How do i get the groove component in salesforce lightning

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How to create a component in Salesforce Lightning?

Create a lightning App and add you component here and click on right side preview button This will open application and you can see your component.. You can also use Lightning App builder.. Note: You need to add implement in your component. Thanks for contributing an answer to Salesforce Stack Exchange!

Can I use Salesforce Lightning components in aura?

Lightning web components are supported in many Salesforce targets and tools. To use a Lightning web component in an unsupported target or tool, wrap it in an Aura component. The Lightning Component Library is your hub for Lightning UI developer information, including reference information, this developer guide, and Lightning Locker tools.

How do I link my Org to a lightning component?

Alternatively, click Link to your org at the top right on the public site. The authenticated site has more features for the Component Reference. View Lightning components that are unique to your org.

How do I expose a component as a picklist in Lightning?

You can expose a component property as a picklist when the component is configured in the Lightning App Builder. The picklist’s values are provided by an Apex class that you create. Every standard Lightning page is associated with a default template component, which defines the page’s regions and what components the page includes.

How do I see custom components in Salesforce lightning?

Test the Custom Component Let’s look at it in the Salesforce mobile app first. Open the app on your mobile device. If necessary, log in using your Trailhead Playground credentials. Go to the Top Accounts and Opportunities page in the Sales app and scroll down until you see the new component.

Where are the settings on groove?

You can manage Settings for the whole organization by clicking the Organization Wide Default page. Any settings applied here will be set for anyone in your Groove Organization. You can find this in your Manage My Org page here, and scroll down to Profile Settings.

How do I find the Lightning Web component?

From Setup, enter Lightning Components in the Quick Find box, then select Lightning Components.

How do I enable lightning component tab in Salesforce?

Create a custom tab for this component.From Setup, enter Tabs in the Quick Find box, then select Tabs.Click New in the Lightning Component Tabs related list.Select the Lightning component that you want to make available to users.Enter a label to display on the tab.Select the tab style and click Next.More items…

How do I change my Groove Music settings?

In the Groove Music app window, tap the “Settings” option placed at the bottom left side of the screen. Tap the “Equalizer” button placed under the “Playback” section. NOTE: You will only see this option after installing the latest update of the Groove Music app.

Where is Groove Music app located?

The built-in Groove Music app is a Store app and is stored (like the other MS Store apps) in the hidden and protected C:\Program Files\WindowsApps folder.

How do I get the LWC component in VS Code?

How to import LWC component from ORG to VSCODE?Created a new Manifest project.Connected to my sandbox org (not scratch).Right clicked on Package. xml under Manifest & selected – Retrieve source in Manifest from Org.

How do I preview a LWC component in Salesforce?

In your project, right-click your component folder and select SFDX: Preview Component Locally. In the Command Palette, enter preview component , and select SFDX: Preview Component Locally.

What are the lightning web components in Salesforce?

Lightning Web Components is the Salesforce implementation of that new breed of lightweight frameworks built on web standards. It leverages custom elements, templates, shadow DOM, decorators, modules, and other new language constructs available in ECMAScript 7 and beyond.

How do I show LWC components in tab?

How to add Lightning Web Components as Custom Tabs in SalesforceClick on Gear Icon and then click on “Setup”Enter “Tabs” in the Quick Find box and click on “Tabs”Click on “New” button in Lightning Components Tabs.Then Select your LWC component.

How do I add a tab to the lightning app in Salesforce?

Add a tab in Salesforce Lightning ExperienceClick Setup.Enter App Manager in the ‘Quick Find’ search box.Click the down arrow next to the App and then click Edit.In the App Settings, click Navigation Items.Select the items you want from ‘Available Items’ and add them to ‘Selected Items. ‘Click Save.

What is lightning component tab?

A lightning-tab component keeps related content in a single container. The tab content displays when a user clicks the tab. Use lightning-tab as a child of the lightning-tabset component. This component inherits styling from tabs in the Lightning Design System.

Component Reference

The Component Reference is where you find the details about each Lightning component. It documents the full set of base components for both the Lightning Web Components and Aura programming models.

Locker Console and Locker API Viewer Tools

The Locker Console and Locker API Viewer help you develop secure JavaScript code that is compatible and runs efficiently with Lightning Locker.

Component Reference Examples

The component examples run in playgrounds. To experiment with an example, modify it and click Run. You can also play with the component examples at

Known Issues and Limitations for the Component Reference

The Component Reference is a work in progress. Here are some known issues.

Does Aura work on Lightning?

Custom Aura components don ’t work on Lightning pages or in the Lightning App Builder right out of the box. To use a custom component in either of these places, configure the component and its component bundle so that they’re compatible.

Can you use Aura components in Lightning?

There are a few steps to take before you can use your custom Aura components in either Lightning pages or the Lightning App Builder. After your component is set up to work on Lightning pages and in the Lightning App Builder, use these guidelines to configure the component so it works on record pages in Lightning Experience.

What is Lightning web component?

Lightning web components are custom HTML elements built using HTML and modern JavaScript. Lightning web components and Aura components can coexist and interoperate on a page. To admins and end users, they both appear as Lightning components.

Which is better, Lightning web or Aura?

How to Choose Lightning Web Components or Aura. Lightning web components perform better and are easier to develop than Aura components. However, when you develop Lightning web components, you also may need to use Aura, because LWC doesn’t yet support everything that Aura does. Set Up Your Development Environment.

Is Salesforce a member of the W3C?

Salesforce is committed to developing open web standards and is a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Salesforce developers are contributing members of the Ecma International Technical Committee 39 ( TC39 ), which is the committee that evolves JavaScript.

How many versions of Salesforce Knowledge are there?

Every Salesforce Knowledge article can have several versions: one draft, one published, and several archived versions, and each ofthese versions can have multiple translations. Thus, the total number of article versions in an org can be much higher than the numberof articles. When scaling your org, pay attention to both the total number of article versions and edition-specific limits on articles.

What is Lightning App Builder?

Use the Lightning App Builder to configure the default record page to match your users’ workflow. Your Lightning page consists ofarticle page layouts and the components you choose for your users.

What is target in Salesforce?

The target corresponds to the link’s target attribute in the source HTML. This target determineshow links open in Salesforce Classic and outside Salesforce, like in your Salesforce and ExperienceCloud sites.

What is sharing for Lightning Knowledge?

Sharing for Lightning Knowledge lets you take advantage of the features you already know, such as organization-wide defaults,access by owner role hierarchies, and criteria-based rules. When you make the switch to sharing for Lightning Knowledge, you canmanage article access based on fields within the article instead of data categories.

Can agents share articles in Salesforce?

Agents can insert links to articles from a Salesforce Site or Experience Cloud sites into the case feed .In Lightning Experience, your agents can share article URLs in email, social posts, and chat andmessaging conversations. In Salesforce Classic, your team can send article URLs in the email, social,and Experience Cloud publishers.

Is there a knowledge footer in Lightning?

The Knowledge footer is not in the Lightning Service Console. Instead, add the Knowledge component to any object’s record homepage. You can also create a global action or an object-specific quick action to create a knowledge article from any object. However,suggested articles and related actions are available only with cases.

Can you have multiple languages in Salesforce?

With multiple languages for Salesforce Knowledge, you can lower support costs by translatingarticles into the languages your audience prefers. After selecting your language settings, twotranslation methods are available: translating articles in-house using the editing tool in the knowledgebase, or sending articles to a localization vendor. Different languages can use different methods.For example, you may want to export articles to a vendor for French translations, but assign articlesto an internal Knowledge user for Spanish translations.

My Domain

Before we begin to deep dive into the development of Lightning Component we need few things to be enabled in our Developer Edition Org. First thing is to enable My Domain in the DE org. Enabling My Domain and activating it can take up to half an hour, therefore we need to have My Domain as early as possible for any development.

Chapter 2: Getting Started with Lightning Components

Before we dive into the abyss of Lightning, first we need to know that why we should use lightning and what are the benefits of using the Lightning Component. Its benefit includes the following features.

What Is the Lightning Components Framework?

It is a UI framework used for developing apps which run both on mobile devices and desktop, it makes use of single page application architecture using dynamic, responsive components for the interface. It implements JavaScript on the client side and Apex on the server side.

Where You Can Use Lightning Components

Lightning components can be used in many different ways, like customizing the org, standalone app and even apps that can be hosted on other platforms (using Lightning out).

Creating and Editing Lightning Components

Let’s begin writing some code and create awesome components for our org.

Create Lightning Components in the Developer Console

Click on file and then hover over the new menu and then click on Lightning Components, this will open another dialogue box as shown below.

What Is a Component?

A Component is a bundle which contains set files, written and wired in such a way that they accomplish a common business goal .They are coherent yet loosely coupled set of code and form the basic building block of Lightning Component Framework.

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