How does one set up a salesforce instance


4 Steps To Set Up Your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Instance

  1. Set up the Marketing Cloud Connector. The seamless integration between Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud…
  2. Configure Email Studio. Next, you’ll want to configure your Marketing Cloud Business Unit, including migrating assets…
  3. Create Efficiencies with Automation Studio. Automation Studio is…

Now that you’ve prepared, let’s get into the org and start working!
  1. Step 1: Add Your Company Logo. …
  2. Step 2: Enter Your Company Info. …
  3. Step 3: Set Security Policies. …
  4. Step 4: Set Up a Sandbox. …
  5. Step 5: Add Power of One & Case Safe ID Fields.
Mar 30, 2016


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How do I know which Salesforce instance I am using?

To determine which instance you are using, check the URL after you login into Salesforce. In the example below, the customer is on the ap1 instance. In the case of a Sandbox, the URL will be one of the cs instances such as cs6 in the case below.

How do I make Salesforce default for my users?

This makes it clear to users that Salesforce is theirs to use. In order to do this, you need to create a custom App. An App is a way to organize your tabs and allows you to change the logo. You can then use Profiles to set the App as default for your users.

How do I make sure my Salesforce Org is secure?

Now that you’ve got the basics set up, you need to make sure your Salesforce org is secure. The new Health Check feature is a great tool to guide you through best practices for password policies, network settings, and session settings. In Setup, search for “Health Check” and edit each section.

How do I set up casesafeid in Salesforce?

In Setup click Customize, select an object (I chose Accounts for this demo), then Fields. Choose Formula. Label the new field CaseSafeID, select Text value, and then use the Advanced Formula Editor to select CASESAFE (ID) and click next to set field-level security.

How to make Salesforce look like yours?

What is the power of one?

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What is a Salesforce instance?

Your Salesforce instance refers to the server that your Salesforce organization lives on. Many Salesforce orgs (also referred to as an “instance”) live together on the same server, a method of server management called “multi-tenancy”. As opposed to one system living on one server, many instances live on one server.

Is Salesforce multi instance?

In short, a Salesforce Instance is the installation of Salesforce’s software that resides on a server (or group of servers likely). An Org is your specific organization’s data and meta data. Salesforce has multiple orgs residing on the same instance.

How do I create an organization in Salesforce?

Log in to the Environment Hub, and then select Create Org. Choose an org purpose. Developer Edition orgs for building and packaging apps. Trial versions of standard Salesforce orgs for testing and demos.

How do I activate Salesforce org?

“Your company’s account has been deactivated. You can easily reactivate your service by subscribing to now. Please email us at or call (03) 4222-1000. Thank you.”

How many instances can I have in Salesforce?

Salesforce Instance or POD Each customer is allocated to one and only POD and that is where their data resides. As of July 2014, there are currently 21 Instances in North America, 2 in Asia Pacific, 4 in EMEA and 25 Sandbox Instances.

Where do I find my Salesforce instance?

In Windows Hold the Windows key and press R. At the run dialog, type in cmd and press enter. After a command prompt appears, type in nslookup (replace example with your My Domain). A few lines down you will see a line that starts with “Name:” The naXX afterwards will be your instance name.

What is an Organisation in Salesforce?

An organization is the virtual space provided to an individual customer of Salesforce. Your organization includes all of your data and applications, and is separate from all other organizations.” When a customer purchases Salesforce, they are provided with an org which acts as the container for all their data.

What is the difference between org and App in Salesforce?

Every single company with a Salesforce contract (licences) has their own ORG. Within the ORG an App is a collection of tabs. Typically the Salesforce Admin or Consultant will set up an App for a group of users (such as Sales) so that they only see the tabs (objects) which are relevant to their job.

How many types of orgs are there in Salesforce?

In we have different types of organizations in salesforce some of them are Production organization, sandbox organization, Developer organization, Partner Developer organization, Pre-Release Organization.

Is Salesforce hard to set up?

Salesforce is definitely one of the most robust CRMs on the market. So at first, it will feel complicated and busy because it’s packed with tools and features that might not be appropriate for your needs.

How do I get access to Salesforce?

Salesforce ClassicLog in to Salesforce.In the upper right, click My Settings (or click on your name, then click My Settings)In “Quick Find” search field, enter “Grant” and click Grant Login Access.Set the Access Duration option to Support. … Click Save.

What is API for Salesforce?

API stands for Application Program Interface. Salesforce APIs are a way for other applications (or code in other applications) to programmatically access data within your Salesforce org, in a simple and secure manner.

How To Set Up a New Salesforce Org – Perficient Blogs

Have a New Salesforce Org? If you purchased a new Salesforce org, you may be wondering where to begin setting it up. In this blog we’ll explore a few of the essential areas to review and configure to help get you started.

Set Up and Maintain Your Salesforce Organization

CONTENTS Set Up and Maintain Your Salesforce Organization. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Try Out Salesforce …

1. Set up the Marketing Cloud Connector

The seamless integration between Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one of the most compelling features of Marketing Cloud. When setting up the Marketing Cloud Connector, we often support our customers in setting up an automation to continually import and refresh data using a Salesforce Data Extension.

2. Configure Email Studio

Next, you’ll want to configure your Marketing Cloud Business Unit, including migrating assets from previous ESPs.

3. Create Efficiencies with Automation Studio

Automation Studio is a key component of maintaining data cleanliness.

4. Take Advantage of Training

Training is the most important factor when it comes to driving adoption of a new tool, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Our customers often partner with Lev to conduct training sessions and create documentation for Marketing Cloud, including using filters and data extensions.

Why is it important to configure Salesforce correctly?

Whether you’re creating a new Salesforce instance for your team, or refreshing an existing one, configuring the platform correctly is critical to creating a successful and repeatable sales process.

What can you do once you understand Salesforce?

Once you understand the basic Salesforce architecture, you can begin mapping standard and custom objects to your organization’s selling path.

What is Salesforce data?

Salesforce tracks sales data using object architecture, which means information is stored as Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities. Get to know these 4 objects, as they will represent different stages in your Sales Process. Leads are the handoff mechanism between marketing and sales.

What is custom object in Salesforce?

Luckily, Salesforce supports custom objects, which are objects that you create to store information that’s specific to your company or industry. For example, a financial services company might create a custom Relationship object to track how contacts and accounts at various levels influence and interact with each other at each stage in a deal. It’s important to note that the custom objects and workflows in Salesforce have limitations. Salesforce offers versions of the CRM that are customized to align with industry-specific workflows and objects, like Salesforce for Financial Services Cloud.

What is an opportunity in sales?

Opportunities are potential revenue-generating sales deals that you want to track until the deal closes.

How to remove stages in a process?

Remove stages you don’t want to include by clicking the stage name in the Selected Values area, and then clicking the Remove arrow to move the unwanted stage to the Available Values area. For more detail on this step, read Step #2 in this guide

How to connect Salesforce to Power of Us?

From the “Power of Us” website, login using your Salesforce username and password (the same as you used at This will connect your Salesforce Trial instance to your “Power of Us” application.

What happens after you submit a Salesforce application?

After submitting your application, you will receive an email from Salesforce confirming successful submission of this form (see example below).

How many free Salesforce licenses are there?

Now that you have applied for your Salesforce Trial, you’ll complete the Donation application process, obtain your 10 free Salesforce licenses and make your Salesforce account permanent. HomeKeeper cannot proceed with installation until you have completed these steps.

What happens after selecting Lightning Enterprise Edition?

After selecting Lightning Enterprise Edition + NPSP, you will then fill out information for your organization. After submitting this information, you will receive an email from Salesforce to setup your username and password for your trial of Salesforce.

How long is the Salesforce trial?

Your organization will need to apply for a 30-day trial of Salesforce at this page:

Where to log in to Salesforce trial account?

Login to your Salesforce Trial Account at (see example of page below). You will have setup your user name and password for your Salesforce Trial Account in the previous step.

Does update?

Note: often updates their own setup process. Please do not hesitate to ask HomeKeeper for suggestions, or to let us know if things have changed from these instructions.

Where is my account name in Marketing Cloud?

Option 1: Your account name is located immediately to the left of your username in the top corner of the Marketing Cloud interface. Hover over your account name to see the MID. Option 2: Under your username, navigate to Setup. Use Quick Find to navigate to Account Settings.

What to know before using Marketing Cloud?

Before you start using Marketing Cloud, we highly recommend you take the Learn Privacy and Data Protection Law trail. If your business collects, stores, or uses personal information for European or US citizens, it is critical that you understand the impact European Union and US privacy laws can have on your business.

Does the site return your marketing cloud instance?

The site returns your Marketing Cloud instance. You can visit the site any time to get your instance information and check on Marketing Cloud performance information. Take the Marketing Cloud Trust Site Trailhead module to learn more.

1. Data Security Tips in Salesforce

It’s an unfortunate reality that data breaches are becoming much more commonplace. This is especially troubling because, for most organizations, data is the most valuable commodity.

2. Monitor and Manage Data Quality to Keep Your Salesforce Instance Organized

Maintaining quality data is one of the top concerns for most administrators. The more data you have, the more likely it is that you will encounter duplicates, faulty information, or missing pieces. Data quality issues can come up due to a variety of factors–user error, no preventative automated safeguards, or a lack of data hygiene processes.

3. Streamline Your Processes in Salesforce

Once you’ve secured and cleaned up your data, you can start shaping your org to work exactly how you imagined. A streamlined org means that every user has the tools that they need to do their job and every admin understands how to maintain and support those tools.

What is Salesforce site?

Salesforce Sites enables you to create public websites and applications that are directly integrated with your Salesforce organization— without requiring users to log in with a username and password. You can publicly expose any information stored in your organization through a branded URL of your choice.

What is Salesforce information?

Salesforce organizations contain valuable information about partners, solutions, products, users, ideas, and other business data. Some of this information would be useful to people outside your organization, but only users with the right access and permissions can view and use it.

How to determine the URL of a Salesforce site?

The Salesforce Sites Domain. For each of your sites, you determine the URL of the site by establishing the site’s domain name. You can choose one of the following domain options. Use your Salesforce Sites domain. With this option, your Salesforce Sites domain name is used for all the sites that you create.

What is a support FAQ?

Publish a support FAQ—Provide helpful information on a public website where customers can search for solutions to their issues.

Does Salesforce use a command prompt?

Salesforce CLI works best within the native Windows command prompt ( cmd.exe) and the Microsoft Powershell. We don’t recommend using Salesforce CLI with a Linux terminal emulator, such as Windows 10 Subsystem for Linux, cygwin, or MinGW, because support for bugs is limited.

Can Salesforce CLI be installed on Linux?

Salesforce CLI distributes TAR files that you can install on all supported operating systems. On Linux, the only way to install Salesforce CLI is with a TAR file.

Can I use Salesforce CLI on Windows?

We highly recommended that you use the installers or npm to install Salesforce CLI on Windows. If, however, you decide to use the Windows TAR files, you must first install a separate program, such as 7Zip, to extract the file contents.

Can you use npm to install Salesforce?

If you’ve installed Node.js on your computer, you can use npm to install Salesforce CLI. This method lets you install Salesforce CLI from the command line and can be especially useful for continuous integration (CI) use cases.

How to make Salesforce look like yours?

Make Salesforce look like yours by adding your company logo in the upper left-hand corner of the application. This makes it clear to users that Salesforce is theirs to use. In order to do this, you need to create a custom App. An App is a way to organize your tabs and allows you to change the logo.

What is the power of one?

Power of One is a simple formula that enables your to summarize data quickly in reports. It’s also an easy way to write your first formula.


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