How do the subtabs in salesforce show up


sforce.console.openSubtab (primaryTabId, ‘’, false, ‘salesforce’, null, openSuccess, ‘salesforceSubtab’); Opens a new subtab (within a primary tab) that displays the content of a specified URL, which can be relative or absolute. You can also override an existing subtab.

A Console’s Primary Tabs and Subtabs

appears on tabs where you haven’t saved changes, except for reports, Visualforce pages, or your Salesforce org’s setup pages. appears on tabs where you need to fix errors.


Is there a way to display tabs in Salesforce API?

is there a way using Salesforce API. This could be accomplished with a web tab, but it would not be trivial. You would have to write the HTML and Javascript that would display the tabs and update the content of the page appropriately when those tabs are clicked.

What is the URL of the opened subtab in Salesforce?

URL of the opened subtab. If the URL is to a Salesforce object, that object displays as specified in the Salesforce console app settings. For example, if cases are set to open as a primary tab, and openSubtab () is called on a case, the case opens as a primary tab.

How do I override an existing subtab?

You can also override an existing subtab. Use to open a new subtab on a primary tab via the primary tab’s ID. This method is only available in API version 20.0 or later.

What does URL mean in Salesforce?

How to use a relative URL in Visualforce?

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How do I open a sub tab in Salesforce?

To display the subtab immediately, set focus to true . To open the subtab in the background, set focus to false .

How do I find the tab ID in Salesforce?

getEnclosingTabId() Returns the ID of the tab that contains the current Visualforce page, which may be a primary tab or subtab. This method will work if the call is made within a component enclosed within a subtab. This method is only available in API version 20.0 or later.

What is a sub tab in Salesforce?

Marco (werewolf) Casalaina (Salesforce) In the context of the Service Cloud Console, the Primary tab is what shows up on the top layer of tabs. A subtab is what appears in the second layer of tabs, and is generally related to what’s in the Primary tab.

What is a sub tab?

Noun. subtab (plural subtabs) (graphical user interface) A tab that is part of another tab or section.

What is the tab ID?

ID is an identifier that allows the tab component to be referenced by other components in the page.

How do I find the current tab ID in Salesforce lightning?

getEnclosingTabId() for Lightning Experience Returns the ID of the enclosing tab. This method works only in Lightning console apps.

How do I create a sub tab in Salesforce lightning?

In classic console we are able to add new tabs or subtabs by clicking the + icon and inputting the url to a record in salesforce.

How do I open the sub tab in LWC?

From the documentation lwc does not currently support the lightning console . Workaround is to use aura components and if you have an lwc , wrap inside the aura components. This way you can bubble up an event and let the aura wrapper open the subtab.

How do you add a sub tab in HTML?

Use any element to open the subnav/dropdown menu, e.g. a

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