How do i enable posting on accounts salesforce


Enable feed post editing for custom Profiles
  1. Navigate to. Classic: Setup | Manage Users | Profiles. …
  2. Click on the custom Profile for which you want to enable feed post editing.
  3. In the ‘System Permissions’ section, click Edit.
  4. Select the edit feed post permissions that you want to enable. …
  5. Click Save.

How to integrate Salesforce email with Outlook?

Automate Updates with Workflow Rules in Salesforce to Salesforce Accept an Invitation for Salesforce to Salesforce Turn On the Gmail Integration in Salesforce Enhanced Email and the Outlook Integration Microsoft Exchange Server Setup for the Outlook Integration Set Up the Integration with Gmail View and Edit Email Templates in Salesforce Classic

How do I set up Salesforce for Outlook meetings?

Set Up Salesforce Meetings Turn On Salesforce Meetings Configure Top Posts View in Social Intelligence Module Configure the User Interface for the Social Intelligence Module Change Your Salesforce for Outlook Sync Folders Define Advanced Settings for Salesforce for Outlook Considerations for Using Meeting Studio

How to improve user activity sharing in Salesforce?

Exclude Emails and Events from Being Added to Salesforce for All Users Set Default Activity Sharing for Einstein Activity Capture Users Let Users Share Activities with Groups

How do I manage self-service support in Salesforce?

Contact your account executive directly, or open a support case right from Your Account. What can I manage self-service? Buy additional licenses and add-on solutions. View your contracts and installed products. Find and contact your Salesforce Account Executive or Sales Team.


How to turn on person Accounts?

After Person Accounts is enabled, a person account record type is created. You can create additional record types for person account if needed. Assign the person account record type to user profiles….Required Editions and User Permissions.User Permissions NeededTo enable person accounts:Customize Application

Can approve feed post and comment permission?

The “Can Approve Feed Post and Comment” permission is a powerful option to consider when assigning editorial capability. Users with this permission can edit and delete the posts and comments of any person in the Chatter feeds that they have access to.

How do I turn on Chatter post in Salesforce?

Step 1: Go to Setup > Customize > Chatter > Chatter Settings. Step 2: Click on Edit button. Step 3: Click Enable checkbox, and change the settings according to your need and Save.

How do I change the Chatter feed in Salesforce?

Allow editing of posts and comments in Chatter settingsLog in to Salesforce with your System Administrator account.Go to your organization settings and select Setup.Navigate to Feature Settings > Chatter > Chatter Settings.Select Edit to change the settings.More items…

How do I post feed in Salesforce?

Enable feed post editing for custom ProfilesNavigate to. Classic: Setup | Manage Users | Profiles. … Click on the custom Profile for which you want to enable feed post editing.In the ‘System Permissions’ section, click Edit.Select the edit feed post permissions that you want to enable. … Click Save.

What are Chatter posts?

Sharing lets you quickly copy a public post to your profile or a group. This feature is available in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.

How do I enable content management in Salesforce?

How to enable Salesforce CRM Content in SalesforceGo to Customize | Salesforce CRM Content | Settings and select Enable “Salesforce CRM Content”On the right side, click Edit, then select “Enable Salesforce CRM Content”:Go to users.More items…

How do I enable chatter for community users?

To Enable chatter on your communityGo to chatter.check on Enable.

How do I enable orders in Salesforce?

From Setup, enter Order Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Order Settings.Make sure that Enable Orders is selected.Save your changes.Select which page layouts have an Orders related list, and then save your changes.More items…

What will users be able to do when Chatter feed is enabled?

When you enable feed tracking for objects and records, users see updates for the objects and records that they follow in their What I Follow feed. Many objects and fields are tracked by default, but you can further customize feed tracking to include or exclude specific objects and fields.

What is Chatter feed Salesforce?

Salesforce Chatter Feed is an interface wherein you and other Chatter users in your org can view profiles, updates, status messages, topic detail pages, on record detail pages, objects, and groups. Posts of people you follow on Chatter, as well as your own posts, can be seen on your Chatter feed.

What is the difference between feed tracking and history tracking?

Feed Tracking It won’t show modified values and old values for Multi-Picklist and Long Textarea fields. History tracking shows the following: Prior value – old value. Current value – value.

How to make a one time payment on Salesforce?

To make a one-time credit card payment of an invoice: Navigate to Your Account. Click “View Your Invoices” in the right box. You will be redirected to Salesforce Checkout. Click the “Pay Invoice” button in the Invoices section of the homepage of Checkout.

How to view past statements in Salesforce?

Click “View Your Statements” in the right box. You will be redirected to Salesforce Checkout, where you can view all past Salesforce statements. Click the “Payments” tab for more detail.

How to update credit card on a prepaid card?

Navigate to Your Account [Direct Link]. Click the “View Your Contracts” button. In the upper right corner are your credit card details. To update the credit card, click the “Edit” link and follow the prompts.


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