How do i customize my dashboard in salesforce lightning


Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions Click Customize Page in the Dashboard section of the Home tab. Search for a dashboard and select a different dashboard from the drop-down list.

Refer to this table for help customizing each component’s properties, and for ideas about when to use each type of component:
  1. Add a dashboard component by clicking + Component, or edit an existing one by clicking. on the component.
  2. Set dashboard component properties.
  3. If adding a component, click Add. …
  4. Click Save.


How do I create a dashboard in Salesforce?

Creating a Dashboard in Salesforce. We must have some reports ready to assist in creating a dashboard. Go to all tabs under the plus icon at the Tab bar or just a quick search for dashboards to create a new. The classic experience combines reports and dashboards in Salesforce together while we have separate tabs for both in lightning.

How to create reports and dashboards in Salesforce?

Visualize Your Data with Dashboards and Charts

  • Learning Objectives. Use the drag-and-drop dashboard builder. …
  • Create Dashboards. Great reports help you make decisions and take action. …
  • Drag-and-Drop Dashboard Builder. …
  • Create a Dashboard. …
  • Dashboard Filters. …
  • Dynamic Dashboards. …
  • Create Charts
  • Report Charts. …
  • Embedded Charts. …
  • Resources. …

How to create a custom tab in Salesforce Lightning?

Create a custom tab for the component. From Setup, enter Tabs in the Quick Find box, then select Tabs. Click New in the Lightning Component Tabs related list. Select the Lightning component that you want to make available to users. Enter a label to display on the tab.

How to activate Salesforce Lightning?

Set the Default Interface to Lightning Experience

  • From Setup in Lightning Experience, enter Lightning in the Quick Find box, then select Lightning Experience Transition Assistant. …
  • Select the Roll Out phase.
  • Click Launch Lightning Experience to expand the stage.
  • Click Switch Users next to Make Lightning Experience the default interface. …
  • Click the + button next to the users you want to switch.

More items…


How do I customize my Salesforce dashboard?

Required Editions Click Customize Page in the Dashboard section of the Home tab. Search for a dashboard and select a different dashboard from the drop-down list. Click Refresh to refresh the data in your dashboard.

How do I change the layout of a dashboard in Salesforce?

0:043:28II. Creating and Editing Dashboards – Training – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipFor demonstration purposes we are in a Salesforce developer edition click on the edit button to addMoreFor demonstration purposes we are in a Salesforce developer edition click on the edit button to add and edit components for your dashboard. The panel on the Left will show components.

Why can’t I edit a dashboard in Salesforce?

Users with the Manage Dashboards permission can not edit Dashboards which they did not create. This is expected behavior. In order for Users to Edit Dashboards they did not create, they need to have the “View All Data” permission on their Profile.

How do I add lightning components to my dashboard?

Add Lightning Web Components to the DashboardDrop a component widget ( ) onto a dashboard.Select the Lightning Components tab.Select the Lightning Web Component that you want from the list of components. If no custom Lightning Web Components are available, the list is empty.Click Done.

How do I edit my existing dashboard?

Change a Dashboard’s PropertiesClick the Dashboard Properties button.Edit the dashboard title and/or folder. Make the desired changes to your dashboard.Click OK to close the Dashboard Properties dialog box.

How do I add a filter to my dashboard in Salesforce?

Edit a dashboard, and then click + Filter in Lightning Experience or Add Filter in Salesforce Classic. ) to see them. Give the filter a display name or label to identify it. If the filter has many equivalent fields, consider using a name that works for all components.

How do I change the properties of a dashboard in Salesforce?

From the Dashboard Edit page, you can:See the running user for the dashboard in the Displaying data as field.Click Dashboard Properties to change the title, folder, running user, and more.Click Done to view the dashboard. … Click the Delete button to delete the entire dashboard.Click Add Component in any column.More items…

How do I give permission to edit a dashboard in Salesforce?

0:412:30How to Assign Edit Dashboards Permission to a User – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipWhen you click on it salesforce finds where that permission is in that profile. And you can see ifMoreWhen you click on it salesforce finds where that permission is in that profile. And you can see if it’s checked or not and you could click edit. And toggle that permission for those users.

How do I create a dynamic dashboard in Salesforce?

To create or edit a Salesforce Dynamic Dashboard, navigate to the Dashboards tab, click New Dashboard to create or click on an existing dashboard to edit. First, when building a new dashboard, name it, add a description if you’d like, and select the right folder for proper organization.

How do I create a dashboard tab in Salesforce?

Access Dashboards Instantly as Navigation ItemsTo turn your dashboard into a navigation item, create a Lightning web tab, add your dashboard URL, and then add the tab to your users’ navigation.From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Tabs , then select Tabs. … Add your dashboard URL to the web tab.More items…

How do you display a report in lightning component?

Displaying standard report data in Lightning componentReportManager class helps to run a report synchronously or asynchronously.ReportResults class contains the results of running a report.ReportFilter class contains information about a report filter, including column, operator, and value.More items…•

How do I embed Einstein analytics dashboard in lightning experience?

Navigate to your home page or a record page for the object you want to edit. Go to the top cog icon and just click ‘Edit Page’. The App Builder is magic! Drag the component ‘Einstein Analytics Dashboard’ and select which active dashboard you want to display…it couldn’t be easier!

How to create a dashboard builder?

Meet the dashboard builder, your way to visualize your data for easy consumption at-a-glance. Launch the dashboard builder from the Dashboards tab by clicking New Dashboard. Enter a name for your dashboard and click Create. Insert a component onto your dashboard by clicking + Component, or add a filter by clicking + Filter [1]. …

How many dashboards does Maria have?

In this scenario, Maria typically would have to create 45 different dashboards—one for every single person.

How to insert a component in a donut chart?

To insert a component, click + Component. From Select Report, choose the Leads report you created earlier, Leads by Lead Source, and click Select. From Add Component, select the donut chart. Confirm that your component is titled Leads by Lead Source. Optionally give your component a subtitle and footer.

Can you save dynamic dashboards?

You can’t save dynamic dashboards in private folders. You can’t schedule refreshes for dynamic dashboards. They must be refreshed manually. Optionally, select Let dashboard viewers choose whom they view the dashboard as to let a reader with appropriate user permissions choose who they view the dashboard as.

Can you add a chart to a report?

If you don’t want to create a dashboard, but just want to add a chart to your report, then report charts may be right for you. Report charts allow you to place a single chart right at the top of your report, so that when you view the report, you can see the chart and the report results in one view.

Can you use a dashboard for multiple users?

This means a single powerful dashboard can be used for multiple users in your company, because the logged-in user viewing the dashboard sees the data they should see, based on their security and sharing settings. Let’s look at an example over at Ursa Major Solar.

Create Case Record Page

In order for Ada and her team to be as productive as possible, Ada would like a custom layout for viewing case information. She wants the case record page to be simple and to include all the information she and her team need to access when working on a case, all available in one screen.

Create a Custom Compact Layout

Ada requests specific information be shown in the highlights panel of the service console app. She’d like you to add Account Name, Case Owner, and Date/Time Opened fields related to the case so she and her team can access this information quickly when viewing and managing a case. Do this by creating a custom compact layout for the highlights panel.

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