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What can I do with Salesforce event monitoring?

You can store the event data for auditing or reporting purposes. You can create transaction security policies using Condition Builder—a point-and-click tool—or Apex code. Requires Salesforce Shield or Salesforce Event Monitoring add-on subscriptions.

What is event logs in Salesforce?

1. Event Logs. Designed as an API First service, Salesforce event monitoring helps you to use data that normally wouldn’t be possible through the user interface. Salesforce stores the information gathered by the event logs in an API object called EventLogFile. The Event Type field in the EventLogFile object supports 45 events presently.

How to identify data leakage risks in Salesforce events?

With Salesforce’s event monitoring and machine learning capabilities, you can identify anomalies in events to help you become aware of potential data leakage risks. Salesforce is providing a pilot for anomaly detection which looks at 60-90 days of data to formulate a baseline, then tries to find a significant deviation from standard behavior.

What is monitor user activity in Salesforce?

Monitoring user activity helps you proactively safeguard your Salesforce org by identifying suspicious actions and addressing them, reducing your technological attack surface. Regulated industries like healthcare and financial services follow compliance frameworks that require user activity monitoring.


How do I find event monitoring in Salesforce?

Activate Event Monitoring Contact your Salesforce sales representative or Account Executive to purchase the Event Monitoring add-on to access all event types in the EventLogFile, the LoginEvent object, Transaction Security, and the Event Monitoring Analytics App.

How do I turn on event monitoring in Salesforce?

In permission sets or the enhanced profile user interface, select a permission. In the Find Settings dialog box, enter View Real-Time Event Monitoring Data . Click Edit, select the option, and click Save. Repeat these steps for the Customize Application permission.

What is event monitoring log in Salesforce?

Event Monitoring is one of many tools that Salesforce provides to help keep your data secure. It lets you see the granular details of user activity in your organization. We refer to these user activities as events.

What is Salesforce monitoring?

Monitoring Salesforce is a beneficial way to identify issues early on, mitigate them, and reduce the number of call center tickets when downtime happens. It can also help you stay proactive with performance issues and help IT identify opportunities for improvement across the network.

What is real time event monitoring?

Real-Time Event Monitoring helps you monitor and detect standard events in Salesforce in near real-time. You can store the event data for auditing or reporting purposes. You can create transaction security policies using Condition Builder—a point-and-click tool—or Apex code.

Where can you monitor Salesforce availability and performance 24 hours a day?

In fact, you can head over to the Salesforce Trust website (conveniently included in the Resources section at the end of this unit) to see the status of Salesforce availability and performance.

How do I enable monitoring IIB?

The Monitoring properties are deployed in the bar file as part of the Message flow. If there are any changes in the event configuration, the properties are altered in the flow and re-deployed. To Add Monitoring events, go to the Monitoring tab in Properties view, and click on the Add button.

How do I monitor API calls in Salesforce?

Ways to monitor API usageNavigate to Setup and enter Company Information or System Overview into the Quick Find box.Click on the corresponding result.Look for “API Requests, Last 24 Hours” within Company Information or “API Usage” within System Overview.

Is Salesforce monitored?

Our continuous monitoring of key Salesforce applications can detect performance degradation or errors as they happen.

How do I track user activity in Salesforce?

In the account menu, select Account Analytics. Click the User Activity tab. Note If you don’t see the User Activity tab, in Account settings, uncheck Hide Account Analytics User Level Data. View the total number of unique active users [1] based on the time period.

How do I check Salesforce performance?

How to Measure the Performance of Salesforce OrgAdd an EPT Counter to the header of your App.Use the Lightning Usage App to view page and browser performance.Build a custom report using Lightning Usage App objects.Use the Event Monitoring Analytics App to monitor performance with event types.

What is Salesforce proactive monitoring?

Proactive Monitoring is for customers running critical business processes on Salesforce so that they can act quickly if systems slow down or go down. It is a monitoring and issue response service featuring monitoring engineers who diagnose problems and tell you how to fix them.

Why is user activity monitoring important in Salesforce?

User activity monitoring – tracking user actions in a digital environment for information security – is critical for protecting sensitive cloud-based data.

What does it mean when a Salesforce user logs in at odd hours?

Admins can see if a user logs in at odd hours, such as on weekends or late at night, or if they log in from a different IP address, indicating they’re accessing Salesforce from an unexpected location. With this information, you can prevent unauthorized access that could lead to a data breach.

Can you assess Salesforce performance based on Apex events?

You can also assess performance based on Apex events and Community performance. User activity monitoring reports reveal areas that need to be addressed, which is critical because the performance of your Salesforce org is directly tied to productivity and ROI .

What is Salesforce shield?

If you haven’t heard, Salesforce Shield is a bundle of products that Salesforce has put together to help customers meet strict regulatory requirements concerning their data. Click here to learn about Salesforce Shield.

How to use transaction security policies?

Use transaction security policies to act on events in real time by establishing condition actions. For example, if your organization restricts browsers or browser versions, by establishing a policy you can ensure only accepted browsers are used for accessing your data.

Is Salesforce working on hourly data capture?

However, Salesforce is working on a beta allowing for hourly data capture. At this time the hourly information is only available through the API and not supported by the analytics app, but this gives you a glimpse into where Salesforce event monitoring is headed. 2. Data Visualization.

Detect and help fix issues quickly to keep your org running optimally

Proactive Monitoring will give you early warnings of critical issues so you can avoid severe incidents.

Monitor your critical business processes in real time and respond quickly if issues arise

Monitor your critical business processes in real time and respond quickly if issues arise.


In the event of a critical issue, we’ll issue a Smart Alert so your support team can act quickly and stop the issue from escalating.

1. Application Logging Framework

To promote good error handling practices, reuse and provide a framework for handling common coding patterns, the Salesforce Cloud Services team shared a wonderful tool called Application Logging Framework on GitHub, which can be used as framework baseline and extended with Events.

2. Tooling API

Use Tooling API to build custom development tools or apps for Lightning Platform applications. Tooling API exposes metadata used in developer tooling that you can access through REST or SOAP. You can use this API to retrieve Apex Code Coverage, Apex Test Result, Entity Limits and other metadata related information. Tooling API Object List

4. Setup Audit Trail

With Setup Audit Trail you can proactively check any metadata change performed by Users in your org.

6. Salesforce Optimizer

Salesforce Optimizer analyzes your implementation to determine ways that you can simplify customizations and drive adoption of features. After analyzing your org, it provides you with an extensive report.

7. System Overview

System Overview provides a summary of key usage data for your org. It’s a one-page dashboard where you can also add system overview messages to your home page. These messages appear when your organization approaches its usage limits.

8. Apex Exception Emails

Set the email addresses that receive notifications when your Apex code encounters unhandled exceptions. Emails can be sent to your Salesforce org’s users and to external email addresses.

10. Paid Solutions

Salesforce Shield’s Event Monitoring is a great product to gain access to detailed performance, security, and usage data on all your Salesforce apps. Every interaction is tracked and accessible via APIs, so you can view it in the data visualization app of your choice.

What is event monitoring in Salesforce?

Event Monitoring is one of many tools that Salesforce provides to help keep your data secure. It lets you see the granular details …

Why use event monitoring?

You can use Event Monitoring to determine whether the cause is related to a network issue in London or with the way your app is configured. These cases are just a few ways that you can use Event Monitoring to keep your organization secure and running smoothly.

Why is API important in Salesforce?

API-first means that, before you develop an application’s user experience, you want to pay attention to the underlying API. The API lets you use your data in ways that aren’t possible in the user interface.




  • Regulated industries like healthcare and financial services follow compliance frameworks that require user activity monitoring. As a Salesforce user in a regulated industry, meeting compliance standards is crucial for multiple reasons: You want to reinforce trust, and you don’t want to receive hefty fines. Non-compliance with GDPR, for example, can incur fines of as much as €20 …

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Usage and Adoption

  • User activity monitoring insights can also reveal how users interact with Salesforce. Usage and adoption are critical for users to leverage Salesforce to its fullest and monitoring certain actions can reveal if your team is fully utilizing the CRM. Usage and adoption information gained from user activity monitoring can guide your training and educational efforts to encourage more effec…

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  • Evaluating performance – the end-user experience – is essential when measuring Salesforce’s impact on operations. Measuring performance through user activity monitoring is an impactful way to know if you’re using the CRM efficiently. Admins can view events like failed logins to pinpoint if there’s a problem with the login page or account permission…

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Salesforce Shield: Event Monitoring

  • Salesforce Shield: Event Monitoring provides Salesforce admins with org visibility through user activity monitoring-based audit logs. With Event Monitoring, you can track user activity and prevent data loss. Event Monitoring provides the audit log files from Salesforce. These logs contain information about nearly 50 unique, user-generated events. Event Monitoring logs provid…

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