How do you change topics in salesforce communities


Select Featured Topics. Click in the Select a topic box and select Customer Support. Click + Add. Click in the Select a topic box and select Social Groups.


How do I add topics in Salesforce classic?

These steps outline how to add topics in Salesforce Classic. In Lightning Experience, when you post or comment, add a topic by putting a hashtag (#) in front of your topic terms, for example, #sales quotas. Note All topic names appear in the topics list and all topic names and descriptions are searchable.

How do I assign content topics to Salesforce CMS?

Assign content topics to CMS Content when reviewing it in the Content Management workspace of your site. Review and manage your topics from the Topics page. Note For a topic to be available for use in Salesforce CMS, it must be Enabled for Content.

How do I set up navigational topics in Salesforce?

Click Topics. Select Navigational Topics. In Enter a navigational topic, enter Customer Support and click + Add. In Enter a navigational topic, enter Social Groups and click + Add. In Enter a navigational topic, enter New Products and click + Add. Click Save. Now set these topics as featured on your site.

How to create and manage communities in Salesforce?

How to create communities in salesforce? To create communities go to setup -> Build -> Customize -> Communities -> Manage Communities-> and click on New communitiesbutton. And enter name, descriptionand urland click on createbutton. How to manage community?


How do I add a topic to a community in Salesforce?

Now set these topics as featured on your site.Select Featured Topics.Click in the Select a topic box and select Customer Support.Click + Add.Click in the Select a topic box and select Social Groups.Click + Add.Click in the Select a topic box and select New Products.Click + Add.Click Save.

What is a topic in Salesforce community?

Navigational, featured, and content topics are a fantastic way to organize information and content in an Experience Cloud site. Use topics to structure your site’s content or highlight key discussions. You can create topics or use the topics that organically emerge from site member posts.

How do I assign a topic in Salesforce?

Required Editions and User Permissions Click an article, and then type to assign topics. Choose a suggested topic or type a new one. Type a comma (,) after your new topic to add it to the article. You can click existing topics to remove them.

How do I add a topic to an article in Salesforce?

Topics for articles are enabled for each article type.From Setup, enter Topics for Objects in the Quick Find box, then select Topics for Objects.Click the article type name where you want to enable topics.Check Enable topics.Select which fields you want to use for suggestions.Click Save.More items…

How do I view a topic in Salesforce?

To open a topic detail page, click a topic or hashtag. On the topic detail page, you can: Search a topic feed to quickly find relevant information. You can also scan the feed to learn about the topic and see the people and public groups that are interested in it.

How do I view all topics in Salesforce?

In the topics list, you can:To see a topic’s detail page, click the topic name.To see updates in your Chatter feed, click. Follow.To narrow what you’re looking for, filter the list of topics.Search for topics by name. … Only users with the View All Data permission can filter by record name.

How many topics are there in Salesforce?

To enable up to 10 topics for content at the same time, select the topics and click Enable for Content. After enabling topics for content, you can associate the topics with your native content. and select Edit.

What are navigational topics in Salesforce?

Structure your Experience Cloud site’s content and help your users find what they need with navigational topics. If your org uses data categories, community managers can link current Salesforce Knowledge articles associated with those categories to each navigational topic.

How do I edit a knowledge article in Salesforce?

To set up or edit your knowledge base, from Setup, enter Knowledge Settings in the Quick Find box, select Knowledge Settings, then click Edit. Enables agents to edit articles without going to the Article Management tab. Agents can click Edit to open the article edit page.

How do I assign a category to a knowledge article in Salesforce?

Assigning Data Categories Go to “Setup” and look for the “Quick Find” box. Search for “Data Category Assignments” under the Articles zone. Click “Edit” then choose the categories you want to assign. Click “Save.”

Set Navigational Topics

You enabled topics earlier in this project. Now set up three topics that Category 1 Biking has chosen as top topics for their site: Social Groups, New Products, and Customer Support. You update those from Experience Workspaces.

Add Images to Topics

Next, add some images for each topic. Download this zip file to access images you can use for this project. Be sure to unzip the file.

Add Topics to Articles

Finally, associate these topics with the articles you created previously in the project.

Verify Step

You’ll be completing this project in your own hands-on org. Click Launch to get started, or click the name of your org to choose a different one.

How to enable community in Salesforce?

To enable community in Salesforce go tosetup -> Build -> Customize -> Communities and click onsettings. and check enable communitiescheck box and enter your domain name andsave it. Note:You cannot change your domain name once you save it. This domain name will be used in all of your communities.

What is Salesforce community?

Salesforce Communities are very useful for employees, customers and partners to connect in one place. We can create and customize communities according to our requirement. Communities was released in summer’ 13 release. You can collaborate and communicate with people outside of your company who are key to business.


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