How many characters in comments in salesforce


Case comment character limit is 4000 and if that is encrypted then character limit will be 2959 characters. If you need more characters then create a separate object, link to Case object and create long text area according to your desire limit. Share

4000 character


What is character limit in Salesforce?

Limit is 32000 Characters.

How do I change character limit in Salesforce?

We cannot change the Character Limit for Standard fields however there is a workaround to restrict the limit through Validation rule. Workaround for above Example in Salesforce Classic: 1) Click on Setup | Build | Customize | Accounts | Validation Rules. a) Click New and enter Rule Name and Description.

How many characters can help text in Salesforce?

Keep in mind that you can update Help Text for all fields, including those inside of managed packages or standard fields. It’s also a fun exercise to trim down your text to fit into the 255 character limit.

What is the maximum length of a text field in Salesforce?

Any length from 256 to 131,072 characters is allowed. The default is 32,768 characters. Every time you press Enter within a long text area field, a line break, and a return character are added to the text. These two characters count toward the 131,072 character limit.

Who is the mascot of Salesforce?

Meet Astro , the Tanuki. Astro has been the most popular Salesforce mascot to date. He/She’s YOUR GUIDE to Salesforce. He/She represents that Salesforce persona who helps others to learn Salesforce. He/she’s featured in pretty much every presentation by Salesforce today.

When will Salesforce presenters be in 2021?

January 18, 2021 By ASTRID VAN DORST. Well-known in the Ohana, Salesforce presenters often refer to an ever-growing list of Salesforce Characters. But here are still many people who are new to the Salesforce world, and don’t have a clue what they’re about! If you’re new to Salesforce, you’ll soon figure out that these grown-ups are referring …


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