How do i link outlook email to salesforce in outlook


Steps to Integrate Outlook and Salesforce.

  • Open your Salesforce Org.
  • Click on Setup.
  • Search Outlook in quick find box and Select Outlook Integration and Sync. Then enable Outlook Integration and Lightning Sync button.
  • Enable Use Enhanced Email with Outlook and Click Active and Notify Reps.
  • Click on Edit button.
  • Click on Active and Advanced Email Security Settings Checkbox true and Click on Save button.
  • Click on Skip this Step.

Open your Salesforce Org. Search Outlook in quick find box and Select Outlook Integration and Sync. Then enable Outlook Integration and Lightning Sync button. Enable Use Enhanced Email with Outlook and Click Active and Notify Reps.Jun 12, 2020


How do I integrate Salesforce with Outlook?

Steps to Integrate Outlook and Salesforce

  1. Open your Salesforce Org. Search Outlook in quick find box and Select Outlook Integration and Sync. …
  2. Now Again search Outlook in quick find box and Click on Outlook Configuration. Then Click on New Outlook Configuration button.
  3. Now Switch to Salesforce Classic. …

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Does Salesforce integrate with Outlook?

Salesforce for Outlook. The integration with Outlook is not only about emails. You can synchronize Salesforce CRM with your Microsoft Outlook to: Automatically sync Contacts, Events, and Tasks between Salesforce and Outlook. Manually add Outlook emails to Contact, Accounts (Organizations), Opportunities (Donations), and Lead object.

How do I sync Salesforce with Outlook?

how do I sync outlook calendar with salesforce?

  • Login to Salesforce
  • Click your name at the top right corner
  • Click Setup
  • In the search box on the left search for outlook
  • You should then see “Salesforce for Outlook”
  • Click that
  • Click download

How to connect Salesforce CRM with Microsoft Outlook?

  • It puts all of your customer information in one place: Outlook.
  • It offers integrated tasks and reminders that you can associate with a contact, company or sales deal.
  • It lets you share customer information across the organization.
  • It’s relatively simple to use and available on mobile.

Can you sync Outlook with Salesforce?

Salesforce for Outlook syncs your items based on your system activity. Events and tasks sync automatically every ten minutes; contacts sync automatically every hour. If, however, Salesforce for Outlook detects keyboard or mouse inactivity for 30 minutes, the sync frequency for events and tasks changes to 30 minutes.

How do I add a Salesforce button to Outlook?

Take the following steps to enable the Salesforce for Outlook Add-In in Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013/2016:Click File | Options | Add-Ins.Click the Manage drop-down menu and select Disabled Items and click on Go…If the Salesforce add in is listed, select it and click Enable.More items…

How does Salesforce work with Outlook?

Salesforce for Outlook, an application that you install, automatically syncs contacts, events, and tasks between Outlook and Salesforce. And most importantly, you can see Salesforce contacts and leads related to your Outlook emails.

How do I connect Outlook 365 to Salesforce?

Set Up the Outlook IntegrationClick. … Enter Outlook in the Quick Find box, and then select Outlook Integration and Sync.Turn on the Outlook integration.Ensure that Use Enable Enhanced Email with Outlook is on to log emails as standard message objects and activate Email to Salesforce.More items…

How do I connect my email to Salesforce?

Set Up Email to SalesforceFrom your personal settings, enter Email to Salesforce in the Quick Find box, then select My Email to Salesforce.Enter your own email address in My Acceptable Email Addresses . … Under Email Associations, select options as needed.More items…

How do I sync my Salesforce email?

You will need to connect your email account on the connections tab, and connect to Salesforce when prompted in the Sync pane. Next, use the Email tab at the top right to set up syncing. Select the email account where the emails to sync are located and choose the syncing options you desire.

Is there a Salesforce plugin for Outlook?

To use the integration, each Outlook user needs the Salesforce add-in for Microsoft Outlook. How you get the add-in is up to your Salesforce admin and your IT department. After the add-in is installed, launch it in Outlook, connect your email account, and then manage the add-in like you do other Microsoft add-ins.

How do I add Salesforce to Outlook browser?

From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Outlook , and then select Outlook Integration and Sync.Enable Let users access Salesforce records from Outlook.If reps use Outlook on the web, in the Microsoft Outlook Web App Domain section, add the domains that you want to allow access to Salesforce.

What is the difference between Salesforce for Outlook and lightning for Outlook?

Lightning for Outlook can link emails to Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, and Cases. It can also relate Events to records within Salesforce, however if you’re looking for a more automated sync of Events, you’ll need to look into Lightning Sync.

How does Salesforce help with productivity?

If both Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce are essential to your daily work routine, you can boost your productivity by automatically syncing your data between the two systems, create tasks, associate emails from your Outlook to records in your Salesforce organization and more.

Can you create Salesforce records in Outlook?

Relate email or Events and attachments to Salesforce records, and create Salesforce records directly in Outlook.

Can you add email to Salesforce?

Let your users add email to Salesforce records. Email to Salesforce lets users assign emails to leads, contacts, opportunities, and other specific records in Salesforce. That way, it’s easy to track sales-related communications.

How to add email to Salesforce?

1. Select an email in Outlook. The side panel displays Salesforce records related to the contacts in your email. 2. Next to each Salesforce record to which you’re adding your email, click . After you add the email, the added email indicator appears next to those records. 3. Keep track of the records to which you added your email. You’ll add events the same way you add emails. Just select an event from your Outlook calendar and go through the same steps.

How to sync Salesforce with Outlook?

If you choose to specify the items you want to sync, you’ll do it like this. 1. Select items you want to sync. You can select multiple items when you press CTRL while clicking the items. 2. Right-click a selected item, then select Categorize > Sync with Salesforce . The items will sync automatically during the next sync cycle.

What is the Salesforce side panel?

When you select an email from the Inbox or an event from the Calendar in Outlook, the Salesforce Side Panel displays related Salesforce contact and lead details directly in Outlook. After your administrator enables the side panel in your Outlook configuration, the side panel displays up to 10 contacts and leads from your email’s or event’s From, To, and Cc fields. In addition, the Salesforce Side Panel:

Does Salesforce work with Outlook?

Salesforce for Outlook Salesforce for Outlook v3.0.0 or later after Salesforce Disables TL S 1.0 encryption protocol. version Default email program Any of the following versions of Microsoft®Outlook with the latest updates.

Why is Salesforce installed in Outlook?

Installing Salesforce for Outlook will help salespeople access and manage Outlook data and Salesforce records in one single place. This makes it easier for them to create target email communications to prospects, which eventually drives more leads and sales. With Revenue Grid, companies can quickly connect Salesforce with Outlook and avoid all the hassles when using Salesforce for Outlook application.

How to sync Salesforce with Office 365?

Then, open the Sidebar in Microsoft Outlook and log in to the Revenue Grid for Salesforce add-in. Follow the instructions as stated to connect Salesforce with Office 365 and choose which data you want to sync.

How to install Salesforce on Google Chrome?

To install Salesforce for Gmail, all you need to do is add the Revenue Grid for Salesforce Extension to your Google Chrome. Sign in to Gmail and grant Revenue Grid permission to work with your Gmail and Google Calendar data. Then, authorize the Revenue Grid Chrome Extension to access your Salesforce data.

Why integrate Salesforce with Outlook?

For example, using Outlook, salespeople can send emails to communicate with potential clients, store client data, and make appointments.

When will Salesforce stop serving Outlook?

Salesforce for Outlook hasn’t supported new users since Winter 2019. The application will stop serving existing users starting in June 2021 and ending with full retirement in June 2023.

Does Salesforce sync with Outlook?

Another worthy note is that Salesforce Outlook Integration doesn’t sync some types of data, for example, opportunities, calls, and meetings. That means you still have to switch between Salesforce and Outlook to get that information.

Does Salesforce require Outlook 2013?

Even though Salesforce encourages users to switch to Lighting for Outlook (also called Salesforce Outlook Integration) after the application retires, Lighting for Outlook requires at least Outlook 2013 for Windows.


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