How does enable community user work in salesforce


How do I enable customer community in Salesforce?

From a contact’s detail page, click on the button labeled “Manage External User”. You should get a drop-down that says “Enable Customer User” (assuming you have a Customer Community). Select that option to enable the contact as a Community User.

What is community user in Salesforce?

How to create partner community user in Salesforce. Partner community users are based on accounts. This means that instead of just creating a contact we need to create an account and a contact. Then we create a user out of that contact.

How do communities work in Salesforce?

Salesforce Communities are brand spaces designed specifically for Salesforce customers to connect with the community outside their org (i.e., employees, partners, and customers) and collaborate with them using relevant data and content.

How do I enable community users?

Creating a User ProfileGo to Setup > Manage Users > Profiles.Click New Profile. … Choose an Existing Profile enabled for Salesforce Communities: Customer Community User or Partner Community User (Customer Community User is used in the examples on this page).More items…

Can community user create account?

Community Users who have the Customer Community Plus license are allowed to create accounts.

What are different types of communities in Salesforce?

An organization can build a community to meet any number of needs, but there are three main community types in Salesforce:Customer communities.Employee communities.Partner communities.

What is the difference between partner community and customer community in Salesforce?

Customer Community – allow your customers (B2B and B2C) engage with both your organisation and other customers via an online portal. Partner Community – give your resellers, distributors, brokers limited access to your Salesforce to pass you leads and work on deals with your sales team.

What is the difference between customer community and customer community plus?

Customer Communities licenses allow you to collaborate with customers, on things like support cases and account administration. Customer Communities Plus is aimed in the middle, at more robust customer collaboration and exposure of many more Salesforce objects and the sharing model.

How many communities can you have in Salesforce?

While each Org can have up to 100 communities, each with their own unique aliased domain name, the Org itself will have a default domain name that it uses for the base URL for all communities. This is a *. domain like

How do I assign a role to a community user in Salesforce?

To add users and assign roles:On the Overview tab in Studio, click Site Configuration | User Roles.Click Add Users.In the Available Users section, highlight the user you want to add.Select the role from the Add as drop-down list.Click the arrow to move the user to the Selected Users section.Click Save.

How do I find a community user in Salesforce?

If you want to log in as a community user from Salesforce platform, go to the created contact and click on ‘Log in to Community as User ‘ button and select your community.

How do I create a community user in bulk in Salesforce?

Add your user profiles to Members in the Community Administration and check the “send welcome email” box. Then Use the Data Loader to mass upload your users as active and they will automatically receive the welcome email.

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