How does salesforce control knowledge access


User permissions control access to different tasks in Salesforce Knowledge. By default, all internal users with Read permission can read published articles. Assign permissions to agents and authors who publish, archive, delete, and manage articles.

How does Knowledge work in Salesforce?

Salesforce Knowledge base is an effective knowledge management system that helps solve issues or answer questions of external customers as well as internal employees, by using articles. In the same way, public knowledge base helps the guest users to find the related articles through the community sites.

How do you control visibility of Knowledge articles?

Method 2—Create a new visibility group that is mapped to the support group to which the user belongs. Assign the new visibility group to the knowledge article….Managing knowledge article visibilityArticle’s assignee support group.Article’s owner support group.AR Administrator.Users with unrestricted access.

How is Salesforce Knowledge enabled for users that need access to article management?

Enable Salesforce KnowledgeTo enable care coordinators and internal users to edit articles without going to the Article Management tab, select Allow users to create and edit articles from the Articles tab .Select Activate Validation Status field to add a Validation Status field to all articles.More items…

What are two capabilities of Knowledge in Salesforce?

One of the critical features of Salesforce Knowledge is Data Categories and Data Category Groups. These are two major functions — article organization and article access. Data Categories allow you to organize your article content in a hierarchical way. They can also be grouped into Data Category Groups.

How do I control visibility of knowledge articles in Salesforce?

For a Knowledge article to be searchable by an end user, the following requirements must be met:User must have access to Knowledge.User must have access to the corresponding article type.User must have visibility into the article’s categories.Article must be published.Article must be visible in the appropriate channels.

How do I view knowledge articles in Salesforce?

To switch to the Knowledge One and the Knowledge tab, have your administrator add the Knowledge One permission to your profile or permission set. If the search bar is in the left-side panel of the page you are using the Articles tab. The Articles tab presents a list of your Salesforce Knowledge published articles.

How do I grant access to knowledge articles in Salesforce?

Note To do more than read articles, agents need the Knowledge User license.From Setup, enter Users in the Quick Find box, then select Users.Click Edit next to the user’s name, or click New to create a user.If you’re creating a user, complete all the required fields.Select Knowledge User.Click Save.

What is knowledge user in Salesforce?

The Knowledge User is a feature license, so it’s on user basis. To set up the knowledge base for org, you will have to enable the knowledge base through setup. But to have User access to knowledge, you have to check the Knowledge User checkbox on user record.

What happens when enabling lightning knowledge?

After Lightning Knowledge is enabled, Knowledge appears in the Object Manager. This is where you control your Lightning Knowledge settings and page layouts. Whenever you change the name and API name of your Knowledge Base in Object Manager, we recommend that you do a hard refresh of your browser to avoid server errors.

What is true about Salesforce knowledge?

Your Salesforce Knowledge base is built from knowledge articles, which are documents of information. Articles can include information on process, like how to reset your product to its defaults, or frequently asked questions, like how much storage your product supports.

What are the features of knowledge in Salesforce?

Main features of Salesforce Knowledge are:Content lifecycle management.APIs.Publication & translation approval.Knowledge One widget.Article rating system.Data categories for specific audience.Customization.Knowledge article tagging.More items…

How do you deploy knowledge in Salesforce?

In salesforce setup, Search and open Import article wizard….Choose Production and provide salesforce login credentials.Export articles based on the filter provided by the app.Export in Salesforce Article importer format.Once done, mail will be sent to the exported user. Download from the mail.

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