How many badges on salesforce to show credential


You can get up to 85 trailhead badges now with all of the modules and the projects. There are 67 modules and 17 Projects. i know that only adds up to 84 but some how I have 85 badges. March 2, 2016


Should you apply for a Salesforce superbadge?

You can use a superbadge as-is to demonstrate your Salesforce knowledge. Or you can adapt what you learn by completing the superbadge to show a different scenario that might be more applicable to the companies you’re interested in. Consider the admin role. Being a Salesforce admin doesn’t need to stop at creating reports and setting up users.

How much experience do you need to learn Salesforce?

I personally recommend you need to gain at least 3+ years experience in order to gain high salaries in Salesforce. If you are working in other job and interested in SFDC then you are absolutely welcome. Can I eligible to learn Salesforce?

How do I get a Salesforce certification?

If you want to get Salesforce Certification then there are certain ways to follow and there should be proper guidance to prepare for it. In general if you are from any non-IT background or don’t have any programming awareness or skills then you will have certain things to complete as bridge course.

How many badges are there on trailhead?

Trailhead has 125 trails, 441 modules, 85 projects and 14 superbadges. As on today, one can earn 540 badges on Trailhead. I have 377 badges on Trailhead, Augustya Karavat. Try to complete as many badges in your free time and be the first one to complete all the badges.


How many Trailhead badges do you have?

The average number of Trailhead badges is around 200. That number has bumped up from 120 badges, reported in the 2020-21 report.

How do I show my badges in LinkedIn Salesforce?

I just added a badge that i’ve already had in my LinkedIn profile. You can go to your LinkedIn profile and under Add certificate -> Certification Name & Certification Authority (Salesforce Trailhead). That’s it.

How do I check my Salesforce Certification status?

To verify your active Salesforce certifications:Visit the Trailhead Verification page.Enter your Webassessor email beneath Certification Holders: Check Your Status.Click Request and follow any subsequent prompts.Your credential status will be sent to you in an email.

How do I see my Salesforce badges?

To show Trailhead badges or Salesforce certifications on your Community profileLog in to the Salesforce Trailblazer Community or Partner Community.In the upper right hand corner, click your profile photo, then select My Profile.Click Edit.More items…

How do I add super badges to LinkedIn?

In the Certifications section (under Accomplishments), you can list out individual Badges or Superbadges you’ve completed, for example the Security Specialist Superbadge, and include your Trailhead profile link as the ‘Certification URL’ for proof.

What is a Salesforce badge?

Badges are little bits of digital flair that you earn for almost every kind of activity on Salesforce Stack Exchange. The number and type of badges you’ve earned are displayed together with your username and reputation score around the site, as part of your usercard.

How do you verify credentials?

Many companies and organizations that need to verify an applicant’s credentials – be it education, professional license, driver’s license, work experience, or income – rely on proof submitted by the individual who is applying for whatever position the company or organization is attempting to fill.

How do I check my certifications?

To view certificates for the local deviceSelect Run from the Start menu, and then enter certlm. msc. The Certificate Manager tool for the local device appears.To view your certificates, under Certificates – Local Computer in the left pane, expand the directory for the type of certificate you want to view.

What is credential verification?

Credential verifications enable you to verify if your candidate has the work experience, the education qualifications, the professional memberships and or trade licences they state they have. Credentials may be essential to your company reach its goals and safeguarding your reputation.

How many Trailhead points do I need?

50,000 pointsTo become a Trailhead Ranger you need to earn 100 badges and 50,000 points.

How do I get Salesforce Certification badges?

Here’s how to do it:​Log in to the Partner Community.In the upper right hand corner, click your profile photo, then select My Profile.Click Edit.Scroll down to the ‘Salesforce Certifications & Trailhead Badges’ section, and click Connect Certification Account or Connect Trailhead Account.More items…•

How many Salesforce Superbadges are there?

Like the Salesforce ecosystem, the superbadge portfolio continues to grow. Currently, there are 15 covering everything from Business Administration Specialist to Billing Specialist to Lightning Experience Specialist to Security Specialist, and there are more to come.

Apply Your Skills and Level Up

Unlock a superbadge by completing the requisite badges. Then, use the skills you’ve learned to solve real-world, hands-on challenges.

Get Super Set For Certification

Super Sets are collections of superbadges that test your foundational knowledge of a specific role. They’re invaluable practice for certification seekers⁠ or anyone else looking to gain the skills employers look for in qualified candidates.

Admin Super Set

Prove your hands-on skills with real-world business scenarios that test your expertise across reports and dashboards, business administration, and security.

App Builder Super Set

By completing this Super Set, you’ll prove you understand the ins-and-outs of process automation, security, and app customization.

Billing Specialist Super Set

Demonstrate your billing expertise with this Super Set that focuses on skills like order management, invoice generation and adjustment, payment collection, and financial reporting.

What is a super badge?

A superbadge is also a credential that employers might look for on your Trailhead profile. It shows that you can understand a complex use case and solve it using your Salesforce skills. To access a superbadge, you must first complete its prerequisite modules.

Can you use a super badge in Salesforce?

You can use a superbadge as-is to demonstrate your Salesforce knowledge. Or you can adapt what you learn by completing the superbadge to show a different scenario that might be more applicable to the companies you’re interested in. Consider the admin role.

What is Trailhead?

Trailhead is a virtual resource that provides online courses and tutorials for Salesforce admins, developers, business analysts, consultants, architects, and end users.

Trailhead terminology

Trail – A guided learning path containing several modules and projects.

What did I learn on Trailhead during my journey?

In May 2019, I started my journey on Trailhead without any experience in Salesforce. I became a Trailhead Ranger in seven days. Many people ask how is that possible? My circumstances lent themselves to helping me study. I worked a job with four days on and four days off shift pattern, so I had plenty of time for studying during my days off.


Trailhead is a fantastic learning platform for new Trailblazers coming into the Salesforce ecosystem and existing Salesforce professionals who want to improve their skills and knowledge.


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