How does zoominfo integrate with salesforce

Salesforce ZoomInfo Integration Steps

  • Go to Settings > Integrations,
  • Click Connect on the Salesforce tile.
  • Enter your login credentials as prompted, and you’re done!


What are the benefits of ZoomInfo Salesforce integration?

With ZoomInfo Salesforce integration, your sales and marketing teams can find new unexplored prospect accounts in the target market and instantly identify decision-makers and other key stakeholders. Your team gets access to verified direct-dial phone numbers and email addresses.

How do I export objects from ZoomInfo to Salesforce?

Within Admin Portal: Navigate to the Integrations tab and select ‘Manage’ under the Salesforce tile. Make sure you’re on the General tab & select each object type you want your users to be able to export to Salesforce Click Save to apply the changes. Note: these changes are made across all users under your organization’s ZoomInfo instance.

How do I contact ZoomInfo support?

Please contact the ZoomInfo support team for info on this at or calling 866-904-9666 Option 2. Note: to complete these steps, make sure you’ve connected to your Salesforce CRM.

How can I integrate ZoomInfo Business Edition with HubSpot or dynamics?

Connecting With the HubSpot integration, you can push contact and company information directly from ZoomInfo Business Edition or ReachOut into HubSpot to take action on. With our Dynamics integration, your team can push lead and account information directly from ZoomInfo Business Edition or ReachOut into your Dynamics CRM to take action on.

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