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Pardot can integrate with Salesforce Person Account record types. To enable person account syncing, contact Pardot Support. Importing prospects into Pardot causes them to sync with Salesforce. Unassigned prospects sync to Salesforce, but records aren’t created when there is no matching email address.Jun 7, 2022


How does Pardot work with Salesforce?

The Salesforce connector creates a link between the two platforms, so that you can sync newly created prospects, contacts, and leads between Pardot and Salesforce. Once the connector is enabled, Pardot queries Salesforce every 2-4 minutes looking for records that have been updated since the last sync.

How to set up a Salesforce integration?

  • On the Manage App page, click ‘Edit Policies’
  • Navigate to the ‘IP Relaxation’ dropdown menu
  • Select ‘Relax IP Restrictions’
  • Then click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page
  • Now, back on the Connected Apps page, click the App name ‘Blink’
  • On the page that appears, your Consumer Key and Consumer Key will be shown

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How do I integrate with Salesforce?

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How to create a SFDC campaign and sync to Pardot?

  • What is Pardot and Salesforce sync behaviour?
  • Triggering a sync
  • How sync behaviour actually works
  • Using Pardot values to set sync behaviour
  • Using Salesforce values to set sync behaviour
  • Using most recently updated record values to set sync behaviour
  • Exceptions for sync behaviours

What triggers a sync between Pardot and Salesforce?

If your Pardot account allows multiple prospects with the same email address, prospects sync to Salesforce records with matching CRM IDs (lead or contact ID). Some prospect, user, and system activities trigger prospects to sync from Pardot to Salesforce.

What does Pardot do in Salesforce?

What is Pardot? Pardot is a B2B marketing automation and lead generation tool from Salesforce. Pardot can be used to route leads to sales, create and track automated marketing campaigns, analyse prospect activity and engagement, and guide prospects through the buying journey.

How often does Pardot sync with Salesforce?

every 2–4 minutesWhen syncing prospects, changes to prospect records are pushed to Salesforce, and information from Salesforce records is pulled into the corresponding Pardot prospect records. Syncing occurs every 2–4 minutes.

Is Salesforce engage part of Pardot?

Salesforce Engage is a Pardot product on a mission to bridge the gap between marketing and sales. You could say that it’s the Salesforce sales user’s window into relevant marketing information in Pardot, aiding transparency across teams.

What is the difference between Pardot and Salesforce?

Pardot vs Marketing Cloud, so what’s the difference? In a nutshell, these are the main differences: Pardot is positioned as a B2B platform while Salesforce Marketing Cloud is more B2C (although this isn’t always the case and some companies can use both) The main difference is the buying cycle.

Is Pardot part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Yes, Pardot belongs to a larger Salesforce product group – Marketing Cloud, along with other suites like Loyalty Management, Email, Mobile, and Web Marketing, Social Studio, Advertising Studio, Datorama, Google Marketing Platform, and Interaction Studio.

How do I sync my Salesforce data to Pardot?

By default new leads and contacts within Salesforce will not sync over to Pardot automatically….Syncing Prospects from Salesforce to PardotBy clicking the send to Pardot button on the lead or the contact record in Salesforce.By manually uploading the lead or contact’s email address into Pardot.More items…•

How do I add a Pardot prospect to Salesforce?

Select the Sending tab in your Pardot list email. Scroll all the way down until you see a section called Completion Actions, and click the checkboxes next to each completion action. Pick the first dropdown next to each Completion Action and choose “Add to Salesforce Campaign”.

What must be true for a Salesforce opportunity to sync to Pardot?

To sync a Salesforce opportunity that’s associated with a Pardot person account, add the person account as the opportunity contact role. Pardot creates only one opportunity, even if the CRM opportunity is tied to multiple contacts. All corresponding prospects are tied to the same opportunity.

Can you use Salesforce engage without Pardot?

Required Editions. Configure Salesforce Engage for your company. To complete setup, you need a Salesforce admin and a Pardot admin. Engage Campaigns let you quickly send targeted emails to groups of leads and contacts, and then track engagement metrics from Salesforce.

What four components make up Salesforce engage?

Salesforce Engage consists of four main components: Engage Campaigns, Engage Reports, Engage Alerts, and Engage for Gmail and Outlook.

Is Salesforce a customer engagement platform?

2. Service Cloud. Service cloud of salesforce is a popular CRM platform for providing better support to customers. It enables users to automate service processes, reorganize workflows and discover main articles, subjects, and experts to support client service representatives.

Why connect Salesforce and Pardot?

At this point, you may be wondering what the benefits are to connecting to your Salesforce account. Salesforce explains it as “marketing automation with the world’s #1 CRM.” We look at it as sales and marketing alignment for effective lead nurturing.

Connecting Salesforce CRM with Pardot

If you haven’t connected Pardot with Salesforce yet, you will need to follow a series of steps to complete the integration. In no way is this section a comprehensive tutorial to setting up Pardot with Salesforce, but it should give you a foundation for how the installation works. Salesforce breaks down all the steps in this online tutorial.


Using Salesforce with Pardot can take your marketing and sales efforts to the next level — if done correctly. We hope that we have equipped you with the right tips and tools to help you integrate Salesforce and Pardot into your marketing workflow.

How to sync Salesforce with Pardot?

To start data synchronization in Pardot integration Salesforce: Bring up the Salesforce connector page. Choose Admin in Pardot and find Connectors. Click on the Salesforce connector and choose Edit. Click on Pardot Settings and then Connectors In the Lightning. Select Change Settings again.

What is Salesforce Connector?

The Salesforce connector creates a link between the two platforms so that you can sync contacts, prospects, and leads between Pardot and Salesforce.

Can you make a new lead in Pardot?

When you make a new lead in Pardot that doesn’t have a matching Salesforce record, Pardot will make a new lead for that lead. However, if you convert to Pardot that results in contact in Salesforce, the record might not include all the data from the lead.

Is Pardot a CRM?

The combination of the two platforms enhances sales and marketing opportunities. With Pardot Salesforce becomes a full-spectrum marketing and sales CRM system.

Is Pardot CRM compatible with Salesforce?

Pardot is an enterprise-grade marketing automation software that has built-in Salesforce CRM integration and has been designed with Salesforce native functionality in mind. It offers powerful tools to help sales and marketing teams to understand their target audience, close sales faster, find and nurture the best leads, and maximize ROI. Although technically the Pardot marketing automation platform is autonomous, it’s much more convenient to use Pardot and Salesforce simultaneously. The combination of the two platforms enhances sales and marketing opportunities. With Pardot Salesforce becomes a full-spectrum marketing and sales CRM system.

Can you customize Pardot?

Pardot can be customized based on your needs, whether to create a contact or account. Lead updates, such as campaign membership, account linkage or opportunities, and contact conversion are synced to the lead’s Pardot record, and the marketer gets a complete overview of the potential customer’s status.

Can Pardot sync Salesforce?

Technically, Pardot in Salesforce can sync with just about any field or custom object that is visible to the user of your connector, but you shouldn’t sync all of them. Choose only custom fields and objects that are crucial to your B2B marketing efforts. Excessive data clutters your lead records.

Why is the Salesforce/Pardot connector important?

If you already have this connector, you need to ensure that it’s set up correctly so it makes life easier, not harder, for sales and marketing. Take time to thoroughly assess how the system syncs records, how it’s configured for your organization, and who is monitoring the connector sync queue and troubleshooting errors. Without someone watching this queue, some records may not sync and fields may not update.

Can you add Pardot to Salesforce?

Social data and Pardot activities can also be added to Salesforce lead, contact, and mobile layouts so it’s always accessible. Send Leads Created in Pardot to Salesforce When Qualified. Pardot helps you generate leads—in fact, the Pardot Lead Generation for Pardot Lightning App module is all about that!

Setting up the Salesforce-Pardot Connector

One of the first things that you will need to do to connect Salesforce to Pardot is to download and install the Salesforce-Pardot Connector in Salesforce. Please note that you can only have one connected Salesforce instance per Pardot account.

Assigning prospects in Pardot

With Pardot, you can automatically assign new prospects to a specific Salesforce user or to a group of users.

Pardot user roles

There are four default user roles you can select in Pardot: Administrators, Marketing, Sales Manager and Sales.

Can you connect Salesforce to Pardot?

Once you’ve successfully connected Salesforce to Pardot after following the connection steps, you may think to head straight to migrating your data. However, there’s a little more to Pardot and Salesforce integration and it’s important to do all of the set up before importing any data.

Does Pardot sync with Salesforce?

On the topic of case sensitivity, Pardot fields aren’t, so, make sure your Salesforce API fields are unique. Creating a new field in Pardot does not automatically sync with Salesforce. The systems need to be used and synced bi-directionally to ensure all fields are correctly populated.


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General Considerations Before Set Up

  1. You can have only one Salesforce connector in Pardot.
  2. Pardot can integrate with Salesforce Person Account record types.
  3. Importing prospects into Pardot syncs them with Salesforce. Unassigned prospects sync to Salesforce, but records aren’t created when there is no matching email address.
  4. Pardot checks for changes in Salesforce and Pardot often, about every 2 minutes.

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