How does react canvas app work in salesforce


Canvas apps use a connected app in Salesforce and can use either a signed request or the typical OAuth flow to handle authentication. One advantage of a signed request method is that when a Salesforce admin has permitted users to access the Canvas app, no intermediate authorization is required for the app to make requests to Salesforce.


How do I display a CANVAS app in Salesforce?

An icon indicates a canvas app. You can use either the default puzzle icon or upload a custom icon for the related action. Post to the feed from a canvas app in Salesforce or through Connect REST API or Connect in Apex. Display a canvas app inside a feed item from within the Salesforce mobile app.

How do I create a signed request in the CANVAS app?

In the Canvas App Settings section, select Canvas. In the Canvas App URL field, enter https://localhost:8443/examples/hello-world/index.jsp. In the Access Method field, select Signed Request (Post). Click Save.

How do I expose a CANVAS app as an action?

Expose a canvas app as an action. An icon indicates a canvas app. You can use either the default puzzle icon or upload a custom icon for the related action.

How do I find the consumer secret for the CANVAS app?

After the canvas app is saved, the detail page appears. On the detail page for the canvas app, next to the Consumer Secret field, click the link Click to reveal. The consumer secret is used in the app to authenticate. Select the consumer secret value and enter CTRL+C to copy it.


How does canvas app work in Salesforce?

Canvas enables you to easily integrate a third-party application in Salesforce. Canvas is a set of tools and JavaScript APIs that you can use to expose an application as a canvas app. This means you can take your new or existing applications and make them available to your users as part of their Salesforce experience.

How do I create a canvas in Salesforce?

To create a canvas app, you need the Customize Application and Modify All Data user permissions.In Salesforce, from Setup, enter Apps in the Quick Find box, then select App Manager.Click New Connected App.In the Connected App Name field, enter Hello World.Accept the default API Name of Hello_World.More items…

How do you use canvas in lightning component?

Use the Canvas App Previewer to test and debug the canvas app before embedding it in a Lightning component. If you have a namespace prefix, specify it using the namespacePrefix attribute. Either the developerName or applicationName attribute is required. This example embeds a canvas app in a Lightning component.

What is Apex Canvasapp?

Renders a canvas app identified by the given developerName/namespacePrefix or applicationName/namespacePrefix value pair. The developerName attribute takes precedence if both developerName and applicationName are set. Requirements: Canvas should be enabled in the organization.

What is a canvas application?

A Canvas App is a Custom App, which starts from a blank canvas where a developer or technical B.A. (Business Analyst) can drag and drop various components into a flowchart style formation. Often, Canvas Apps are highly tailored applications used to optimize tasks.

How do I connect to canvas API?

How do I access the Canvas API?Log into Canvas at Click Account in the left menu, and then click Settings.Scroll to Approved Integration and click + New Access Token.Fill in the Purpose field. For added security, set an expiry date for your token. … Click Generate Token.

How do I install the canvas app in Salesforce?

Install the Canvas AppWhen prompted, enter your login credentials for the organization in which you’re installing the package.The Package Installation Details page appears. In the Package Components list, you should see the Hello World canvas app. Click Continue.Click Next and then click Install.

What is Salesforce lightning out?

Lightning Out is a technology where one can take Lightning components built on the platform to the external applications like Sharepoint, SAP, Node apps on Heroku and many others.

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