How do we use cast iron in salesforce


Once connected, Cast Iron supports real-time sync between Salesforce and other systems, a few examples of which include: Accounts and Contacts with ERP customer master Opportunities with Order management systems Quote requests with Order management systems Leads and Campaigns with marketing automation systems

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So let’s start with our use case first open the cast iron studio. And create a new project. Give aMoreSo let’s start with our use case first open the cast iron studio. And create a new project. Give a name as CI to Salesforce.


What is cast iron in Salesforce?

WebSphere Cast Iron allows us to integrate Salesforce with other cloud and on-premise systems quickly and efficiently. Templated Integrations and connectors for Salesforce and other systems allow us to integrate with confidence and speed.

What is Cast Iron IBM?

Short for IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration, IBM Cast Iron is an offering from IBM that provides clients with a platform for integrating cloud-based applications from leading SaaS providers with on-premise applications from IBM and other companies.

What are applications of cloud computing?

Top 7 Applications of Cloud ComputingOnline Data Storage. Cloud Computing allows storage and access to data like files, images, audio, and videos on the cloud storage. … Backup and Recovery. … Big Data Analysis. … Testing and Development. … Antivirus Applications. … E-commerce Application. … Cloud Computing in Education.

What is IBM App Connect Professional?

IBM App Connect Professional provides built-in connectivity to hundreds of cloud, packaged, and proprietary on-premises applications, which include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), databases, web services, and flat files.

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