How do you determine the api version number salesforce


For knowing current API Version in the salesforce you can always goto setup > API > Generate Partner WSDL — the frst couple of lines are comments and it will tell your c API Version. Apex class current API Version: use below query for getting apex class name which has 46 API Version. select name from ApexClass where APIversion=46

Log in to your Salesforce org as an Admin -> Navigate to ‘Apex Classes’ in Setup -> Click ‘New’ -> Click ‘Version Settings’ -> There you can see which API version your Salesforce instance is on.Sep 8, 2020


How do I Find my Org’s API version in Salesforce?

Alternatively, find your org’s current API version in Classic or Lightning: Click the New button and on the resulting page open the Version Settings tab. The top most value available in the Version column’s drop down is your org’s current API version.

How do I Find my Salesforce edition?

Your Salesforce Edition is listed in the “Organization Edition” field. Note: Other key org details such as “ Organization ID” and “Instance” will also be listed in the right hand column of the Company Information page. Note: The following steps are only applicable for Salesforce editions with API access.

How do I set up the API in Salesforce?

Go to Setup | Build | Develop | Apex Classes. Then click the New button, and then click Version Settings. Click the gear Icon [ Setup ] | In the ‘Quick Find’ search box, enter API.

How do I find my current API version?

Navigate to Setup and enter API into the ‘Quick Find’ search box. Then click API under ‘Develop.’ From there click Generate Enterprise WSDL and on the next page listing ‘Installed Packages’ click the Generate button. On the resulting page your current API version will be listed in the text or comment sections near the top.


How do I find the bulk API version in Salesforce?

You can monitor a Bulk API batch in Salesforce. To track the status of bulk data load jobs and their associated batches, from Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Bulk Data Load Jobs , then select Bulk Data Load Jobs. Click the Job ID to view the job detail page.

How do I change the API version in Salesforce?

To set the Salesforce API and Apex version for a class or trigger:Edit either a class or trigger, and click Version Settings.Select the Version of the Salesforce API. This is also the version of Apex associated with the class or trigger.Click Save.

How do I check my Salesforce Lightning version?

From the Salesforce Administrator Account homepage, click User’s Name and select Setup. On the left hand side of the Setup page, click on Administration Setup. The Salesforce edition is displayed at the top of the Administration Setup landing page. within the middle section.

Which API is used in Salesforce?

SOAP API provides a powerful, convenient, and simple SOAP-based web services interface for interacting with Salesforce. You can use SOAP API to create, retrieve, update, or delete records. You can also use SOAP API to perform searches and much more. Use SOAP API in any language that supports web services.

How do I change my API version?

Go to your Developer Hub and choose the relevant app. Then go to the Api Version menu, click on the Change version box and select your new version. Once you have selected the appropriate version for your app all subsequent API requests will use this version.

How do I change the API version of Lightning component in Salesforce?

Please follow below steps :Open Developer Console.In query editor type below query :SELECT Id, DeveloperName, ApiVersion, Description FROM AuraDefinitionBundle WHERE DeveloperName = ““In the result you will be able to see that particular component.Update the API version by editing the row.More items…•

What is API versioning in Salesforce?

Every time Salesforce releases a new application version, its API version is updated as well.It tells the version of the developed code . API versioning plays a important role while developing a code for an application .

What is the current Salesforce version?

current version is 43.0 summer18. * –> 404 Oops, the page you’re trying to view isn’t here. * –> Published By Zayne Turner June 5, 2017…..

How many versions of Salesforce are there?

There are four primary Salesforce Editions available: Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited. Let’s dive deep into learning more about each one of them.

How do I find my Salesforce API key?

To retrieve the key and secret:Login to Salesforce with the target user account.Select App Setup and click Create > Apps.Open the Connected App target and retrieve the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from the API (oAuth) section. The Consumer Secret may be protected by a Click to reveal link.

How many API are there in Salesforce?

They are REST API, SOAP API, Bulk API, and Streaming API. Together they make up the Salesforce data APIs.

What is standard API in Salesforce?

You can use the Salesforce standard API to read data from Salesforce sources and write data to Salesforce targets. Use the standard API to process a normal amount of Salesforce data and standard reporting on the results of the standard API load.

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