How do i see my tasks in salesforce


You can also find and manage Tasks in the following ways:

  • In the Tasks tab
  • On the Homepage using a Contact View (this method will show up to 5 tasks)
  • Through Records via the Activity Timeline (Salesforce Lightning) or Activity Related Lists (Salesforce Classic)
  • In a Kanban View for Opportunities
  • In Activities Reports
  • In Activities List View
  • In Calendar List View


What is a task in Salesforce?

A Task in Salesforce is an activity helps keep ups the to-do list and assign, track, and filter tasks lists and notifications of an organization that needs to be worked on. A task may not have any specific time period or time duration for completion.

How to close tasks in Salesforce list view?

In your newly created Salesforce list view, select the tasks you want to close by checking the boxes in the left column. You can select up to 200 records at a time, and they do not all have to be in sequential order. A counter at the top left will show you how many records you have selected. 6.

How do I Mark a task as complete in Salesforce?

Or, click Mark Complete to mark the task complete. You can also mark tasks complete from any list view. Of course, tasks are also shown in the activity timeline for the record you are looking at, and you can edit them there too. Salesforce Classic includes a calendar to help remind you about appointments.

How do I view my activities in Salesforce?

When you click that icon, you go to a activities page that has standard views that Salesforce has created for you. You can see your own activities (tasks and events) and also your delegated activities.


Where can I see my tasks in Salesforce?

Click the App Launcher menu, and enter Tasks in the search box that appears in the popup modal.Click on Tasks.You will be taken to a list of Tasks. On the right of the currently selected list view, you will see a link Create New View.Now your new view displays in Lightning Experience UI.

How do I manage tasks in Salesforce?

0:094:27Use Tasks to Boost Sales Productivity (Lightning Experience) | SalesforceYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipIn a split view you can see the whole list and the details of the tasks you have selected with tableMoreIn a split view you can see the whole list and the details of the tasks you have selected with table view each task is a row. In Kanban view each task is an item in a status column.

How do I see other tasks in Salesforce?

How do I view other users’ tasks? Try for the report titled “Tasks & Events” in the Reports Tab, New Report button. Depending on your sharing settings, you can view All Tasks & Events to show all of them and then group / sort at your leisure.

How do I enable tasks in Salesforce?

On the Open Activities related list, click New Task. *. On the Activity History related list, click Log a Call to add a task record with a status of Completed. Salesforce automatically relates the task to the record.

Where do we find events and tasks in lightning experience?

Click the Tasks tab, or click View All from the Today’s Tasks list on the Lightning Experience Home page.

What is the difference between tasks and activities in Salesforce?

Activities is the term for both Tasks and Events. There is no “Activities” object, there is a “Task” and “Event” object in the API. You can think of Tasks and Events as “Types of Activities”. In the UI these records for both objects show up in the “Open Activities” and “Activity History” related lists.

What are open tasks in Salesforce?

Open Tasks have a due date within the last 30 days. Is that task from beyond a month ago? If it is, it will only show up under overdue tasks. To better understand your views, you should open up your list filters.

How do I create a task report in Salesforce?

Build an “All Open Tasks” ReportNavigate to the Reports tab.Click New Report.Select Tasks & Event for the report type.Click Filters.Apply the following filters: … Save your changes.Give your report a name and choose whether to make it public or private. … Save your changes.

Who can see activities in Salesforce?

Only the activity owner (label as Assigned To), and users above the activity owner in the role hierarchy can edit and delete the activity. Users with Read access to the record to which the activity is associated (Name and Related To) can view and report on the activity.

How do I add a task in Salesforce?

0:021:24How to add a new Task in Salesforce Lightning – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipApplication go to tasks new tasks enter the name a gas on me to select the status. Click on dropMoreApplication go to tasks new tasks enter the name a gas on me to select the status. Click on drop down click on in progress.

How do I log a task in Salesforce lightning?

In Lightning, after you ‘Log a Call’, it immediately shows under the ‘Past Activity’. When the record is created, you will be able to see the dropdown arrow in ‘Show More Actions’ onto the right-hand side. To create a follow-up task, you have to choose the ‘Create a Follow Up Task’ option in the list of actions.

What are tasks in Salesforce lightning?

Tasks tab—Shows task list views, including tasks due today, all your open tasks, overdue tasks, and tasks recently completed. Home page—A filterable compact view of up to five tasks. Records—To view and edit tasks, use the activity timeline in Lightning Experience or the activity related lists in Salesforce Classic.

What is an event in Salesforce?

An Event in Salesforce is an activity that helps conduct meetings, gatherings, appointments, and similar events that have a scheduled time, date, and duration. Log a Call, Send an Email. Events help track meetings with customers, prospects, and colleagues on the calendar to drill down related records, files, contracts, reports, and more.

When can we enable activities on required objects?

We can enable these activities on required objects when we need to assign a task or bring together a discussion for the same.

Does a task have a time period?

A task may not have any specific time period or time duration for completion. Task talks about “What”, and have a deadline.

Can you create a follow up task in real time?

In real-time projects for a certain task created on an object or record, we can further create a “follow up task” as shown in the video tutorial.

What is delegated activity in Salesforce?

Delegated activities are those which you have created but have assigned to someone else. You can also create new views.

What is enhanced list in Salesforce?

1. enhancedList: The tag that tells Salesforce that you would like to display a list. 2. Type: This is where you select which object should be listed, in this case we are using ‘Activity’. Remember in Salesforce terms, Activity includes both Tasks and Events. 3.

How many lines are there in VisualForce?

Even though it is only 3 lines to create the Visualforce code for the page, there are a few steps to getting the page to display as a tab within your application. The complete list of steps are:

What is the second line in Visualforce?

It is easy to understand as well. Apart from the standard <apex: page> tag that defines the start and end of the Visualforce page, the second line is the one that is does the work to display the activities list.

How to manage Salesforce account?

You can manage your account by clicking the Setup gear in the top right corner of Salesforce and selecting Your Account (Lightning Experience), or using this link .

How to view past statements in Salesforce?

Click “View Your Statements” in the right box. You will be redirected to Salesforce Checkout, where you can view all past Salesforce statements. Click the “Payments” tab for more detail.

How to make a one time payment on Salesforce?

To make a one-time credit card payment of an invoice: Navigate to Your Account. Click “View Your Invoices” in the right box. You will be redirected to Salesforce Checkout. Click the “Pay Invoice” button in the Invoices section of the homepage of Checkout.

Where is my credit card info?

In the upper right corner are your credit card details.

How to close task in Lightning Experience?

In Lightning Experience, navigate to Setup | Object Manager | Activity | Fields & Relationships | New | and create a new Checkbox field titled “Close Task” or something similar. Be sure to make the field visible and editable for all profiles that will need to use it and place it on the Task page layout. If it is not on the Task page layout, it will not be editable later in the list view.

How to update Lightning app?

1. Navigate to the Lightning Platform App Menu from the top left-hand side of the screen in Lightning Experience, and either type in or select “Tasks.”. If your “Display As” option is set to “Split View” or “Kanban ,” we recommend changing to “Table” for this particular update operation. 2. Select the gear icon and choose “New” from

Does StarrData help with Salesforce?

As part of StarrData’s mission to help simplify Salesforce for end users and administrators, we’d like to pass along a tip that will show all end users of Salesforce Enterprise Edition and up how to close a lot of Salesforce tasks. With a little help from your organization administrator, or by using our Salesforce Administration Support Service, your end users will never again have a Task list a mile long with old completed Tasks.

Can you close out multiple Salesforce records at once?

Once your Salesforce Administrator has taken care of the preparation steps above, the following actions can now be performed by any end user to create Task list views and close out multiple Task records at once. For more information on List Views, please see our Salesforce List Views Tips blog post.


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