How does salesforce find last activity date


Enter “TODAY () – LastActivityDate” inside the formula box Click “Next” Click “Next” Click “Save” Points to remember: Standard objects have the “Last Activity” field by default when you create a report. Last activity date for custom object will appear only when you have checked “Allow Activities” checkbox.

The last activity date for a contact or lead is based on all the activities that are related to that contact or lead via the Name field. If Shared Activities is enabled, an account’s last activity date is still based on the activities that roll up to the account via the Related To field.


Does Salesforce have last activity date field?

Many of us may not aware if Salesforce have Last Activity Date. This field in not available in Page Layout, but available in Report, List View, and API (including Formula Field, Workflow and Validation Rule) for Account, Contact, Opportunity and Lead object. It is important to note that Last Activity Date is not same with Last Modified Date.

How can I make my records reflect last activities in Salesforce?

Make sure that records actually reflect last activities by using the “Related To” field whenever you log a call, create a Task, send an email, or schedule an Event. Account with one task and event.

How to show last activity date in a report?

We can follow the below mentioned steps if we need to show a Field on the record or a Report with information with Days since “Last Activity”. Standard objects have the “Last Activity” field by default when you create a report. Last activity date for custom object will appear only when you have checked “Allow Activities” checkbox.

Why can’t I change the ‘last activity date’ field in activity log?

It’s configured to look at the standard object, not the ‘Activity Log’ object that you’re using, and this can’t be changed. The function ‘Last Activity Date’ performs is quite special, and can’t be copied with a formula field.


How do I create a last activity date field in Salesforce?

Create a Custom Field on the object in which you would like to show the ‘Last Activity Date. ‘Classic: Click Setup | Customize | Leads | Fields. … Click New.Select the Data Type as Formula and click Next.Choose output Type as Date and Enter the Field label of your choice.Then Next.Enter the formula as given below:

What is activity date in Salesforce?

Each activity has two standard Date fields: Date (ActivityDate) – Indicates one of the following: For a task, the due date of a task. For an event, indicates the start date of the event only if IsAllDayEvent is set to true.

What does last activity date mean?

Last activity date – notes_last_updated – The last time a note, call, email, meeting, or task was logged for a contact.

How do I track activity in Salesforce?

Create the automation in Process Builderselect Update Records under Action Type.give your action a name.under Record Type , choose the option for Select the Task record that started your process.under Criteria for Updating Records, select No criteria – just update the records!More items…•

What is last activity Salesforce?

The date when a User last did something related to the record (represents one of the following): The latest Due Date of the Closed Tasks on a record. The latest Start Date of Events on a record.

How can I tell when Salesforce was last modified?

debug(‘Last Modified Date == ‘ + a. LastModifiedDate); Are you using the IDE plugin for development. If you are, you can view all the Schema information by double clicking the salesforce.

Can we change last modified date in Salesforce?

This can’t be done. Since these fields are intended to be audit fields, it is only possible to set them on record create and not update. By definition, LastModifiedDate is an audit field and if one could manipulate it in code, it would cease to be an audit field.

What is date last modified?

The “Last Time Modified” date refers to the last time a document or media file was modified. This information is gathered from metadata within the document or from the website’s servers.

What is last day of activity on credit report?

The date of last activity tells you when your account took on a certain status. That status could be anything—paid, delinquent, or collections. If your date of last activity is for a negative status such as a charge off, then the older it is the less impact it will have on your credit.

How do I see user activity history in Salesforce?

Go to Setup->Administrative Setup->Security controls->View Setup Audit trail. There you can see all the user activities.

How do I create an Activity History report in Salesforce?

Create an Email Activity Report in SalesforceIn Salesforce, click Reports > New Report.Select Activities > Tasks and Events and then click Continue.Click the Filters tab in the left hand menu.Change the Show Me filter to All Activities and click Done.More items…

How do I monitor Salesforce?

17 Free Ways to Monitor Your Salesforce OrgApplication Logging Framework. … Tooling API. … REST API – Limits. … Setup Audit Trail. … Health Check. … Salesforce Optimizer. … System Overview. … Apex Exception Emails.More items…•

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