How do i post to chatter in salesforce


Enable ‘Allow Posts via Email’ on Chatter.

  • Navigate to Setup.
  • On the Quick Find box, enter Email Settings.
  • Click Email Settings on the results.
  • Select Allow Emails to allow users to post to groups using email.
  • Click Save.
Reference to the user, Chatter group, or record whose feed you want to post to.
  1. To post to a user’s feed, enter the user’s ID or username. For example:
  2. To post to a Chatter group, enter the group’s name or ID. For example: Entire Organization.
  3. To post to a record, enter the record’s ID.


What is the use of chatter in Salesforce?

Who Sees What?

  • Who is the audience? The target audience determines where to post an item.
  • What is the relevance for followers?
  • How can users engage people who may not otherwise see the post? For example, users can add topics via #hashtags, or @mention someone in a comment.

How to view chatter in Salesforce?


  • Open your profile page in the Trailhead Playground by clicking the View profile icon and then clicking your name. …
  • Click the camera icon on the default profile image, and follow the instructions to upload your profile picture.
  • Click the Edit About Me (pencil) icon, and create an About Me statement. …
  • On your profile page, click Edit.

More items…

How does Salesforce use chatter?

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How do I enable chatter feed in Salesforce?

Salesforce: How to Configure Your Chatter Feeds Choose Setup→Customize→ChatterFeed Tracking. Click the name of an object in the Object list on the left side. Select the Enable Feed Tracking check box. Select each check box for the fields that you want to track with Chatter. Repeat for other objects and then click Save.


How do I post on Chatter in Salesforce lightning?

How to add Chatter Post in Lightning Experience?Click Setup.Click Feature Settings.Click Chatter.Click Feed Tracking.

How do I post to a chatter group?

In Lightning Experience, the person who posted the original isn’t notified.In your Chatter feed, go to the post you want to share.Click Share.From the Share menu, select A Group. … Enter part of the group name and select the group from the list.Type a comment about the post or leave the comment field blank.More items…

How do you create a Chatter post?

Create a Chatter Post TemplateFrom Setup, enter Post Templates in the Quick Find box, then select Post Templates.Click New Template.Select the object for your template.Click Next.Give the template a name and description.If you want this template to be the default for the associated object, select Default.More items…

How do I create an auto Chatter post in Salesforce?

The feed item will appear as if the user who started the process—by creating or editing a record—created the post.Post to a User’s Chatter Feed from a Process. … Post to a Chatter Group from a Process. … Post to a Record’s Chatter Feed from a Process. … Mention a User or Group in a “Post to Chatter” Process Action.

How do I use Chatter group in Salesforce?

First, create the All Sales Chatter group.Click the App Launcher .Enter Groups in the Search apps and items… box and select Groups.Click New.Fill in the new group information: Group Name: All Sales. … Click Save & Next.Skip adding a group photo by clicking Next.Skip adding members for now and click Done.

What are Chatter posts?

Sharing lets you quickly copy a public post to your profile or a group. This feature is available in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.

How do you make a Chatter post flow in Salesforce?

Let’s build out the Post to Chatter Element in our Flow:Click on the “+” to add a new Element to the Unsatisfied path.Select the Action Element.In the Action field, start typing Chatter and you’ll see a Post to Chatter action appear. … Just like Process Builder, we need to give the Action a name.More items…•

Can workflow Post to chatter?

Now not only can you update a field, create a task, or send an outbound message, but with Process Builder you can also create a record or a flow, post to chatter, submit to the approval process, and invoke other processes.

How do I enable feed tracking in Salesforce?

Let’s enable feed tracking for the contact object and add some additional fields to track.From Setup, enter Feed Tracking in the Quick Find box, then select Feed Tracking.From the list of objects, select Contact (1).Select Enable Feed Tracking (2).Select up to 20 fields (3).Click Save.

Salesforce Chatter Features

Salesforce Chatter offers many features to boost collaboration between users. Chatter’s functionality mirrors that of a social media platform, with tagging, @mentioning, and more.

What is a Chatter Feed?

A Chatter Feed is a list of published posts. Chatter Feeds can be accessed from either:

Chatter Groups

Chatter Groups allow particular sets of users to collaborate on Salesforce. Groups have three visibility settings:

Chatter Email Digest

When you join a Chatter Group or decide to “Follow” a colleague, you will receive email notifications on their Chatter activity.

Chatter Feed Tracking

Chatter Feed Tracking on a record will display polls, posts, comments, and record updates. For record updates to appear, feed tracking must be enabled.

Attach Files

When a file is attached to a record, it is also added to the Notes and Attachment related list and stored in Files.

Salesforce Topics

You can create and add topics in Salesforce to Chatter posts or records; topics are added by including a Chatter post hashtag.


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