How do i get a golden salesforce hoodie


To be eligible for one of the golden jackets, you have to be a Trailblazer. That’s Salesforce’s name for people who have “transformed” their careers via Trailhead, its online learning service. Salesforce gave out the first Golden Hoodie last year to Zac Otero.Nov 6, 2017


How do I get swag in Salesforce?

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How can I get trailblazer hoodie?

The classic “Trailblazer” hoodies often are swag obtained at Salesforce events like TrailheaDX, Dreamforce, or Trailblazer Community Groups. You can also get your own hoodie from the Salesforce Store.

How do I become a Salesforce Ranger?

To become a Trailhead Ranger you need to earn 100 badges and 50,000 points. It’s no easy task and not something you should try to do in a day or a week – the point is to learn and embed the knowledge gained, not simply to earn points and badges.

How do I get more goodies in Salesforce?

Trailhead, the free online learning platform from Salesforce, is the fun way to learn in-demand skills….Trailhead Quests combine the challenge of learning new skills with the chance of winning sweet prizes.Choose a Quest. Quests challenge different skills. … Complete the Challenge. … Chance to Win.

The Prelude

It starts with going through 100 jobs in two years. No one believes me now, but it’s true. I had just quit university after one year and was searching for what to do with the rest of my life.

The Journey

After a couple of years, I started to settle down and my employment stints lasted longer. I was a secretary, then an office manager, and finally an office and IT manager. I was where I wanted to be all along, or so I thought.

The Unlocking

Then came my introduction to Salesforce in 2011. A friend asked me if I could help him out over a weekend as he had too much work coming in, and he showed me Salesforce. Within a month I had handed my notice in on my previous job. Now I realised my calling in life: to help people via the use of innovative technology.

Stepping Up

But what next? Other people’s stories play a part. In 2014, I discovered the London Admin User Group (now a Community Group), where I and others could come and share our experiences, in a safe place, surrounded by those who understood and shared our passion.


At the beginning of 2017, I arrived in Amsterdam and saw that there was fertile territory. There was no “official” group yet, so I found some like-minded individuals, partly by recommendation, partly with the help of Meetup and partly by luck, and we created our own group .

So about that Hoodie?

At the Amsterdam World Tour 2018, I was awarded a Golden Hoodie, in recognition for my contribution to the Dutch Community. Did I get it because I planned for and wanted it? No. It was a thank you for acting for, and being passionate about, the wonderful Salesforce ecosystem (these days better explained as the “ Ohana ”).

Heidi Prowse: Golden Hoodie recipient 2019

Receiving the Golden Hoodie took Heidi Prowse completely by surprise. “I was definitely in a lot of shock,” she remembers. “And I was very humbled. It’s pretty cool to have the work you’re doing recognised in that way.”

Jessica Macpherson OAM: Golden Hoodie recipient 2020

How did Jessica feel upon hearing the announcement that she would be the Golden Hoodie recipient? “Absolutely gobsmacked! I was totally surprised.” Due to COVID-19, she couldn’t receive it in person but a visit from Pip Marlow saw the two CEOs bonding over shared experiences of their New Zealand hometowns.

Mia Pacey: Golden Hoodie recipient 2021

It didn’t occur to Mia for a moment that a Golden Hoodie might be coming her way as she sat on stage at Salesforce Live: Australia & New Zealand with Leandro Perez, Salesforce’s VP of Asia Pacific Marketing.

Who gave out the first Golden Hoodie?

That’s Salesforce’s name for people who have “transformed” their careers via Trailhead, its online learning service. Salesforce gave out the first Golden Hoodie last year to Zac Otero. Otero was a factory worker who used Trailhead to train himself to become a Salesforce administrator, a spokeswoman for Salesforce said.

Why is the Golden Hoodie awarded?

The company awarded its first Golden Hoodie last year to honor a customer who made serious life changes using its training site. Tech companies are known for their swag. Employees, customers, and event attendees often go home with complimentary t-shirts, baseball caps, jackets, and even gadgets.

What is myrailhead in Salesforce?

On Monday, Salesforce announced an update called “myTrailhead” which lets companies build their own internal training programs — with or without Salesforce-specific lessons — using the system. Sign up for notifications from Insider! Stay up to date with what you want to know. Subscribe to push notifications.

Does Darcy wear a hoodie?

Darcy said that he plans to wear the hoodie throughout Dreamforce. To an outsider, the Golden Hoodie may seem like just another piece of swag. But it’s all part of Salesforce’s greater efforts to build a community for its users, and ultimately an economy around its products.


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