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How to Setup Forecasting in Salesforce

  1. Define Forecast settings. Here you get to select the most appropriate forecasts for your company. Find this in the…
  2. Enable Users. Not everyone will have access to the forecasts. You’ll need to select users, probably members of your…
  3. Create a Forecast Hierarchy. Once you are clear on the designated users for your…

Collaborative Forecasting in Salesforce is a specific functionality that allows users to predict and plan the sales cycle from pipeline to closed sales, and manage sales expectations throughout your sales organization.


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How to effectively use the forecast function in Salesforce?

Consider all the criteria that affect your sales forecasts:

  • Trends — trends that affect your products can increase or decrease the potential for your sales.
  • Competition – your competitor’s actions have a direct effect on your sales, unfortunately! …
  • Future payments – When a customer will make payments over a period of time for a completed sale. …

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What is the forecast category in Salesforce?

The Forecast Category field in Salesforce classifies each sales opportunity in terms of the salesperson’s confidence in winning the deal in a given period. the Forecast Category on each deal is often determined by the opportunity stage. Opportunity owners can adjust the Forecast Category on each opportunity, based on how likely they think the deal is to close successfully.

How to be successful with Salesforce?

  • Analyze what the needs of the users are, then design, test, and develop software that meets those needs
  • Design Salesforce solutions and create effective project plans. …
  • Suggest new software upgrades for the customers’ existing apps, programs, and systems

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What are the opportunities in Salesforce?

  • Opportunities may have quotes, proposals and orders.
  • Using Opportunities we can forecast sales in an organization.
  • Opportunities are one of the most widely used and heavily customized objects on the platform.

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How do I set up forecasting in Salesforce?

How to setup Forecasting in SalesforceFrom Setup, click Manage Users → Users.For each user you want to enable, click Edit.Under General Information, select Allow Forecasting.Click Save.

What are forecast types in Salesforce?

The forecasts on the forecasts page are totals and subtotals of the opportunities in the four forecast categories: Pipeline, Best Case, Commit, and Closed. Depending on how Salesforce is set up, these forecasts can reflect opportunities from one or multiple forecast categories.

How is sales forecasting done?

Multiplying the unit price by the estimated number of goods or services to be sold. Determining the cost of each good or service. Multiplying the cost of each good or service by the estimated number to be sold. Subtracting total cost from the total sales.

What is forecast amount in Salesforce?

Forecast amount in Salesforce is the function that determines expected sales that can be made out of an opportunity or opportunities. It helps people from the sales department draw conclusions and figure out the probability of sales.

How do I view forecasting in Salesforce?

Find the adjusted forecast that you want to view or edit. (An indicator appears next to an adjusted forecast.)…Required Editions and User PermissionsIn Lightning Experience, click .In the Salesforce mobile app, tap the forecast.In Salesforce Classic, hover over the forecast.

What are the 4 steps to preparing a sales forecast?

Build an Actionable Sales Forecast With These 4 Steps:Align the sales process with your customer’s buying process.Define each stage of the sales process.Train your sales team.Analyze the pipeline.

What are the three types of forecasting?

There are three basic types—qualitative techniques, time series analysis and projection, and causal models.

What is a sales forecast example?

For example, you may know that your business typically grows at 15% year over year and that you closed $100k of new business this month last year. That would lead you to forecast $115,000 of revenue this month.

What types forecast?

There are four main types of forecasting methods that financial analysts. Perform financial forecasting, reporting, and operational metrics tracking, analyze financial data, create financial models use to predict future revenues. In accounting, the terms sales and, expenses, and capital costs for a business.

Is Salesforce a forecasting tool?

Salesforce forecasting tools can track the accuracy of your forecasts, compare sales to expectations and industry benchmarks, and allow you to modify factors for more accurate predictions. The ability to collaborate with other users on sales forecasts.

What is a forecasting method?

What Is Forecasting? Forecasting is a technique that uses historical data as inputs to make informed estimates that are predictive in determining the direction of future trends. Businesses utilize forecasting to determine how to allocate their budgets or plan for anticipated expenses for an upcoming period of time.

What is sales forecast?

A sales forecast is a planning tool. The act of planning is always one of the best ways to ensure adaptability to your business’ ever-changing ecosystem. It reduces uncertainty and leads you to increased responsiveness and improved services.

Why is forecast important in sales?

A sales forecast is a decision-making tool. Sales forecasts are remarkable decision-making tools since it gives you a better perspective of all the elements in place that can affect your sales.

Why should I include sales forecasting in my business plan?

Because sales is the lifeblood of your company, sales forecasting should be included in your company’s list of priority things to do. Without a sales forecast to base your business plans on, you’ll be hard-pressed to develop your cashflow forecasts, production plans, or even your human resource plans (among other things).

What are the external factors that affect sales forecasting?

Some of the external factors that can affect your sales forecasting include general economic conditions, the market place, industrial changes, and legislative changes. It is of utmost importance to consider (and study carefully) the general economic conditions that govern your business. A sales forecaster must be able …

What is sales quota?

A sales quota that will serve as the objective of your business sales success. A structured sales process to guide your sales team throughout the forecasted period. A standard definition of what is opportunity, prospect, lead, and close predictions that everyone agrees with.

Is marketing forecasting reliable?

However, it is not as reliable as it is dependent on the competence of the experts consulted. To remedy this, a review performed on marketing forecasting concluded with the recommendation of relying on structured processes when predicting out of judgment — such as conjoint analysis and role-playing.

What is sales forecasting?

HubSpot provides a useful definition of what sales forecasting is: “A sales forecast predicts what a salesperson, team, or company will sell weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Managers use reps’ sales forecasts to estimate business their team will close. Directors use team forecasts to anticipate department sales.

Why is forecasting important?

Companies use sales forecasting to predict business performance. It’s a helpful tool for budgeting and setting expectations for the C-Suite. Sales forecasting is crucial for almost any business, because it affects sales deployment, financial planning, budgeting, operations planning, and marketing planning. Since sales forecasts have far-reaching impact, it’s critical that the forecast information is as accurate as possible. In this guide, we’ll share a step-by-step process for creating and managing effective sales forecasts.

Can you select revenue and quantity in Lightning?

As you define the settings, you should be clear on the measurements that will guide your forecasts. You could either select revenue, quantity, or both depending on your preferred forecast type. While at it, remember to select the forecast date type, especially if you choose to work with the Lightning Experience.

Can everyone access forecasts?

Not everyone will have access to the forecasts. You’ll need to select users, probably members of your sales team and a couple of executives. You’ll then need to edit the general information of the selected users to allow forecasting.

Can you customize the date range in collaborative forecasts?

You could either go for the custom or standard fiscal years. Once you choose the date range, Collaborative Forecasts users will find this as their default. The users can always customize the date range for their forecasts. From Setup, enter Forecast Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Forecasts Settings.

Forecast Category and Opportunity Stage relationship

There are several opportunity stages but at high level it is close (lost and won) and open. At open stage there are many stages.

Modifying Standard Forecast Categories

We can edit the category and probability for each stage based on business use case

What are quotas?

Quotas are used to set target sales goals for forecast users. This can allow organizations to establish greater accountability for meeting sales expectations.

What is Salesforce forecasting?

Salesforce forecasting tools can track the accuracy of your forecasts, compare sales to expectations and industry benchmarks, and allow you to modify factors for more accurate predictions. The ability to collaborate with other users on sales forecasts.

What does a sales forecast tell you?

A sales forecast that tells you sales opportunities will decrease on the other hand will tell you to halt any current hiring initiatives, as well as to ramp up marketing and invest in enhanced sales training. You’ll effectively motivate your sales team. A robust sales forecast can serve as a powerful motivational tool.

How to conduct accurate sales forecasting?

Among the best ways to conduct accurate sales forecasting is by using customizable forecasting in Salesforce. Before looking at how Salesforce customizable forecasting works, however, it’s a good idea to review what sales forecasting is and the ways in which it can help your business.

Why are forecasts useful?

Forecasts are only useful if they’re accurate. Sales forecasting tools can help you create a more accurate forecast with templates that simplify data analysis. Additionally, some tools automatically import historical data, allow collaboration, and even track errors to offer new forecast methods.

Why is pipeline forecasting important?

Pipeline forecasting, however, is nevertheless important as it can help your business more accurately estimate sales volume and, based on those estimations, make more effective business decisions.

Is pipeline forecasting the same as pipeline management?

Pipeline forecasting is sometimes confused with pipeline management, but they’re not the same thing. Whereas pipeline management has to do with assessing the effectiveness of your pipeline and improving the odds of closing sales, pipeline forecasting is about estimating sales performance based on key data.

Why is forecasting important in Salesforce?

Salesforce forecasting plays a vital role in your business. The more accurate your forecast, the more impactful it becomes. Not just this, Salesforce forecasting allows the sales team to predict and plan their sales cycle from the pipeline. Sales forecasting helps organizations to gain confidence in their services, …

What is sales forecasting?

Sales forecasting is a projection of expected sales revenue. It estimates the number of sales a company is going to make within a stipulated time frame. Sales forecasts depend on the inputs. They may rely on artificial intelligence (AI) or the intuition of the company’s sales reps.

Who is Deepali Salesforce?

Deepali, a certified Salesforce Advanced Administrator and Salesforce Developer and CSPO Certified at Cloud Analogy, is a successful name in the industry circles when it comes to the delivery of successful projects with end-to-end testing. Deepali is a globally-renowned industry stalwart when it comes to managing Operations & Delivery Planning in driving Business Performance Management.

What is a Forecast Category in Salesforce?

Let’s simplify Salesforce Forecast Categories some more. You have a new sales opportunity in the very first stage, Prospecting. That’s great! However, at this early stage of the sales cycle, it’s hard to accurately predict if the Opportunity will be won.

How to Adjust Forecast Categories

You can change the forecast category of an Opportunity stage by editing the Opportunity stage picklist value.

Viewing Forecast Categories

In addition to viewing the forecast category on the Opportunity page layout, you’ll also see your forecast categories when viewing the Forecast tab. When you view the forecast, you will not see anything that has been omitted.

Forecast Category Rollups

Forecasts can be either single or cumulative. Single forecasts will display the value from a single forecast category. Cumulative forecasts can be enabled and will display the value from multiple categories:


So, that was Salesforce forecast categories in a nutshell. A great feature to categorize Opportunities and predict the likelihood of winning!

Why is forecasting important?

Sometimes companies don’t use the data that can be invaluable in planning the operations of the company, says Wey. Forecasting helps businesses know what the sales team will deliver, what is needed for supply chain, and how to account for it in the finance department.

Do forecasters use crystal balls?

Some forecasters have jokingly said they use a crystal ball to do their forecasts. Mike Wey of Salesforce explained at Dreamforce 2015 that many businesses have ample data to create an accurate forecast, but don’t have the reporting tools necessary.

Can Salesforce forecasting be split?

Salesforce forecasting can also sort by product family to show details. Often, sales are not easy to attribute to just one rep. Salesforce business forecasting software allows revenue split and overlay split, allowing quota attainment visibility to be seen by all reps and managers involved in the sale.

Can AI help predict sales?

In the early moments of an unpredictable scenario like the pandemic, AI isn’t helpful for forecasting sales, as it’s based on finding trends in past events. But scientists and developers are already finding brilliant ways to use AI to help people in the pandemic.

Can forecasts change?

Get the guide. 1. Your forecast can change in a flash. Extreme weather, economic crises, and global pandemics can dramatically change your forecast. At times, what you thought you knew about expected revenue growth can suddenly flip on its head. When that happens, it’s okay to put the forecast aside.

Is sales forecasting an art?

Sales forecasting is both an art and a science. In my 20+ years of sales leadership, I’ve spent hundreds of hours thinking about sales forecasting techniques. These forecasts answer two simple questions: How much do we plan to sell? And when will we deliver those numbers?


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