How do i know if my salesforce has npsp


If you see Nonprofit Success Pack in the list of installed packages, you have the most up-to-date version of the NPSP Product. If you don’t have Nonprofit Success Pack installed, but see packages from or Foundation with Version Numbers starting with 1 or 2, you have the older product Nonprofit Starter Pack.

Determine Your NPSP Product

If you don’t have Nonprofit Success Pack installed, but see packages from or Foundation with Version Numbers starting with 1 or 2, you have the older product Nonprofit Starter Pack.Oct 30, 2018


Does your customer need to follow Salesforce NPSP releases?

But NPSP’s aren’t the only major releases he needs to follow. Like NPSP, the Salesforce platform is constantly evolving. We also deliver new functionality to customers three times a year in the Spring, Summer, and Winter releases. Salesforce platform releases arrive about a month before each of the seasonal NPSP and Nonprofit Cloud releases.

How often does NPSP release new features?

We release new NPSP features three times each year—Winter, Spring, and Summer—to allow you time to learn about, implement, and test these new tools. These changes are pushed to sandboxes first and production two weeks later.

What is NPSP and why do I need It?

That outline is NPSP. It gets nonprofit organizations up and running quickly with prebuilt constituent and donor management components. Why Do I Need to Install NPSP Into a Trailhead Playground?

How do I log in to Salesforce for the first time?

Now all Michael (or you) needs to do to log in to Salesforce for the very first time is follow these instructions: Sign in to your email account. Open and read the welcome email from Salesforce. If you don’t have this email or aren’t sure if you’ve received it, check with your Salesforce admin and confirm that you have an active user account.


How do I find my Npsp version in Salesforce?

Navigate to the NPSP Release Announcements page. Scroll through the messages to find the version that was pushed to production orgs closest to (but not after) your installation date. This will be the version that was originally installed in your org.

Is Salesforce Npsp free?

The Power of Us Program includes 10 free subscriptions of Sales & Service Cloud Enterprise Edition for all eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

What is included in Npsp Salesforce?

Top Features of Salesforce NPSPConstituent / Donor Management. At the core of most Nonprofits are their Constituent & Donors. … Donation and Grant Management. As a Non Profit you would like to be on top of Donation and Grants. … Engagement Management. … Volunteer Management. … Campaign Management. … Analytics. … Mobile.

Is Npsp the same as nonprofit cloud?

One of the most popular of these apps, Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), is the foundation of Nonprofit Cloud. NPSP provides a common data model that supports the entire constituent journey, including donation management, seasonal address management, campaign management, and pre-configured reports and dashboards.

How much is Npsp?

NPSP is free to use, however it sits on top of Sales & Service Cloud which attracts a monthly rate of $150/mo for Enterprise Edition and $300/mo for Unlimited Edition.

What is non profit Cloud Salesforce?

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud software is an end-to-end platform that is designed for fundraising organizations, educational institutions, and other nonprofits entities to expand their reach digitally, deepen their connections with the people, streamline their internal management by keeping track of the people they work …

How do I get Npsp?

To install NPSP on an existing Salesforce organization:Visit the NPSP Installer page.Log in to your Salesforce organization by clicking Log In, choosing Production or Developer Edition org or Sandbox org, and entering your login credentials.Review the installation list and click Install.More items…•

How do I use Npsp in Salesforce?

2:2551:51Get Started: Salesforce Fundamentals for Nonprofits #1 – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipOnce you’re ready to get going in salesforce. So our agenda for today. We’re going to go ahead andMoreOnce you’re ready to get going in salesforce. So our agenda for today. We’re going to go ahead and talk about what is salesforce. Do an introduction to how sales sources work with nonprofits.

Is Npsp a Sales Cloud?

The major difference between Sales Cloud and NPSP is the data model that serves as the base for the two solutions. Sales Cloud is typically oriented towards a business-to-business (B2B) model, while NPSP is a business-to-consumer (B2C) model.

What is Npsp Cloud?

A: Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a specific product within Nonprofit Cloud. NPSP is data architecture that sits on top of Salesforce and is preconfigured for the types of use cases that nonprofits need, supporting Donations, Households, and more. Nonprofit Cloud on the other hand, encompasses much more.

Can Salesforce be used by nonprofits?

Is Salesforce good for nonprofits? Yes! In this post, we’ll walk through how you can use built-in Salesforce features as well as powerful Salesforce apps and integrations to manage all of your most vital nonprofit initiatives and actually enhance your strategies through your CRM’s innovative functionality.

What is Salesforce PMM?

Program Management Module (PMM) is a standard framework for NGOs to track Programs, Services, Constituents’ or Cohorts’ Program Engagements and Service Delivery and extract meaningful outputs data. It is free and open source and integrates with NPSP.

How long does Salesforce take to implement?

According to DNL OmniMedia’s guide to Salesforce for nonprofits, implementation can take approximately 1.5 years for a mid-sized organization. Because the process does require a large investment of time and resources, it’s critical to understand what you’re working with from the start.

Is Salesforce free for 10 licenses?

Plus, it’s free – or at least, free for 10 licenses.

Is Salesforce NPSP a panacea?

Based on all of this, it may be tempting to believe that Salesforce NPSP is a panacea for all of your donor engagement and data management needs. However, to maximize the potential of Salesforce, you need a solid understanding of the platform, an additional toolkit for fundraising and marketing, and a strategic implementation plan.

Is Salesforce a CRM?

With 19.5% of the global market share, Salesforce is the world’s most popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. But it’s not just businesses who can take advantage of this powerful platform. In addition to enterprise solutions, Salesforce offers an open source tool for social good organizations called the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).

Is Salesforce NPSP a complete solution?

Next, remember that Salesforce NPSP is not a complete solution. Storing and analyzing data means that the data may also be coming from external sources. This is what makes Salesforce NPSP infinitely customizable; it’s intended for use alongside other apps like your online donation tool or email marketing software.

What is the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack?

The Nonprofit Success Pack NPSP sits on top of Salesforce Enterprise Edition, it is a collection of organized packages designed and maintained by, available for free through the Salesforce AppExchange. For-profits, you can utilize it to track sales leads, marketing initiatives, and clients.

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack Data Model

The household name format is the format that the NPSP uses to determine the household account name. NPSP offers you numerous different options above the default option of {Last Name} Household. Let’s take a look at how NMH customizes its household naming settings.

Opportunity Rollups

Opportunity rollups show data and information from corresponding records, including aggregate totals. In other words, rollup fields let information from one record automatically “ roll up ” and emerge on another related record.

What is Salesforce Success Pack?

The Nonprofit Success Pack uses the standard Salesforce objects specifically to organize nonprofit data: Accounts are used to organize records about supporters’ households, companies, and other sources of funding. Contacts track data about individual stakeholders such as donors, volunteers, members, etc.

What are the tabs on Salesforce?

Standard objects that are a part of Salesforce include accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities. You can also create custom objects to track specific priorities. Fields: Every object has fields attached to it.

What is Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce is a powerful constituent relationship management (CRM) solution. There’s a reason it’s one of the most commonly used for organizations of all types: it’s completely customizable. For-profits can use it to track sales leads, clients, and marketing initiatives. Meanwhile, nonprofits can use this donor management solution …

Is Salesforce a versatile tool?

Salesforce is incredibly versatile. You can use it for all sorts of activities and functions. If you’re unsure about how to configure your solution to fit all of your needs, or simply want to ensure you’ve gotten the most out of it , you can always talk to a consultant.

1. Understand the pain

Talk to your team to figure out why you need a new CRM and build your case around it.. Ask these questions:

2. Prioritize your requirements

Know what is truly important to you and your team and what you can’t live without. What can you get from third party applications and/or customizations? If you had to choose between a payment integration and marketing automation platform, which would it be? Make sure you know what you want AND the order of importance.

3. Know your goals

Many organizations benefit from working with a consultant to help plan and implement their Salesforce implementations. By identifying goals, this will not only help you to be more efficient when you talk to consultants about what your needs are, it will also help you show ROI. Here are some examples of appropriate CRM implementation goals:

4. Identify the stakeholders

At a minimum, you should identify the following roles in your CRM implementation project:

What is Salesforce Home?

Just like an actual home in the real world, you can think of your Salesforce Home as the place to go to feel grounded. It’s designed to help you manage your day and keep you focused on what’s important. After you log in to Salesforce, you can click the Home tab on the navigation bar anytime you need to center yourself.

Why is Michael surprised that his home page is already full of information?

That’s because the team has been eagerly awaiting Michael’s arrival and has already assigned him a task, invited him to an event, added him to groups, and given him access to key dashboards (advocacy waits for no one!).

Why Do I Need to Install NPSP Into a Trailhead Playground?

Just like many other apps available on the Salesforce AppExchange, NPSP consists of several “managed packages.” A managed package is a bundle of customized Salesforce components like objects, page layouts, report types, workflow automation, and lots more.

Wait, What is a Trailhead Playground?

Much like a real playground, a Trailhead Playground is a place for you to, well, play. It’s a test environment where you can explore and make customizations without impacting anything else (especially your production org, the place where your organization has active users accessing mission critical data).

Create a Trailhead Playground

Before you can install NPSP into a Trailhead Playground, you first need to create the Playground itself.

Find Your Username and Reset Your Password

Once you have your new Playground created, you’ll need your assigned username to move forward with this project. You’ll also need to reset — and remember — your password.


To complete this step and move on, launch your Trailhead Playground and click Verify to check that it’s set up. If that seems too easy, just stay with us. You’ll have plenty to do in your Playground in the next step!

What is NPSP in Power of Us?

NPSP is a mature, industry standard-data model with objects and capabilities to help manage your income streams, inbound grants, and programs in one place . Your first 10 subscriptions are FREE as part of our Power of Us Program. Learn More Watch Product Demo. Let Us Help You Get Started. Get to Know the Product.

What is a nonprofit success pack?

Nonprofit Success Pack is the Foundation of Nonprofit Cloud. Many of our customers start their Nonprofit Cloud journey with the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) which takes the world’s #1 CRM and reimagines it for your nonprofit organization. NPSP is a mature, industry standard-data model with objects and capabilities to help manage your income …


Nonprofit Success Pack starting with version number 3 is the current version of the NPSP product. If you have version 3.x installed, you automatically receive NPSP updates.

Determine Your NPSP Product

From Setup, enter Installed Packages in the Quick Find box, then click Installed Packages.


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