How do i know if salesforce shield is enabled


Just check whether you can see ‘Platform Encryption’ in your quick find search (Administration Setup–>Security controls–>platform encryption). If platform encryption is available, it means your org has shield licenses September 27, 2018


What do users say about Salesforce shield?

“ Salesforce Shield enabled us to understand with a deeper level of granularity what’s happening in the environment and even prevent bad things from happening.” “ Event Monitoring is a really fantastic part of the platform. We’re able to look at who is logging in from where.

How to enable shield platform encryption in Salesforce Developer Edition?

Contact Salesforce to get one. Shield Platform Encryption is automatically available in Developer Edition orgs created on or after the Summer of 2015. Assign permissions. To enable Shield Platform Encryption, you need the Customize Application and Manage Encryption Keys permissions.

How to check if a field is encrypted in Salesforce?

As per Shield Platform Encryption, data at rest is encrypted and Salesforce has turned off the masking. Only way to check the field is encrypted or not is to go to custom fiels and check whether encrypted check box is checked or not, for standard fields- you need to go platform encryption–>encryption policy–>encrypt fields.

How secure is your Salesforce data?

Most Salesforce customers secure their data very effectively using the host of other available security features that Salesforce offers. For example, field-level security allows you control over who can access and edit certain fields on specific records.


Is Salesforce shield an add on?

Salesforce Shield is available as an add-on and is priced at a percentage of a customer’s total Salesforce product spend.

How do I use Salesforce shield?

0:301:39Salesforce Shield – Product Demo – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd software with simple point-and-click tools you can encrypt fields files. And attachments at theMoreAnd software with simple point-and-click tools you can encrypt fields files. And attachments at the UI level and easily manage encryption keys by rotating the exporting and destroying keys.

How do I know if I have Salesforce shield?

Contact Salesforce to get Shield Platform Encryption License. Shield Platform Encryption is automatically available in Developer Edition orgs created on or after the Summer of 2015.Check this permission are available in case if you have Licensed.

How do I turn on Salesforce shield?

Turning on Shield Platform Encryption is as easy as 1-2-3.Provision your license. Contact Salesforce to get one. … Assign permissions.To enable Shield Platform Encryption, you need the Customize Application and Manage Encryption Keys permissions. … Enable Shield Platform Encryption for your org.

What is included with Salesforce shield?

There are three primary features provided within Salesforce Shield – Shield Platform Encryption, Event Monitoring, and Field Audit Trail.

Do I need Salesforce shield to be Hipaa compliant?

Salesforce can be HIPAA compliant, but you must talk to your account representative to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). You can connect Salesforce to “Shield” premium services for additional monitoring, encryption, and auditing.

How do I enable encryption policy in Salesforce?

Generate a Tenant SecretFrom Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Platform Encryption, and then select Key Management.Select Data in Salesforce from the Choose Tenant Secret Type list. Tenant secret types allow you to specify which kind of data you want to encrypt with a tenant secret. … Select Generate Tenant Secret.

What’s the difference between classic encryption and shield platform encryption?

Classic encryption lets you protect a special type of custom text field, which you create for that purpose. With Shield Platform Encryption, you can encrypt a variety of widely used standard fields, along with some custom fields and many kinds of files.

What is Salesforce Shield event monitoring?

Event Monitoring, a part of Salesforce Shield, gives you access to detailed performance, security, and usage data on all your Salesforce apps in order to monitor critical business data, understand user adoption across your apps, and troubleshoot and optimize custom application performance.

What is shield platform encryption?

Shield Platform Encryption allows you to natively encrypt your most sensitive data at rest across all your Salesforce apps. Encrypting data at rest adds another layer of protection to PII, sensitive, confidential, or proprietary data. It also helps you meet both external and internal data compliance policies while keeping critical app functionality — like search, workflow, and validation rules. You keep full control over encryption keys and can set encrypted data permissions to protect sensitive data from unauthorized users. See Shield Platform Encryption.

What is event monitoring in Salesforce?

Real-Time Event Monitoring gives you access to detailed performance, security, and usage data on all your Salesforce apps. See who is accessing critical business data when, and from where. Understand user adoption across your apps. Troubleshoot and optimize performance to improve end-user experience. Event Monitoring data is tracked via the API and can be imported into any data visualization or application monitoring tool, like Analytics, Splunk, or New Relic. To get started, check out our Event Monitoring training course.

Is field data encrypted?

You’re all set. Field values are encrypted only in records created or updated after encryption is enabled. Remember, encryption doesn’t take the place of field-level access controls. Encrypted data looks just like unencrypted data from the user’s point of view.

Does Doc Mosey use Salesforce?

Now that Doc Mosey has his clinic all set up, he needs to make sure that his electronic patient records and online patient portal are ready for action. He’s done his homework and has decided to use Salesforce to meet regulatory requirements for securing access to health records. Roles and profiles help regulate internal access to certain records: Nurses have access to health records and lab results, office assistants can update contact and basic record information, and patients are able to update personal information and print prescriptions online.

Does Doc Mosey update tenant secrets?

Doc Mosey is fastidiously clean by trade and habit, and he encourages you to regularly update your org’s tenant secret. Just like updating a password, frequently updating tenant secrets reduces the likelihood that malicious third parties can brute-force their way into your org.

Why is shield platform encryption important?

Shield Platform Encryption gives customers an encryption advantage because it allows you to prove compliance with regulatory and industry requirements and show that you meet contractual obligations for securing private data in the cloud. Turning on Shield Platform Encryption is as easy as 1-2-3.

How often does Salesforce generate a master secret?

And we make it exceptionally difficult for anyone to access these secrets. Salesforce generates a new master secret three times a year, with each release.

What is Salesforce at rest?

“At rest” means any data that’s inactive or stored in files, spreadsheets, standard and custom fields, and even databases and data warehouses.

What is a secret in a security system?

Secrets are pieces of keys. That is, they work together in a variety of ways to secure your data. Secrets combine to create encryption keys, allow servers to double-check and verify that a key is up to date, and verify that requests for access to your data are from authorized key holders.

Can you encrypt data in Salesforce?

If it’s recorded digitally, you can encrypt it. Shield Platform Encryption encrypts data at rest, meaning that we encrypt it when it’s being stored within Salesforce.

Do companies have to keep customer data secure?

That depends on your industry, its regulatory requirements, and the kind of data you work with. Most companies and organizations are subject to some kind of regulation when keeping customer data secure . Also, contractual obligations and internal compliance policies often emphasize protecting client and customer data.

Does Salesforce have encryption?

With classic encryption, you can protect a special type of custom text field that you create for data you want to en crypt. The custom field is protected with industry-standard 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) keys.


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