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If the Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Developer student reads the Marketing-Cloud-Developer braindumps properly and studies for at least 2 weeks, it is most likely that they will pass the Salesforce Marketer Marketing-Cloud-Developer certification exam.


How does Salesforce use the Marketing Cloud?

  • Tokenized Sending. Use Tokenized Sending to send contact data that is too sensitive to store in your Marketing Cloud account database.
  • Data at Rest Encryption. …
  • Marketing Cloud Shield. …
  • Expired Marketing Cloud Account Subscriptions. …
  • Suspended Marketing Cloud Account Subscriptions. …

What are the capabilities of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

The first set of tools aims to predict, route, and solve customer needs, while the second set — voice, video, and text capabilities for digital contact centers — let customers reach out in the most convenient channel for them. Amid the pandemic, customer service has arguably become more important than ever.

How to create an automation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Schedule Activities or Run Them Immediately

  • In Marketing Cloud, navigate to Automation Studio.
  • Click New Automation.
  • Enter a name for the automation, then choose whether to run the automation from a schedule or a file drop. …
  • Drag your activities to the step sequence in the order you want them to occur. …
  • Configure the activities in each step. …
  • Save the automation when you finish. …

How much does Salesforce Marketing Cloud Cost?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pricing Overview. Salesforce Marketing Cloud pricing starts at $4800.00. They do not have a free version. Salesforce Marketing Cloud does not offer a free trial. See additional pricing details below.


How do I access Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Log in to the Marketing Cloud Help PortalGo to Salesforce Help Portal.Click Login | Marketing Cloud Login.Enter your Marketing Cloud username and password.Click Login.

Is Marketing Cloud included in Salesforce?

The Marketing Cloud is connected to’s Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, which enables coordination that provides a unified experience and prevents customers from being contacted separately by marketers from all three groups.

How do I add a Marketing Cloud in Salesforce?

Install the Marketing Cloud Connect Managed PackageInstall the most recent version of a supported web browser.After login, select who to install the package for.Click Install.If prompted, grant access to these third-party websites.Click Continue.

Is Marketing Cloud separate from Salesforce?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is Salesforce’s platform (or “Cloud”) in the area of marketing automation and customer engagement. It is a SaaS platform made up of four “base versions,” each with different levels of functionality and multiple additional at-cost components that further increase functionality.

Can you use Marketing Cloud without Salesforce?

You can still use a code-free solution, but it requires a Salesforce Sales Cloud admin to design the “listener” in Process Builder rather than exclusively in Marketing Cloud. Alternative is entry about 1.5 hours after record change using scheduled automation, in which case all work can be done in Marketing Cloud.

What’s the difference between Salesforce and Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is built to identify leads and guide them toward your product or service, while Salesforce Sales Cloud is built to close deals and bring in revenue.

How do I connect to Marketing Cloud?

Those using Lightning Experience with Salesforce are automatically redirected to Salesforce Classic when Marketing Cloud Connect tabs are clicked.Upgrade to the Latest Marketing Cloud Connect Release. … Connect the Clouds with Marketing Cloud Connect. … Manage Marketing Cloud Connect Settings. … Email Sends.More items…

How do you set up a Marketing Cloud?

0:322:07Marketing Cloud Setup – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipLink I click on setup and I’m taken to the new home page the set up home page delivers a searchableMoreLink I click on setup and I’m taken to the new home page the set up home page delivers a searchable consolidated navigation in the left-hand rail. By using the new quick find bar administrators.

How do you create a Marketing Cloud?

Click Create on the Marketing Cloud Setup home screen to quickly add a new Marketing Cloud user to your account. Add basic name and contact information in the first step, then assign one or more Marketing Cloud roles in the second step.

How do you know which Cloud we are using in Salesforce?

check setup>compny information to see what licenses you have available in the org. Check individual user records to see whihc licenses they are using.

How old is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a provider of digital marketing automation and analytics software and services. It was founded in 2000 under the name ExactTarget. The company filed for an IPO in 2007, but withdrew its filing two years later and raised $145 million in funding.

What are the benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud and its Benefits?Create a customized and targeted customer journey. … Understand your consumer-base better. … Correctly engage your audience during every important customer touchpoint. … Create targeted CTAs (calls-to-action) … Power your efforts with data (analytics)More items…

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Marketing Cloud Pricing from Salesforce

Find Salesforce Marketing Cloud pricing and bundles here. This list of marketing automation pricing will help you discover the rate and bundle and number of licenses that is right for your company.

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What is changing?

The new Marketing Cloud login page will be available to all Salesforce Marketing Cloud customers. Your Marketing Cloud login credentials will stay the same, and you should continue to use them to log in to the Marketing Cloud. You do not have to do anything different to take advantage of the new page.

What action do I need to take?

No action is necessary. Continue to use your Marketing Cloud credentials to log in to .

Can you elaborate on the changes?

Apart from the look of the login page, we also enhanced the password reset and login experience for Marketing Cloud recently. Instead of contacting Salesforce, unlock your account by clicking the “Forgot Your Password?” link. While resetting your password, we don’t lock your account for entering too many incorrect security codes.

Can I use my Salesforce credentials to log in to Marketing Cloud?

No, you should continue to use your current Marketing Cloud username and password to log in. Your credentials will not work for the Marketing Cloud.

Side Menu

This menu includes sections for Administration, Platform Tools, and Settings. Navigate through this menu to find the setup page you need.

Quick Find

Enter a search term to filter the list of pages in Setup. This section provides a quicker way to find admin tools than browsing through the setup pages.


The Metrics section can contain these details for the Marketing Cloud account. The apps provisioned in your account and your user permissions determine the information that shows here.

Salesforce Trailblazer Community

This section includes a search bar for all Trailblazer Community resources. It also includes a link to Marketing Cloud documentation and a form to post questions to our Trailblazer community experts.

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