn’t limit the number of users per briefcase, but the number of records plus the number of assigned users does affect briefcase performance.

How do I increase field limits in Salesforce?

If you are looking to increase the limit, you would want to upgrade your Salesforce Edition. Note that you cannot create custom fields in Activity, Tasks and Events in Essentials Edition. You can learn more in the Object Limits section within the Object.

What is an object limit?

The journal object limit (JRNOBJLMT) parameter allows you to set the maximum number of objects that will be allowed to be journaled to the journal. The journaled object limit is the maximum number of objects that can be journaled to one journal.

How many custom fields can you have in Salesforce essentials?

Salesforce Features and Edition AllocationsFeaturePersonal EditionEssentials EditionCustom fields per object35100Custom labelsN/A5,000Custom links: maximum label length1,024 charactersCustom links: maximum URL length3,000 bytes473 more rows

How many fields can be enabled for tracking on a custom object?

20Choose the fields you want tracked. You can select up to 20 standard and custom fields per object. You can’t track: Formula, roll-up summary, or auto-number fields.

What are objects and fields?

A field is one data point within an object (e.g. “First Name” on the lead object). A record is row of field data within an object (e.g. the lead “John Smith”). An object is comprised of its field definitions and records.

What are the standard fields in Salesforce?

Identity, system, and name fields are standard on every object in Salesforce.

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