How do i give salesforce support access to my salesforce


  • Log in to Salesforce.
  • In the upper right, click My Settings (or click on your name, then click My Settings)
  • In “Quick Find” search field, enter ” Grant ” and click Grant Login Access.
  • Set the Access Duration option to Support . Note: Access for technical escalations must be set for a minimum of one month.
  • Click Save.
Salesforce Classic
  1. Log in to Salesforce.
  2. In the upper right, click My Settings (or click on your name, then click My Settings)
  3. In “Quick Find” search field, enter “Grant” and click Grant Login Access.
  4. Set the Access Duration option to Support. …
  5. Click Save.


How do I contact Salesforce?

Understand Account and Contact Relationships

  • Contacts to Multiple Accounts. Your contacts might work with more than one company. …
  • Use Relationship Details to Help Close Deals. …
  • Define Company Relationships with Account Hierarchies. …
  • Best Practices for Establishing Account Hierarchies. …
  • Define Employee Roles with Account Teams. …

How do I log into Salesforce?

How do I access Salesforce for the first time?

  • Check your email for your login information.
  • Click the link provided in the email. The link logs you in to the site automatically.
  • The site prompts you to set a password and choose a security question and answer to verify your identity in case you forget your password.

How to log into Salesforce?

To log in to your production Salesforce site:

  • Start the app by tapping the Salesforce icon on your home screen. You see the login page.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Tap Log In .

How to give access to external users in Salesforce?

  • To Share with particular Users click on ‘Share with people’.
  • Type the Search choose the Name of the User and to whom the File needs to be shared.
  • Specify the user is either a ‘Viewer’ or ‘Collaborator’ to the File being shared.

How do I grant access to classic Salesforce?

Users can’t see the option ‘Switch to Salesforce Classic’Navigate to Setup | Users | Profiles.Click the User’s profile.Click on System Permission.Click on Edit.Deselect Hide Option to Switch to Salesforce Classic permission if it’s enabled.Click on Save.

How do I grant a temporary access to Salesforce?

Click on the logged in user’s avatar in the top right-hand side of the screen and choose Settings. Click on Grant Account Login Access. Use the Access Duration picklist to set the number of days to allow Login Access. Click Save.

How do I give someone access to my Salesforce Sandbox?

You can grant acccess to other users by navigating to Setup, and selecting “Users”. You can either create a new user for your colleague, or you can see if they already exist.

What permission is required to login as another user in Salesforce?

Note An admin logged in as another user can’t then grant login access to that user. The user needs to log in directly and grant login access first….Required Editions and User Permissions.User Permissions NeededTo log in as another user:Modify All Data

What does grant access mean?

Definition of grant/deny access to : to give/refuse permission to see He was granted/denied access to the report.

How do I contact Salesforce support?

⚠️ Standard Success Plan Customers: If you have not purchased a Salesforce Success Plan, please note that phone support is only available for Severity Level 1- Business Stopping Issues….AMER.Region or CountryToll Free Phone NumberAvailable LanguagesAMER1-800-667-6389EnglishCanada1-877-282-1987French, English

Can anyone log into a Salesforce sandbox?

Users can log in to the sandbox at by appending . sandbox_name to their Salesforce usernames. For example, if a username for a production org is , and the sandbox is named “test,” the modified username to log in to the sandbox is .

What is subscriber access in Salesforce?

Salesforce has a subscriber organization page where you can directly access your customers’ organization. A permission to access a customer’s organization must be granted first by the customer. Otherwise, you cannot include that customer in your Subscriber Organizations list.

What is sandbox URL in Salesforce?

Users can log in to an active sandbox by using the following URL: and entering a modified username, which is from production, with a suffix for the name of the sandbox. Here our Sandbox name is DevSandbox.

Where is manage external user in Salesforce?

Administrative PermissionsNavigate to Setup | Manage Users | Profiles | System Administrator. ‘Manage External Users’ is in the ‘Administrative Permissions’ section.

How do I make someone an admin in Salesforce?

Create a new System Administrator User In Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience:Go to: … Click New User then enter your new User details.In the ‘User License’ field, select Salesforce.In the ‘Profile’ field, select System Administrator.Select Generate new password and notify user immediately.Click Save.More items…

How do I manage users in Salesforce?

Your Salesforce edition determines the maximum number of users that you can add….From the user list, you can:Create one user or multiple users.Reset passwords for selected users.Edit a user.View a user’s detail page by clicking the name, alias, or username.View or edit a profile by clicking the profile name.More items…

What is access settings?

Access settings determine other functions, such as access to Apex classes, app visibility, and the hours when users can log in.

What is a permission set in a profile?

In Profiles? In Permission Sets? Use profiles and permission sets to grant access but not to deny access. Permission granted from either a profile or permission set is honored. For example, if Transfer Record isn’t enabled in a profile but is enabled in a permission set, she can transfer records regardless of whether she owns them.

How to manage Salesforce account?

You can manage your account by clicking the Setup gear in the top right corner of Salesforce and selecting Your Account (Lightning Experience), or using this link .

How to make a one time payment on Salesforce?

To make a one-time credit card payment of an invoice: Navigate to Your Account. Click “View Your Invoices” in the right box. You will be redirected to Salesforce Checkout. Click the “Pay Invoice” button in the Invoices section of the homepage of Checkout.

How to view past statements in Salesforce?

Click “View Your Statements” in the right box. You will be redirected to Salesforce Checkout, where you can view all past Salesforce statements. Click the “Payments” tab for more detail.

Where is my credit card info?

In the upper right corner are your credit card details.

What to do if someone has access to your sandbox?

If any other person has access the sandbox contact this person and re-activate your user and reset your password.

How to create a user in Sandbox?

In the sandbox, you can create an user by going to setup>manage users>users and create an user record with the third parties email id, select the correct profile & role so that the third party user will have necessary access to sandbox.

How to login to sandbox from production?

You can also login from production, by going to Setup>Deploy>Sandboxes and clicking login link available there!


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