How do i get the groove icon in salesforce


In the To: box, include a recipient who is a lead or contact in Salesforce; ideally, a test/dummy lead or contact in your Salesforce for the first go at it 3. Draft a message 4a. Users on Outlook web: Open Groove by clicking the Groove icon in your Message Surface. If it’s not there, you can open it by clicking the 3 dots and selecting Open Groove


What is groove in Salesforce?

Groove helps you to manage another task on your to-do list by allowing you to take notes on your calendar events with ease. Now, instead of scouring through the immense amount of data stored in your Salesforce, quickly search for your meeting notes in Groove’s Omnibar.

What are the available custom icons available in Salesforce?

Custom icons are available in Salesforce to represent user created objects. <aura:component> <p class=”slds-box slds-text-heading_small”>Action icons represent actions a user can take.

What are doctype and utility icons in Salesforce?

Doctype icons represent a type of file when a preview or image is unavailable. Standard icons represent entities and objects within Salesforce. Utility icons are used throughout the interface and are SVGs for extensibility. Custom icons are available in Salesforce to represent user created objects.

How do I use omnibar in the groove interface?

In the new Groove interface, now you have access to the power of Omnibar directly from your Flow worksteps, Actions, Spaces, the Accounts Page, and the People Page! Open Omnibar in its own window and place it wherever you’d like.


How do you send a groove email?

For ‘Send an Email’ Steps:Send each email individually or you can do send in bulk by clicking ‘Send All’ in the upper right hand corner.Schedule individual or all emails by checking the đź•› (clock) icon next to the ‘Send’ and ‘Send all’ button.

How do you add people on groove?

Account owners and admins have the power to invite new users to Groove. To invite a new user, go into your account Settings > Organization > Users and click the + Add User button in the left sidebar. Fill in your new user’s name and email address, and select whether they’re a regular agent or an admin.

How do you make a master flow in groove?

Setting up a Master FlowClick on the đź‘Ą icon at the top right of your flow.Share this flow with: whichever users or teams you’d like to give access to, and decide whether they have add/edit access.Click Advanced Sharing Settings, and switch from an Individual Flow to a Master Flow.Click Share.

Does salesforce own groove?

Groove is the first sales engagement platform built for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

How do I create a Groovemember membership?

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Get the Most out of Salesforce with Groove Insights

Groove Insights is an advanced reporting suite for Salesforce that can be installed

What’s Included in Groove Insights?

Groove Insights is a compilation of key Salesforce reports, dashboards, and fields that help capture and display engagement data as well as provide you with critical insights into your revenue operations that aren’t limited to Groove activity and engagement data.

Featured Reports

Top active new business accounts with open opportunities sorted by contact engagement over the last 30 days. Showcases which accounts are most active and engaged so you can focus on your hottest opportunities first.

How do I install Groove Insights?

Groove Insights is delivered as an “unmanaged package” for Salesforce that can be installed with a single click. Once installed by your Salesforce Administrator, you can fully customize and/or modify the standard reports to align with your unique business needs.

Requirements for Groove Insights

API Naming Conflicts: Salesforce does not allow any API naming conflicts between your existing instance and a new Unmanaged package, so you will need to work with your Account executive or Customer Success Manager to ensure a smooth and seamless installation. Typically, we export your existing data and re-import it after the Salesforce upgrade.


To add the integration to your Groove account go to Settings > Integrations (beta) and click Connect for the Salesforce integration. Within the newly opened modal click the button to Install App.


To uninstall the Salesforce integration, simply to back to Settings > Integrations (beta), click on Configure, and click Uninstall App.

What is groove Salesforce?

Groove is the leading sales engagement platform for enterprises using Salesforce, specializing in ease-of-use, ease-of-administration, and cross-team collaboration. Built for the needs of full-cycle sellers, Groove automates non-sales activities so that reps can spend more time building relationships and generating revenue. Groove’s Salesforce-native architecture ensures more accurate reporting and forecasting, lower compliance risk with global privacy laws, and streamlined administration.

How to boost meeting rates?

Significantly boost your meeting rates by reducing your speed-to-lead down to seconds.

Example Options

Basic Icons Action icons, doctype icons, standard icons, utility icons, and custom icons.

Basic Icons

Action icons represent actions a user can take.

How does groove work?

Groove helps you to manage another task on your to-do list by allowing you to take notes on your calendar events with ease. Now, instead of scouring through the immense amount of data stored in your Salesforce, quickly search for your meeting notes in Groove’s Omnibar. Check out your Activity History for any lead, contact or account, and search key words to find the exact meeting and any notes taken on that meeting!

How to create a contact in Salesforce?

Quickly create a contact or lead by clicking the ‘+’ icon , if someone on the meeting is not in Salesforce yet

What is the back button on the Omnibar?

Back button ( < ): takes you to the very last record you viewed in your Omnibar. This button is only enabled if you have a record to go back to

What happens if you pop out Omnibar?

If you pop-out Omnibar, you will have a new history (since it’s opened on a different window)

What happens if you move to a different page in Groove?

If you move to a different page within Groove, your history will stay intact

Where is the search bar in Salesforce?

Use the search bar at the top of your Omnibar to find any Salesforce contact, lead, account, opportunity, or custom object that you’re looking for details on.

Does Omnibar work in Salesforce?

Works in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning. If you open Omnibar and navigate to another page, it will stay open for you


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